InuYasha Fan Fiction / Trigun Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Yusuke…a Lecher? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Mehi: Well, that was fun except for falling from a tree and being duck taped…
Baby: *somewhere off screen* You shouldn’t have been screaming.
Mehi: Shut up you flea. Anywho I just realized I’m a psychic. I could have teleported out of Kuwabara grasp. Why didn’t I? Dunno, one of the unsolved mysteries of the world.

*TEXT* is actions and info
CHARACTER: TEXT is speaking
CHARACTER:~TEXT~ is telepathy
(AN: TEXT *TEXT*) is an author note which may or may not have anything to do with the story, but they sure are funny most of the time…
Disclaimer: Nope still don’t own any of the animes. Too bad, I could have had a lot of fun with them.

Mehi: PS I was just making up most of that beginning because I couldn’t remember a lot of what happened and Baby had the actual story but now I have it back so now it shall be what really happened and not my wild imagination.
Kitta: *slight pop as she teleports next to Mehi.
Mehi: *screams*
Kitta: You know this whole story is your imagination so technically none of it really happened. I’m not even real. Just part of some elaborate scheme to drive you crazy.
Mehi: Gee, thanks for that. *snaps her fingers and Kitta disappears* I know wrong but worth it.

******Part 2******

*In Keo’s house*

Kuwabara: Where the heck are Kurama and InYa? They are late.

InYa: *walks through the still open door* Right here you big oaf.

Kurama: *walks in behind InYa and closes the door* Where is Keo? He is here right?

Keo: *comes in from the kitchen* Hey, InYa…*thinks a bit then yells…* SIT!!

InYa: *does and Inuyasha style face plant* Keo, I’m going to kill you, even though you are Kitta little brother.

Mehi: Where is Thornia and K.C.? They are suppose to be here too, right?

Baby: I’ll go call them. *she wonders in the kitchen with Keo*

Kuwabara: *gets up and follows them* I need to talk to K.C.

*in the kitchen*
Kuwabara: Baby, you’re looking excellent today. *he smacks her on the butt*

Baby: I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home. *She hung up the phone and started dragging Kuwabara back to the living room*

Kuwabara: You know you ain’t got to drag me everywhere. I’m quite capable of walking on my own.

Mehi: *from living room* Baby, get your butt over here.

Yusuke: And what a nice butt it is, too! *checks out Baby in her tight daisy dukes*


*Yusuke fell to the floor clutching his groin as marks reddened on his cheeks and the side of his head*

Yusuke: *in pain* Hiei…why…did you…kick me there?

Hiei: Fool, I kicked you because you are a dishonorable lecher. Baby is not yours, Mehi is.

Thornia: *walks in the door* Yusuke, what happened to you?

Yusuke: *moans as he crawls into a nearby chair*

Mehi: *giggles* We won’t say, but he got into a little trouble.

Yusuke: I would shut up if I were you.

Mehi: *giggle* Oh, my poor baby. *crawls into his lap and cuddles him*

Keo: *comes in from the kitchen* Good, everyone is here. *sees Mehi curled in Yusuke’s lap and raises an eyebrow* What did I miss?

Baby: Oh, nothing much. *she opens Kuwabara’s Coke*

**********End Part 2******************

Author Mehi: And cut. That’s a wrap people. Good job everyone.
Yusuke: *growls at Hiei* Did you have to kick me so hard?
Hiei: Do you have to be a lecher?
Yusuke: Hey, I was just playing my part.
Hiei: A little too well, if you ask me.
Yusuke: *furious* Why you…
Mehi: Boys, boys, lets all just calm down.
Author Mehi: Yea, I don’t need my characters fighting off scene. How would it seem if you all got bruised up with no one watching?
Mehi: Why you…is that all you care about, your viewers?
Author Mehi: No, not in the least. *wonders off* See y’all next time.
(AN: Sorry this one was so short. I’m kinda having a hard time finding good dividing places. The next one will be much longer.)

And It Began…With A Tree…