Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Worrisome ( Chapter 5 )

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Yuki took a deep breath and slid his closet open, selecting a dress from one of the hangers. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He thought the world would end and the apocalypse would devour the sun before he ever put on a dress (in his right mind) voluntarily.
He couldn’t believe it, but that’s what he was doing. He held the t-shirt dress up to his form in the mirror, and even though the thought sickened him, he had to admit that he looked good in girls’ clothing. He couldn’t believe what he was doing.
Simply. Could. Not. Believe. It.
But it was the only way. Kyo had accepted him that way once, but the cat was known to be very fickle, especially in emotions and feelings. If Yuki wanted to get any closer to Kyo, any closer at all, he would have to pretend to be something that he wasn’t. If he needed become a girl, he would become a girl. Yuki sighed and dropped the towel around his waist, letting it fall with a dull thud to the floor.
He stepped into the neck of the dress and drew it up his body, fumbling around on his back until he managed to pull the zipper up. He and Ms. Hon—no, Tohru were going out today to do some shopping with her friends Uo and Hana. He had to call her Tohru, and call Ms. Uotani, Uo, and Ms. Hanajima, Hana. That was what his girl side had called them, so he had to keep that up. Tohru wouldn’t mind, in fact, when he had called her that the other day after getting home from the hospital, she had looked glad that he was relaxed around her.
Yuki slid the headband into his hair, making sure to keep his bangs down the way his girl self had done and stepped quietly out of his room. He paused in front of Kyo’s door; fighting with his feelings again until he carefully gripped the knob, and pulled the door back an inch. He was so glad that Kyo was home. Even if he needed crutches and had to stay in bed most of the day, it was better than worrying about him while he was at the hospital. Hatori had insisted at the hospital that the family doctor should care for Kyo at home, and because he was talking to a female attending, he easily won that argument. Tohru had protested at first, but Hatori had quickly convinced her that him transforming at home because of the stress would be a thousand times better than him transforming at the hospital.
Kyo looked like the angel of fire, sleeping with one arm up above his head, the other one loosely under the blanket. His flaming orange hair might as well have been shimmering for the way Yuki was staring at him. He looked so peaceful, but then again, it was probably just the meds.
It was a rarity to see Kyo sleep in, that usually only happened when he was really sick or when it was raining, so Yuki stared as long as he could, savoring every moment that he could look at Kyo like this.
“Oh! Good morning Yuki!”
Yuki jumped a foot at the sudden new voice. He had been so preoccupied with Kyo that he hadn’t even heard Tohru walk up to him.
“Is Kyo awake yet?” Tohru asked worriedly, poking her head around to peak through the door with Yuki. Yuki just shook his head, keeping his mouth closed. He didn’t need to use his voice to savor Kyo like this.
“Well, he’ll wake up soon. And we can leave him a note telling him where we went. Speaking of which,” she said suddenly, plunking a fist into her open palm, “Uo and Hana should be here soon.” She turned on the spot and trotted down the stairs.
Yuki looked back at Kyo, before forcing himself to pull the door closed. Kyo wasn’t going anywhere, and he did promise that he would go with Tohru and her friends.
“So Princess, what were you looking for today?” Uo asked Yuki, leaning forward to see around Tohru and Hana.
Yuki twitched. Princess. He had completely forgotten about that new nickname. He had long since gotten used to Uo calling him `Prince’, but Princess was pushing it a little bit. Who the hell came up with that anyway? Damn his fan club.
“I don’t know, I thought I’d just look for something that I like.” Yuki shrugged sweetly, forcing himself to let the `Princess’ thing slide.
There was a price to pay for everything, and in the case of getting closer to Kyo, it wasn’t a terrible price, but it was pretty damn near outrageous in Yuki’s book. The dresses, the skirts, the heels, the sandals, the hair accessories, the jewelry, the coats, the too short shorts, the no pants, the scandalous school skirt, the tight shirts… Yuki just hoped it would be worth it in the end. There was a very high chance that Kyo would reject him, and then where would he be?
