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Rumble sound from lake clearly heard on his ear. Sun rice illuminates the water fall until it look shiny. Wild flowers are hiding between grasses which watered by dew. Give their beautiful colour, red, purple and also yellow between soft green colours. Soft gentle wind make the weather felt so fresh. Very beautiful…very peaceful. The skies agree with that. He removed all dark cloud on the sky. Only white cloud like a white cotton left behind.

There is a boy eleven years old enjoy it. Laying on a grass between the flower and look straight up the sky. Breathe the fresh air deeply. Ah…so fresh! That’s on his mind.

Today, like Aramis shiousha order, he will meet his new friends. They will be his brother in arm. Together they will protect Area from 4 ways as Shireishou.

Still two hours until the meeting time. But that guy has been waiting since sunrise. That guys is Shireishou of the North, with his B’T Max. Hokuto, sweet name was given to him. Those clear soft green eyes look straight to the sky. Like counting how many bird are fly.

Hokuto start to enter his critical mind. On the land where so peaceful and beautiful like this why need many tuff guardians? Why hard education also fighting training gave to him and also other Reishou? Beside Shireishou, there are Shichimashou who also get duty to protect Kikaikou. Protect from what? The only one that he knew is to give his loyalty to Kikaikou. Kikaikou was saved him from traumatic explosion two years a go. And now, he is only able to say « yes ».

His black Turtle neck a little wet because of dew. He sat down slowly. He supports his chin with his hands. Bowing and waiting.

Until this time, Kikaikou has been training him become a doctor. Training program which very details and specifies. He doesn’t get much physical training. Yeah… but that’s enough to beat Laycon by himself.

Hokuto’s eyes are chink. He felt somebody has arrived. Oh… not only one, but three people. From the aura, he knew that those people as old as he is. Are they the other Reishou? Hokuto woke up and stood. That’s aura come from under the water fall. He walked on side the river to side of water fall. He wanted to saw who his visitors are. And those people also felt his aura.

Wind blew a little hard there. Hokuto’s position is high enough from water fall’s floor. It is twenty meters from water fall’s floor. He looks there are three children like him who has different hair colour each other. For a while they looked each other. Without expression and felt doubt…are they people that he will meet?!

The girl with red hair smile at him. With energetic she jumps up. She uses many rocks which bump out from water fall. And the other followed her act. Hokuto jumps back several step/ gave them lace to land.

Now, girl with red eyes exactly stood in front of him. For a while they looked each other on silent. But the girl addressed him, « Ohayou Gozaimasu! Watashi wa Karen desu. Omaewa Hokuto san desuka? »

« Hai, sou desu. Watashi wa Hokuto. Dozo Yoroshiku! » He answered politely with bend his body a little. But when he looked the other boy, they only looked at him coldly. « Hmm…may I know your name please…. » He used formal language.

« Lafine Fou! » The blonde hair boy answered without expression.

« I’m Ron! Dozo Yoroshiku! » Boy who has black hair and also black eyes start to talked. Hokuto’s sweet smile doesn’t get any response. Hokuto confused what should he do and looked at Karen.

« How long you’ve been in Kikaikou? » Karen tried to melt the frozen act.

« Hmm…two years ago. That time, I helped by Kikaikou after my family death caused by nuclear boom. » His green eyes drew. Now, Karen felt abuse.

« Umh…gomennasai. I-I don’t want to make you sad! »

Hokuto shake his head fast. He said happily, « Never mind. I’m understood! I think not only me who face this problem right? »

Karen nods slowly.

« May I know where place is your guard? » Hokuto said with smile.

« I’m Nishi no Reishou. West guardian beast…and my B’T name is X! You must be from North aren’t U? » Karen Answered also with smile.

Hokuto drill the other friends. Ron gives his gentle smile, « I’m Higashi no Reishou or East guardian beast. My B’T name is Raydow. He looks like blue shiryuu. I thought U already knew…. »

Hokuto nod his head.

That’s mean Fou come from South. But that Reishou keep in silent and saw at him with suspicion feeling. Hokuto thought was he done some thing wrong? But Hokuto keep silent.

Karen whispered a word on his ear. « Don’t bother him. He was asked me to fight against him before he trust us as shireishou like he does! »

« Nani?! » Hokuto scream slowly. He drilled Fou fast. That blue eyes look at him flattering.

« Why you were been chosen as Shireishou?! » Fou asked him with sharp and manic eyes.

« Wakaranai… Kikaikou has been training me for two years. And I chosen become Kita no Reishou with a B’T called Max.

« U are a doctor right? » Rhetoric question from Fou lips make Hokuto fell uncomfortable. « So, do U think U will be able to protect Kikaikou? » Just a few question word. But that able to make Hokuto fell shock even though his always calm facing everything before.

Hokuto tries to calm down himself by getting a deep breath. He looks at Fou bravery. « I don’t care who I am, I don’t care too with what is my job, the only one that I knew is I will give my loyalty to Kikaikou. And I will keep that promises until I die! »

« Really?! » Fou look at him with suspicion and not friendly feeling.

« Fou, that’s enough! » Karen tries to remind him.

« SHUT UR moth! »

« Fou, don’t be such a brat on female! » Ron who always keeps quite starts disturbed by his rude act.

Fou doesn’t pay attention with their warning. He just looks at Hokuto with manic eyes. He looks at him as he watches something which not deserve watched by human. He pulls out his violin stick from his suitcase. « Come on, we fight! »

Hokuto eyes opened wide for a while. But with cold blooded, he controls himself. « NO! » He answered distinctly.

