❯ Yasashii Yoake ( Gentle Dawn) – Ennui ( Chapter 10 )

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Yasashii Yoake (Gentle Dawn) By Sakura (aka L-sama no Miko) 10: Ennui Carmina Gadelica “So it’s you,” the blue and white painted man said, as a rather slimy looking mercenary mage” came over to the bench he was sitting on. “Not too bad,” he said rather flippantly, choosing not to sit. “That’s good to hear, so what else have you been doing?” “Like you’d care,” spat the younger man. Bear frowned, he’d been hoping things would be different this time, but as always, his hopes were in vain. “Let’s get down to business,” he said putting his booted foot onto the bench and leant forward. “I need 5,000 GP. Shouldn’t a parent help their children? And besides I can’t do all the things I do, if I can’t afford them.” “Is that so?” “I need to make a down payment on a new staff. If I don’t get it within the week, the shopkeep’ll sell it to someone else.” “Does your mother know what you’re up to?” the older merc asked, not really in the mood to give up his hard earned cash to his wastrel of a son. “I thought it be best if you told her.” “You just like to stir up trouble with us don’t you?” “Oh come on old man! I promise I’ll really go through with it this time.” He always said the same thing each and every time he tried to wheedle money out of him. Meanwhile, a silver haired demon priest had been walking the lamp-lit streets and happened upon the two talking. He stared at the older merc, concern clearly on his face. He could see that Bear was upset about something. “You know what, pops,” said the younger scruffy looking man, “I actually may be better at handling mom than you. You did bail out on us after all, and now the only time I get to see you is if we happen to be in the same town at the same time.” The scruffy looking mage glanced around upon hearing footsteps and saw the silver haired boy watching them. “Just put it in the usual place within two days, ok pops?” he whispered before leaving and warping away. “Hey!” Bear called, reaching for him, but his son had already vanished. “I’m sorry for interrupting,” the demon priest said coming over to him. “There’s no need for you to be so polite,” the human said wearily. “So what brings you to back your homeland?” he asked. “No reason,” Tsukasa replied. “Naruhodo (I see).” “You know, it’s strange,” the demon said after giving a soft chuckle. “What’s strange?” “You’re the one who’s being polite now.” “Oh. I see. Care for a walk?” Seeing that he had nothing better to do – and to tell the truth, he was a bit worried for his this human, it was quite unusual for him to be so down – Tsukasa agreed. A few moments later, they made their way through the marketplace which was still quite busy and filled with humans and demons alike, all happily buying, selling, and chattering away. “Tsukasa,” Bear began, “Where do you like to go the most? And what is it that you do when you’re far from Helba?” “It depends,” came the demon’s vague reply. “It must get boring.” “I don’t think so.” “Well how about taking on a job or two? You have all this free time, don’t you think a waste to spend it doing nothing? Unless you’d like to be like Lady Subaru. I know, you could go on a quest for some legendary items. There’s so much you could do. I think it’d mean more if you think about doing something than just sit there doing nothing.” The silver haired priest stopped suddenly, making the human turn around and walk several paces back toward him. “You really are selfish,” complained Tsukasa. “You truly don’t know anything.” He then promptly strode down an alley away from the bustling marketplace, leaving Bear to stare after him, deeply concerned. ********************************************************* ********* Field of the sleeping girl “Just who are you?” he whispered to the slumbering angel child. “Why did I have to be the one who can’t remember anything? What do I have to do?!” he shouted, pounding the bed with his fists. “I’m really thinking about, okasan (mother)! I really am!” ********************************************************* ************** Dun Loireag “You looking for a partner, old man?” called a cheerful voice. Looking up, the blue and white merc saw a tan and scantily clad girl standing in front of him. “Oh, it’s just you,” “That hurt, Bear!” Mimiru grumbled, “What was that supposed to mean anyway?!” “Sorry,” apologized her taller friend. The tanned girl pulled herself up onto the fence and leaned over slightly. “I was going to meet Tsukasa today, but the jerk stood me up. So I decided to just forget about him for today. No use calling for him if he’s not gonna show, right? Well, here I am, with nothing better to do.” “Naruhodo. So did you two plan to meet in Carmina Gadelica, buy any chance?” “Yeah. Why?” “I ran into Tsukasa.” “Really? What were you doing in Carmnia Gadelica? What’s up? Did something happen with you two?” she asked after receiving no reply. “I need to ask you a favor Mimiru.” “Hmm?” “I may have said something I shouldn’t have.” “Something you shouldn’t have?” she parroted. “I guess you can say that I sounded more like I was