Love is painful. Akito had been telling them that their entire lives, and enforcing it violently to prove the nonexistent point, but if there was even one idiot to fight for a cause, then the cause was never lost. (Note: I love that quote!)
“Let’s go here first.” Hana said suddenly, eyeing a very creepy looking gothic store, with barely any lighting in it at all, and Yuki was actually surprised that severed human heads weren’t hanging front the ceiling in front of the entrance.
It was hard for even Tohru and Uo to hide their really feelings, but they quietly agreed, suggesting that they might want to go to the food court sooner than they’d originally planned. (AKA: it was a hugely lame excuse for getting out of the store as fast as possible.)
Yuki cringed away from nearly everything in the store, while guys so many piercings that their skin was barely visible eyed him like he was an angel. Yuki shivered again. Why the hell did he let himself be looked at like that?!
Hana selected a new cloak and a new lacy black dress, along with a black frilly umbrella and purchased them quickly. Uo shot several people death glares when they stared at Yuki, and Yuki was practically kissing her feet in thanks, and the ground when they finally left the store.
The four stopped for lunch before heading off to a nearby clothing store, where upon Uo forcefully shoved Yuki over to another dress rack with Tohru in tow and she and Tohru had handed him several different garments.
He forced a smile and his neck practically squeaked as he looked up at them. “I’d be happy to try them on.” He said through gritted teeth. Oh yes, oh so very, very happy. Christ almighty, what girl started the stereotype that girls need to go on a shopping spree once a week and practically blow all their money? Whoever she is, she should be shot. And it doesn’t help that I’m as jumpy as a freaking jumping bean to get back to check on Kyo.
Yuki glanced around for a clock. CALM DOWN! He mentally kicked himself. Repeatedly. We’ve only been out for half an hour! God, this’ll take all day, he groaned inwardly, not letting anyone else hear him as he stepped into a dressing room. He couldn’t believe he was doing this.
Simply. Could. Not. Believe. It.
Kyo moaned. His head felt like the old Yuki had taken a sludge hammer to it, and then finished the job off with a stapler to his temples and then someone had pelted rocks at him with a pitching machine.
He forced himself over onto his side and immediately had to bite back his scream when something burned like an inferno in his side. He gingerly removed the covers to look down at the huge wound on his hip.
Good, it didn’t opened again. What time is it anyway?
He was so hot, and his bed sheets were soaked with sweat. He had to move—maybe the couch—cooler—might feel more comfortable.
Kyo grabbed the side of his bedside table with one hand and the windowsill with his other, forcing himself up while using every muscle to keep his back straight. It was an unbelievable strain, but it was better than bending and injuring himself more.
He finally managed to stand, and the world whirled beneath him. His hand shot out and grabbed the first thing it touched, clinging to it like a lifeline. He couldn’t find the ground. It was on the ceiling, no, the floor, no, the walls, no, the ceiling.
Kyo groaned and shut his eyes, pressing his hand painfully over his eyelids. He grabbed the doorframe with two hands and slid the door open, gingerly poking his foot out and sliding down the hallway, his hands pressed to the walls, his feet always firmly on the ground, sliding, until he found the stairs using just his touch and began to work his way downstairs.
His mind was scrambled, and he had to force himself not to open his eyes, at least until he got to the bottom of the stairs so he didn’t accidentally fall down the remaining ones. He breathed a sigh of relief when his toe hit the floor, and like the idiot that he was, he opened his eyes.
His legs locked and his arms refused to move. His eyes wouldn’t close—it took too much energy, so Kyo was forced to watch the ground fly at him, coming closer to hit face every painfully slow second as he plummeted towards it.
And then hands shot out of nowhere, grabbing his torso, keeping his head from colliding with the ground. Kyo’s lungs felt like they had just been through drowning, and he had used all of his energy just getting down the stairs, he couldn’t find the strength to even look up to see who had caught him. They must’ve been mad about something, he could hear them yelling, but only a few bits of each sentence actually made it to his ears.