« Fou, U already past the limit!! » Ron is getting lost his patient. « If U ask me or Karen to fight, that’s normal. We have been learning how to fight. Hokuto doesn’t training to become a fighter! Don’t U know that?! »

Fou kept freeze. He puts up his violin stick onto Hokuto’s face. The extreme point only few mille from Hokuto’s noose. Kept calm Hokuto looks Fou deeply. Looking for the answer why he doing these entire thing to him. « Why I must fight against U? » He asked Fou after given signal to Karen and Ron not to involve on his problem.

« Because, I want it! » Fou answered without change his position.

Hokuto gave his tender gaze. « What is our advantage if we must fight? »

« I don’t believe, if you are the other Reishou! And with this fight, I will prove it! »

« Is there another way to find out beside a battle? » Hokuto smiled.

« NO! » He answered fast.

Hokuto shake his head slowly. « What is the meaning become a Reishou for U? »

Fou hasty when hear that question. « I will protect Area with my power! » He answered surely.

« What is Ur power? »

« I will kill anybody who tries to disturb Area! »

Hokuto nod his head. « So, U hate some one who disturb this lovely peacefulness? That’s true! And I agree with U! We hope that Kikaikou always keep on piece. But…if we are fighting now, is that including disturb Kikaikou’s peacefulness? So, don’t U deserve to killed? » Hokuto’s eyes change into lunatic. Cold….without expression.

Fou’s hand back down slowly. He gave his cynical smile full of intimidation. « Huh! You are the first people who said to me like that! »

Suddenly, he jump forward and attack Hokuto with straight deadly attack on Hokuto’s chest. Hokuto jumps to the air. Close! Hokuto could avoid his attack. « Don’t push me to fight! » Hokuto looked very serious.

Fou ignored him. Now, with deadly spinning attack, he done cross attack! Hokuto go back few meters. His shirt becomes torn caused by Fou’s weapon.

« Stop it Fou! » Ron jump onto Hokuto’s front to protect him. He put up his dragon spear on Fou. He is on battle position now.

« HUH! » Fou signed. « I’m bored! » He looks choked! « U are so weak Hokuto! How can U protect Area?! U are a LOOSER! »

Hokuto touch Ron’s shoulder and smile. Given him a sign not to involved. There is no hate on his eyes. « Fou, I’m not a strong man. But, I like U do, Karen and also Ron who promised to gave our loyalty to Kikaikou. Don’t U know why B’t with the strongest shield given to me? Because they want me protect Area! » Calm he said that word. Karen looked at him shock.

« Fou…. » He is continuous his word. « I really hate war and battle! Because of that thing, many people cry, many people must felt the suffer loosing their beloved one. That’s why I become a doctor. To protect what ever that I able to protected with my own hands. To avoid many people cry…. In order to avoid another war victim like we did. Kikaikou wanted all these peacefulness. And I promised to help him to get it. But if I must fight, there must be not with the other Reishou. People who have same purpose like I do! Because, U are my best friends »

Karen looked at him without blink. So is Ron.

Fou stills on his position. Freeze. Wait for Hokuto’s word. But Hokuto already said what he wants said. On his heart he doesn’t care anymore if Fou doesn’t believe him or not.

Fou’s laughed pierce the air. Make all freeze melted away. « Baka! » He spat lovingly. Laugh full of friendship tone. « I’m sorry! And also for my stupid act! I just want to now what you will do to protect Kikaikou. But I think you are greater than what I thought before! »

« Daijobu! » Hokuto smile and come close to Fou.

This time, Ron gave his opinion. « We are given different job by Kikaikou. I think we must support each other. Is that true? » All nod their head.

But suddenly Fou’s eyes drew. « What if Kikaikou be treating us? »

« Nani?! What r U talking about?! » Ron looks very shock.

« I just wanna know…. » He whispered.

« I will follow my heart! » Karen said loud. Everybody looked at her. « This time, my heath told me to give my loyalty to Kikaikou. So, I will move with my heart~! »

« I will give my entire soul only for Kikaikou! » Ron said with enthusiasm.

Hokuto gave his hand in front of his chest. « Would we promise together? Promise to always protect Kikaikou? »

Fou nod and gave his hand on Hokuto’s hand. So are Karen and Ron. « WE PROMISSE! »

They smile. But they not realized that faith will bring them into different ways. But faith also brings them united again. Soft wind blew their hair and make them feel in peace.


Created base on my IDEA, helped by Peipei. To Fou fans, really sorry! Ha…ha.. Peipei give me that idea. She is Fou’s fans. Why Hokuto always become main character (some people was asking me that on email)? My answer is, because I love him! Lol Like other people who loves Fou or Teppei, I’m sure it’s easier for them to creating their favourite character than another character! Beside, It’s very seldom read Hokuto’s fiction. If I can’t read, I want creating it. If U find another B’T X fiction in English or Japanese, please send me them. I’ll very pleasant to read it.


« Ohayou Gozaimasu! Watashi ha Karen desu. Omaewa Hokuto san desuka? » : Good Morning! I’m Karen. Ur Hokuto right?

« Hai, sou desu. Watashi ha Hokuto. Dozo Yoroshiku! » : Yes..I’m hokuto. Nice to meet you.

Gomennasai : I’m sorry

Nishi no reishou : West’s Guardian Spirit

Wakaranai : I don’t know

baka : stupid

Daiobu : ok (no problem)