preaching. I fear that he may have thought I was being way too pushy. So I was wondering if you could talk to him for me.” “Are you nuts?!” “What’s wrong with that?” “Look Bear, even if I did help you out here, I don’t think it’ll do any good.” “But you and Tsukasa seem to get along well. Besides, you may be the only one he’ll open up to.” “That’s not what I meant. Isn’t a bit odd for me to apologize for something you did, old man? I really think you’re the one who should talk to him not me. Or you could just leave him alone. I’ve no intention of getting stuck in the middle here, it’ll only complicate things more. Come on, Bear, what’s up? You’re acting pretty weird,” she said jumping off the fence. “What were you and Tsukasa going to do today, Mimiru?” “Nothing much, just scope out a dungeon,” she replied. “And he said yes?” “You betcha.” She turned back to gazing at the fluffy clouds passing by. “Tsukasa really does look like he could do anything, all because of that guardian of his. But it looks like he hasn’t been using it much these days. And with all that free time of his, I really think it’s boring.” “And going to a dungeon would be even more so?” “I’m pretty sure it would be. But wouldn’t it be fun if you went with a team?” “A team?” parroted her taller companion. “With him? That sounds interesting.” “You’re really freaking me out here, Bear, what’s wrong?” “You’re absolutely right, Mimiru. Forgive me for asking such a stupid favor,” he said and started to walk away. “Wait a sec! Bear!” she called, “I almost forgot to tell you. Someone named Helba left me a message. Did you get one too?” He stopped short. ************************************************************* ********* Forested field in Lios “’When the Twilight Eye doth open so too shall the path to me,’” quoted the blonde angel. “’Discourse with me, and against that power fight. When the key which overturns all is possessed, everything shall unfold.’ That is what Helba’s message said. However, I believe that the fragments, she left with it, may have more meaning. ‘Stop, Navel, Water… ‘ There are some more, but we need to figure out how to interpret them. Hey! Are you listening?!” she asked the human merc lying in the soft grass at her side. “Bear!” “Hmm?” he murmured, not bothering to look up. “I’m listening.” “Your hobby getting to you again?” “That’s not it.” “Your family then?” she prodded. “I knew it!” she crowed when he let out a slight chuckle. “Come on, Bear, what’s up? This isn’t like you.” “Mimiru said the same thing too. This sucks, but this is who I am as well.” ************************************* Meanwhile, a pink clad redheaded angel twinblade backed away as quickly as she could. “I’m gonna die!” she screamed as a purple maned unicorn charged her. “Shove it already!” shouted her scantily clad human partner as she swung her enormous sword. “I don’t wanna die!” the angel girl whined. “That’s why I told you to stock up on supplies first!” scolded Mimiru. “Demo (But), demo, demo…” A-20 started, swinging one of her blades for emphasis. However, she never got to finish her sentence for in the time it took her to say those words, the unicorn monster had been slain. “How many times do I have to tell you to think before you leap?! Stop being so spontaneous! How can you life like that?” “It’s just the way I am,” the angel chirped, giving her the peace sign. “You’re only saying that because we won,” Mimiru griped. “I bet it would have been a real piece of cake if Tuskasa showed up, right?” “I’m sorry about that,” the tanned merc apologized. “You don’t need to apologize, nee-chan (big sis). Say, do you really know him?!” “What are you trying to say?” accused the taller girl. “Well, there’s all kinds of rumors going around about him. How he got into big trouble with the Crimson Knights, how he has a really powerful monster for a pet, I was wondering if someone like that would really want to hang out with people like us. I mean, being famous can get pretty boring.” “Believe me, A-20,” said Mimiru, “All that doesn’t matter. Forget the rumors, he’s just not exactly a people person. He gets misunderstood a lot because of that. I did want you to meet him, but…” “By the way you talk about him, I’d say he was your boyfriend.” The tanned merc blinked for a few seconds before the angel’s words sunk in. She then blushed profusely. “There’s no way a jerk like that’s my boyfriend!” she denied emphatically. “We’re just friends!” “If that’s what you wanna believe.” “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!” The redheaded angel quickly ran toward the dungeon, not bothering to give a reply. “Hey! Come back here you!” Mimiru then dashed after her shorter partner. *********************************************************** ****** With B.T. and Bear “You’ve run out of ideas, then?” the blonde angel asked. “I guess it was just one of those days then. And besides, this younger generation is alike everywhere, no respect for anyone or anything.” “You make it sound like it’s none of my business,” rebutted her blue and white painted friend. “But it is my business, B.T.” “We all have our good days and bad days, Bear. That’s why you can relate to Tsukasa.” “True, but…” “You’re trying to replace your on son with that boy,” the angel interrupted, placing her hand on his head which happened to be in her lap. “You’re also using this mercenary business of yours to replace the life you have back at Mac Anu. You’re just running away from the things you can’t deal with back at home. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just offering some friendly advice.” “I know,” he replied. “So why not just admit it that you’re running away, it’ll be easier for you to have fun and as a result those around you would enjoy themselves more as well.” “You’re talking about Crim aren’t you?” “Maybe I am. He is quite the interesting guy.” “You met him?” “We didn’t know each other in Lios, if that’s what you’re asking. I met him while looking into that demon cleric of yours. I’m investigating because I need to know more about the Key of the Twilight. It looks like that Tsukasa may somehow be connected to it. Don’t worry though, that meeting had nothing to do with Tsukasa. I did it for myself, which suits me just fine. What do you say?” “I guess it’s alright, if you think about it that way.” ******************************************************** * Mac Anu “Lady Subaru has no intention of meeting with the likes of you,” said the horned man, disdainfully. He knew it was a bold faced lie, but he could care less. Silver Knight wasn’t about to let that disgusting anarchist of a demon anywhere near his precious leader. And of course, having his butt pwned by the cleric’s ‘pet’ didn’t help matters either. “She said that?” the silver haired priest, incredulously. “Are you deaf demon?” spat the knight. “I can’t believe she would say such a thing,” Tsukasa said, ignoring the human’s insult. “That is our decision. Normally, we wouldn’t even waste our breath talking to such as you. It would be in your best interest to leave immediately.” The threat in those words were barely disguised. He ignored the boy, who was trying his best not to tremble in front of the man. “I don’t know what went on between you and her nor do I care to know, but if you have any decency in you, you’d walk away and never ask to see her again.” “Why?!” the demon priest demanded. “Do you wish to destroy my lady’s heart? It is best… leave now demon before I run you through.” The knight then utterly surprised Tsukasa by bowing slightly, “Please,” he begged, his voice hardly audible but clearly shaken. The silver haired demon could only stare in shock as the knight straightened then walked away. ************************************************************** ********** &nbs p; Meanwhile, in a bone littered desert, two angels were having a meeting of their own. “I’ve seen bits of it,” a red clad angel with spiky blue haired said, wiping the sweat off his forehead with his jacket. “Bits?” his blonde companion parroted. “Yeah, they were repeated a lot during the debates back then. Just think of it, all we have of that message are these few fragments. I wonder, who do you think the ‘me’ in ‘Discourse with me’ and ‘the path to me’ refers to?” “Beats me,” B.T. replied, “I would imagine it would be the one who posted that message to begin with.” “Still, don’t you think that’d be strange? I mean why use such a roundabout way to contact someone? How could someone not talk useless another person reaches the area that person’s in? I’d go nuts if I’d have to wait there until someone shows up. Who’d want to do something like that?” “Well, there is Tsukasa for instance.” “Are you saying that, someone suffered from the same kind of amnesia before this demon cleric?” Crim asked while performing a few katas with his spear. “Or it could be something we haven’t found yet.” “What are you getting at B.T?” “No matter how you look at it, it would seem the best option would be to go to that area and see things for ourselves.” “I don’t know about that, B.T. I’m not exactly prepared to go rushing off on some fool’s errand.” “Well, then what about this little idea, what if the one of the gods posted that message? Just because they haven’t spoken to us in eons, doesn’t mean they’re all dead. Atlantis, the great flood, the gods have been known to recreate our world… at times.” “A god who’s trying to recreate the world… the key that overturns everything. That doesn’t sit well with me. There’s no way I’d ever let myself serve under such gods.” “Easy Crim,” she said reassuringly, “The world’s not going to end this very instant, I’m only saying that if we’re to stop this god, we have to first go talk to him.” “So what is it you want me to do?” “Why not give me your schedule for this week?” “What?!” “I’d like to be able to talk to you some more. You must be a busy man back at Lios since people have hardly seen you around these days.” “As much as I’d like to, I just can’t right now.” “Backing out are we?” “I hate to admit it, but this is all just a game to me. It’s how I wind down. So I’d rather keep it a game.” “Does Subaru feel the same way?” The blue haired angel stopped in mid thrust and turned to her, eyes narrowing. ********************************************************* ************** Mac