“Are you—-why did you get out of bed?!—-you came down the stairs?!—-what were you thinking?!—-idiot!—-where were you going!?—-were you going?—-the couch?—-can you walk?—come on Kyo—”
Kyo forced his legs to wobble forward, they had said something about couch, and walking. That was what he wanted, so he forced himself to move with them, despite how hard his body fought to keep him completely immobile.
The ground left his feet, and his back found the couch, and someone’s hand was lowing his head gingerly onto a pillow. It was cold—that hand—and small. He moaned happily and leaned into it. He felt it tense, but he didn’t care, it felt so good, so cold against his blistering skin. The hand left his neck and he whimpered, his skin instantly igniting again. At first there was nothing, and then it was back, resting gently against his cheek.
Gods, it felt so good. He wouldn’t have cared if it was the abominable snowman above him, it was keeping him cool, he sighed in gratitude as the hand traveled to his forehead and rubbed his head against it. It tensed again, but then drifted back to the side of his neck and stayed there. Kyo sighed happily and let himself fall into the darkness. It was deep, heavy, thick and all together uncomfortable, but sleep sounded so tempting, he couldn’t help it.
A Few Minutes Earlier
Yuki was walking home, if you can even call it walking. Actually, he was trotting so fast, he might as well have been running. He had finally convinced Uo that he needed to get home to check on Kyo, making up all sorts of crap just to get back.
As he reached the dirt road to Shigure’s, he shot off, streaking through the trees, no longer needing to worry about running into someone if he was going too fast. It was easy to dodge unmoving trees, but people that moved while you did, and sometimes dodged the same way that you did, making a collision much more likely, were a lot harder to run around.
The bag of clothing swung in time with his feet as he jerked it along, and he thought a piece of clothing bounced out of the bag along the way, but he didn’t care, being far too excited to get home and to see Kyo.
Yuki bit his lip. This proved it. It wasn’t just a crush. It had nearly killed him to be away from Kyo for two hours while Kyo was sick, he wouldn’t have acted that way if it was just a crush. No he was irrevocably, without a shadow of a doubt, 100 percent in love with Kyo. If Kyo accepted him, and if he continued to pretend to be a girl…
Yuki shook his head. Marriage seemed millenniums away, he didn’t even know if the cat would accept him.
The cat falling in love with the rat? Yeah right. Even if fate itself had wanted them together, even then, Kyo might not want him. The stupid cat would even fight fate to get out of it, Yuki was sure Kyo would at least try, and he wouldn’t force Kyo into anything he didn’t want to do.
Yuki bit his lip viciously. Kyo probably loves Tohru anyway, and I wouldn’t be helping if I tried to get between them. His eyes closed sadly as his previous thoughts flashed through his mind. If there is even one idiot to fight for a cause, then the cause was never lost. I need to try, or I wont be able to live with myself, I have to try.
Yuki fumbled with the key, nearly dropping it three times in his nervousness. Going inside meant seeing Kyo, and seeing Kyo meant that his words needed to have some action thrown at them, or they’d be useless. Actions speak louder than words, he reminded himself and pulled the door open. What’s with me today? All of these sayings… maybe I’m still not all the way sane yet.
He kicked off his shoes, startled by a noise on the stairs, wasn’t Kyo supposed to be in bed? Was it a burglar? He gripped the doorframe and leaned around slowly, peeking infinitesimally at the source of the noise.
Looking like he was about to die standing up.
And not trying to stop himself from hitting the ground.
Yuki tore around the door and lunged, catching the cat’s arm and yanking him back up, away from the unforgiving floor and into a tight hold, so his hands were firmly around the Kyo’s chest, and Kyo’s head landed limply on his shoulder. He didn’t even know how the cat was still standing, though it must’ve taken all of his energy and he was nowhere near straight.
He felt himself heat up, his anger shooting through the roof, and words erupted from his mouth, trying to find anyway to express his worry.
“Are you stupider than I thought!? Why the hell did you get out of bed?! You came down the stairs by yourself?! What in god’s name were you thinking?! You’re still under the medication and in shock no less! You idiot! Where the heck were you going anyway?!”
