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Chapter 3: You’re an idiot.
She looked up into his amber eyes.
“So what brings you in this neck of the woods Sesshomaru. I haven’t seen you in a month.”
Sesshomaru looked down into her blue-gray eyes for a moment.
`Oh no this has to be important. He only gives me that look if it was important.’
The last time Sesshomaru looked at her like that Rin has been attacked by a bear youkai. If it weren’t for Kagome Rin would be dead right now. Sesshomaru’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts.
“The battle with Naraku draws near.”
—————————————————————– —————————————————————
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The smile that was securely placed on Kagome’s face faltered but she put it right back up. She had to be tactful. That’s what Sesshomaru taut her never let anyone think they had you trapped. She couldn’t let Kikyou know how much pain she was in. She just wanted to latch on to her older brother and cry a river.
She winced at the iciness in her own voice.
Sesshomaru gave her a slight glare telling her that didn’t sound the least bit real.
“A week…at the most.”
She gave him a small pitiful looking smile before answering.
“A week? We’ll be ready.”
She turned to face her comrades the small smile still in place. This was her group, the ones she had to protect. No matter how dysfunctional it was it was her 2nd family and she couldn’t let them down.
“Alright guys Sesshomaru has informed me that we have about a week to prepare for Naraku. So that means more training.” Kagome put a serious face on; a protective wall of ice shielded her from her emotions. She just hoped the wall didn’t melt away because of the sadness in he soul or the raging fire that was her anger.
`No way in hell is that going to happen.’
She decided to remain impassive. At least until she was in her own time again.
InuYasha had woken up from his unconscious state after Kagome finished talking to Sesshomaru. He sat up from his hole in the ground and sat cross-legged on the ground. His back still hurt but he wanted answers.
“What makes you so sure we only have a week.” He said from his spot on the ground.
Kagome expected him to draw tessaiga and start another fight with Sesshomaru. Said youkai was glaring at the hanyou looking about ready to kill.
“He has his sources.”
InuYasha winced at Kagome’s icy tone while Kikyou glared at the miko and Taiyoukai of the Western lands. How dare they treat InuYasha like common scum?!
`They will pay…dearly.’
She gland over to were the kitsune, Houshi and Taijiya were sitting.
`Very dearly indeed.’
Kagome glared at Kikyou. She had malicious look in her eyes. That could only mean bad things were about to occur. She noticed that she kept looking over at her two friends and son.
`I swear if she lays one hand on them…’
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Miroku looked around noticing the tenseness glaring that was occurring.
`Sesshomaru is glaring at InuYasha…who is glaring at Kagome? And Kagome is glaring at Kikyou who is glaring at…ME?’
He had accidentally muttered this aloud which caused every one to break from their trance. Kagome shook her head a little before turning to Miroku. Sometimes the perverted monk had something of interest to say.
“What’s interesting Miroku?”
“Oh nothing Lady Kagome just going over some actions we should take to make our upcoming battle a little easier.”
“What do have in mind?”
“I suggest we travel a few miles away from the village. So when the battle starts we won’t have to worry about the villagers safety.”
“Good idea Miroku.”
Kagome turned to the stoic youkai behind her.
“So Sesshy where is-OUF” Kagome found herself on the ground for the second time that day.
“Kagome-onee-chan! Where have you been! I missed you so much!”
“I missed you to Rin.” Kagome hugged a now 12 year-old Rin close to he chest.
Instead of being the `weak old brat’ as she put it she is a proud, beautiful independent young woman Kagome had once said.
Kagome stood up with Rin and held her at arm length.
“You’re getting bigger every time I see you.”
Rin had decided to follow Kagome’s footsteps and took up archery. She had a bow on her shoulder and a quiver on her back.
Rin giggled. “Thanks Kagome.”
Rin innocence lightened the mood up. Everyone except Kikyou was smiling. She looked at Rin with the same deadly intent she had in store for Shippo, Miroku and Sango.
Rin could feel someone glaring at her back and decided to see who or what was giving her such a hateful look. She turned and found a woman hanging on to InuYasha. The woman looked a lot like Kagome.
`Is that Onne-chan’s sister?’
She was going to ask the woman who she was but then she noticed the glare that was being sent toward her and decided that she didn’t want to talk to the evil witch lady.
She turned back toward Kagome and Sesshomaru and crossed her arms with a cross look.
“What crawled up her pants and died.” She muttered only loud enough for Kagome and Sesshomaru to hear.
She had often heard Kagome say this when she got mad at the stoic demon lord.
Kagome started giggling while Sesshomaru raised a delicate eyebrow.
“Come Rin we take our leave.” He nodded in Kagome’s direction staring into her eyes for a second before turning toward the forest.
She turned to face Kagome. She had the most serious expression that child-like face could muster.
“Be careful. Keep your friend’s close-” she glanced at Kikyou and narrowed her eyes. “But your enemies closer.”
She turned on her heal and walked into the foliage. Kagome’s eyebrow rose and disappeared into her bangs.
`When did she grow up.’
Everyone else also look a bit shocked at the girl’s choice of words. They automatically knew whom the girl was talking about and glanced at Kikyou. Her face was set in a deep scowl.
`She will die to.’
InuYasha was glaring where the girl retreated into the forest. He also knew and to say he wasn’t happy was an understatement. He herd her comment from earlier and wasn’t happy about that either.
`She has some nerve.’
He would have silenced her earlier but it was too much of a risk with Sesshomaru and Kagome standing next to her.
“I’m going home.” Kagome said suddenly
Everyone’s head turned toward her.
“I need to pack supplies and change my clothes.” She was wearing jeans, a black T-shirt and black sneakers. She decided to stop wearing the school uniform 2 years ago. `It wasn’t the most decent thing to run around in’ she explained when they asked.
“You’re not going anywhere! We have to train.” (A/N: Guess who)
Kagome glared at InuYasha.
“First of all I do not need to train since I’m probably stronger than you.”
How dare he tell her what to do after all the things he done to her! Where does he get off disrespecting her like that! She was no child that needed to be scolded. He must have the biggest ego in the world if he thought he could tell Kagome Higurashi of all people what to do!
Shippo, Sango and Miroku sighed. It was always like this. She wanted to go home, he said no and they fought until Kagome won. He really needed to get over himself if he thought he could keep Kagome here.
“Secondly.” Kagome continued. “Who’s going to stop me.” Her eyes glowed pink from her miko ki.
InuYasha glared. “Fine go, see if I care.” He replied coldly.
Shippo was shocked. Usually the fight would last for half-hour.
Kagome’s eyes stopped glowing and she bowed her head. She turned to walk back to the well and the tear that ran down her cheek did not go unnoticed by her friends.
When Kagome was out of hearing range InuYasha spoke.
“What’s her problem?” He said loudly then crossed his arms.
Miroku stood up and sighed.
“InuYasha…you’re an idiot.”
“I agree.” Sango said as she glared at him. She then turned and followed Miroku into the hut. Shippo `humped’ and followed the monk and demon slayer.
“What their problem” he asked no one in particular. He glanced up at Kikyou. She had been strangely quiet through the whole ordeal. She was glaring at the tree friends retreating forms.
“What’s everybody’s problem!”
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