Anu The cobalt haired angel stared grimly ahead as her gondola drifted down the canal. Her eyes lit up and the faintest of smiles appeared on her usually stoic face as she spied a silver haired boy on the bridge ahead. However, it quickly faded when the demon priest failed to smile back. She continued to stare in confusion at the boy, why hadn’t he greeted her? Didn’t he want to see her as well? For the briefest of moments, a smile appeared on Tsukasa’s face, but it vanished before he took his next breath. He just couldn’t get Silver Knight’s harsh words out of his mind. This gentle angel did not want to see him. Hadn’t the human said she had told him herself? Subaru had seen the smile and raced from the boat as it stopped at the nearest dock, which just happened to be next to that bridge. But it was too late, Tsukasa had completely vanished from sight. She stood there panting heavily from the sudden burst of energy, her eyes darting everywhere hoping for a sign of the demon cleric. She laid her hand on the very spot where Tsukasa had lain his not so long ago. The wood was still warm. ‘Tsukasa…’ she said silently, hanging her head. “My lady,” came a voice behind her, making her gasp in embarrassment. “I’m alright, Silver Knight,” she replied. “It’s nothing.” She then turned and walked away, leaving her second in command puzzled as well as concerned. ********************************************************* ****************** “Tsukasa!!” shouted the rather exasperated and not to mention scantily clad girl. “We promised to meet in Carmina Gadelica!” “I’m sorry Mimiru,” he replied sheepishly. “I guess I’ll forgive you this time,” she said somewhat peeved. “I did kinda have fun though. That A-20 sure is one weird angel. Tsukasa continued to space out, still fretting over his ‘conversation’ with a certain member of the Crimson Knights. “Hey! Snap out of it!” she called. “Time’s awastin’!” “That’s what bear said,” the silver haired demon replied, sighing. “Huh?” “That it’s a waste.” ****************************************************** ****************** Mac Anu “Why are you seeking me out?” the cobalt haired angel asked. “Just a hunch I had,” the human merc replied, “I had a feeling you’d know.” “Then you have come in vain I’m afraid.” “Naruhodo,” he replied grimly. “Is something the matter with Tsukasa?” “Not really, but it’s my problem. I’m beginning to think I may not be as able to get along with him as I thought I was.” “Able?” Subaru repeated. “I can’t be responsible for what he does, so I have no right talking to him.” “Did you promise him anything?” “Not exactly.” “Then I suggest you think about this, does it really matter who’s responsible if you wish to see someone? What really matters is that you try to spend time together. What’s worse is that you can show them that you could care even less about them.” “What about the motive?” Bear asked, “Would you question it?” “Whether it’s done out of hate or kindness, I believe that Tsukasa’s looking for some sort of connection. Though it may look like it, he’s not really shutting people out. That’s what I’d like to believe. I know of a saying… ‘Meeting someone is God’s doing, but parting is what human’s do themselves.’” “Isn’t that Moto Hagio*?” the blue and white painted man asked, impressed that someone from Lios would know of a rather obscure human writer. “You’ve heard of her?” she asked, smiling, glad to have found someone who possibly shared the same interest. “I beg of you, Bear. Don’t give up on Tsukasa.” The horned man frowned from his hiding spot in the alleyway across from them. He did not like this chain of events one bit. It seemed that his beloved leader was slowly drifting farther and farther away from him with each passing day ever since that demon showed up. “I may have an idea,” the human merc said, feeling much better due to the angel’s encouragement. “Why the Crimson Knights depend on you so much.” ****************************************************** Dun Loireag “Tsukasa,” called the blue and white man as the silver haired demon passed by. The demon priest turned around, surprised to see Bear leaning against a boulder. “Are you busy?” “No why?” he asked. “I was thinking, if you’d like, we could hang out for a while.” “Huh?” “Listening to this old man ramble’s better than doing nothing right?” “Do I have to?” the boy asked, sounding as young as he looked for the first time in a long time. He let out a small chuckle which was returned in kind by the much older human. “Yeah, I’ve got the worst life around,” Bear joked. “Don’t worry though, I won’t keep you long, just til Mimiru gets here. Until then, you can just pretend I’m talking to myself.” “You adults are so selfish,” he said then followed the merc up a flight of stairs. “That mage you saw me talking to in Carmina Gadelica,” began Bear, “he’s really… my…” ~TBC!!!~ *Moto Hagio may be bit of an obscure mangaka (Manga artist/writer) where some of you live, but she’s definitely a must read. I highly recommend her A,A’ which was put out by Viz a few years back. Anyhoo, any and all feedback is welcome. Flames however, will be data drained. ^_^

Yasashii Yoake