Yuki’s flow of furry stopped as he continued to look at the limp, orange haired boy on his shoulder. Kyo’s chest was heaving, like it was hard for him to get breath, and he was drenched with sweat, Yuki wasn’t even sure that the cat could understand him.
He probably soaked his bed with sweat and it was too hot, so he tried to move. Am I too hot against him? Should I bring him to the couch?
“Kyo? Were you going to the couch? Do you want me to help? Here, can you walk?” the questions continued to spew from his mouth, and he mentally smacked himself for asking too many pointless questions.
“Come on Kyo.” He encouraged, tugging gently on the boy after repositioning Kyo on him, letting Kyo lean all of his weight on him.
Kyo’s leg trembled, and was forced forward. Yuki took that as a `yes, I can walk’ and pulled him forward, doing most of the work.
He had to reposition Kyo against him several times before finding the best way to lower his cousin onto the couch. He wrapped one arm firmly around Kyo’s shoulders, and placed one hand on the back of his neck, using his weight as leverage to let Kyo sink into the couch, leaning down with him as Kyo went down.
He sighed audibly when Kyo was finally resting against the couch and let himself sit on the couch with his cousin, breathing deeply to try to calm his heart, fluttering like a hummingbird’s.
Kyo moaned and his head rolled to the side. Yuki looked back down to make sure he was all right, and Kyo moved again. Nuzzling into his hand. Yuki’s breath hitched and his hand instinctively jerked back, his lungs getting tighter when Kyo whimpered regretfully, almost calling for his hand.
Yuki gulped and reached out his hand again, hesitating a few times before he finally resting his palm against Kyo’s cheek, cupping the boy’s face gently and stroking the tanned skin with his thumb. He ran his hand up to Kyo’s forehead to see if his fever was worse than this morning.
His skins on fire! I wonder if my hand feels cool, is that why he’s—
Yuki’s breath caught in his throat and his muscles tensed again as Kyo rubbed his forehead against his hand.
He’s definitely incoherent, but… he seemed to like it when…
Yuki slid his hand down further and cupped the side of Kyo’s neck in his fingers, his eyes widening considerably as a low rumbling traveled up from Kyo’s chest, making his throat and upper torso vibrate.
Is he… purring?! Yuki’s mouth fell open with a small `pop’ in disbelief, and then turned up into an adoring smile.
Kyo purrs. He smiled wider.
Kyo’s breathing slowed and Yuki was soon sure that he had fallen asleep.
I should probably leave, go make some soup or something… but…
As Yuki stared down at Kyo, sleeping so peacefully beneath him, pressed into his hand… he couldn’t bring himself to move. He didn’t want to move.
Yuki sighed and shifted on the couch, bringing his legs up onto the cushions and laying down by Kyo, his head resting on his cousin’s shoulder.
I really don’t want to move, and Tohru wont be back for another hour or so… I can stay here.
The thought made his heart soar into his throat, forcing a smile to break through his mask and form on his lips. The vibrations below him as Kyo purred, and the sound of the rumbling was so soothing, Yuki felt like he could’ve stayed there forever.
Kyo groaned and rolled onto his side, promptly falling off the side of the couch. He yelled out as pain like even Yuki couldn’t administer shot through his side, forcing him to clutch at it like a sniveling four year old that had just skinned their knee for the first time.
“Kyo! Are you ok?”
Kyo refused to open his eyes, worried that his vision would whirl like it had before and he would end up hurting himself again. What had happened anyway? He was falling, and then… he didn’t remember anything.
“Come on, I’m just going to help you up to the couch.” The voice continued, and small hands wrapped around him. Kyo was vaguely aware of standing, and being laid back on the couch again, but his mind was elsewhere.
I know that voice… “Yuki?” he asked unsurely, still refusing to open his eyes.
“Are you hungry?” said person answered. “You haven’t eaten anything in three days.”
Kyo nodded feebly, finding himself unable to do anything else. The small hand on the back of his neck left and he couldn’t help but whimper.
“K-Kyo?” Yuki stuttered.
Kyo froze. What. Did. I. Just. Do? I whimpered when Yuki pulled away! What the hell is wrong with—oh. It was back, everything that had happened. Yuki had caught him, brought him to the couch and comforted him. He had whimpered then too when Yuki had tried to leave.
Oh Jesus.
“Kyo?” Yuki repeated, sitting softly on the couch and tenderly touching Kyo’s cheek with the tips of his fingers. Be overly kind. Be overly kind. You would’ve done that a few weeks back.
“I’m fine.” Kyo moaned. “I just… just landed on my side harder than I thought, I hit it the wrong way or something.” He covered quickly.
“Does it hurt?” Yuki’s hand flew to his hip, and another moan burst from Kyo’s throat, his head rolling slightly back.
“I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?” Yuki’s hand was gone, and Kyo was praying to every god there even might be that he wasn’t blushing. That moan hadn’t been of pain. It was… well, you know… Yuki had been a little close there after what Kyo had been thinking about.
Bad thoughts. Bad. Thoughts. Stop it! He mentally smacked himself.
“I’m fine.” He repeated.
“Here, I’ll go get you something to eat.” Yuki rose, taking the cool air with him as he left. Kyo was gnawing viciously on his tongue to not whimper again.
What’s… wrong with me? I… am… not… falling in……… I can’t possibly be. It isn’t possible for the cat to love the rat, and even if I did, there’s no way he would return those feelings.
He shook his head after he was positive that Yuki had gone back to the kitchen, clearing the beginning of tears from his eyes.
I hate huge injuries like this, your emotions are out of whack and through the roof. He growled at himself, testing his eyes with his thumb before Yuki walked back into the room. As Yuki set the tray of soup on the small table, Kyo was suddenly aware that he wouldn’t be able to eat it. There was no way he’d be able to sit up.
“Uh…” he began, trying to let Yuki know, but his voice was also surprisingly weak.
“Can you sit up?”
“Um… no.” Kyo admitted, finally opening his eyes and staring right into the beautiful amethyst eyes of his cousin.
“Here.” Yuki stepped over and slid his arm under Kyo’s shoulder, slowly lifting him up.
Kyo was a tomato, at least, that’s what he felt like, he was sure his face matched something more like an over-ripe beet.
He was finally sitting up, leaning heavily on Yuki’s shoulder with Yuki keeping him up with that hand around him. Kyo was just glad that he could hold his own head up.
If he thought he was blushing before, it was nothing compared to when Yuki picked up the spoon, dipped it into the soup, blew on it and then held it out to him.
“Here.” Yuki offered, holding it right in front of Kyo’s mouth.
“Uh.” Kyo blanched.
“You can’t feed yourself, right? Just eat.” Yuki demanded, seeming seriously flustered.
Kyo’s eyes whipped to his cousin at his last statement. Yuki didn’t talk like that, at least… not anymore. But that would have to mean… no, why would he still be wearing girls’ clothes if he remembered?
Yuki mentally freaked. He had just snapped at Kyo. His girl side never would’ve done that. He tried to erase it with a quick smile to his cousin.
Kyo blinked once more before his eyes shifted back to the spoon.
Yuki… seems to not hate this… in fact, quite the opposite. Then should I…? Kyo gulped and dipped his head down, taking the spoonful of soup in his mouth and swallowing. He couldn’t help but smirk when he saw the smile on Yuki’s face widen a fraction of an inch. It was just a little bit, but it was obvious that Yuki liked helping Kyo like this.
Kyo was laid back down half a bowl of soup later, and as Yuki tried to stand to leave, Kyo’s hand shot out and grabbed Yuki’s arm before his brain had even sent the message to.
“Wait. For just a second.” Kyo bit the inside of his lip, so that Yuki couldn’t see it.
“What is it?” Yuki sat back down, much to Kyo’s relief. That meant he wouldn’t have to use that strength to pull him back down.
“Just a second.” Kyo repeated, gripping Yuki’s arm firmly but gently.
The rat’s eyes widened before relaxing, and he pulled his feet up onto the couch, sighing contently.
Memories and Emotions
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