❯ Why? I just love you, Gwen ( Chapter 4 ) – Why? I just love you, Gwen ( Chapter 4 )

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It all makes sense…Gwen thought remembering all the signs. “If he could have cheated on Julie with me, he wouldn’t have been with her at all…In Julie’s eyes, I stole Ben’s heart away from her. He wouldn’t date Kai because I didn’t like her. My fight with him hurt him…I told him not to talk to me…and he hasn’t. He did trust my judgment…” unbidden, yesterdays dream came to mind. “All this time…My heart was trying to get through to me…and I was shutting it out…WHAT DO I DO?!”
“Well, you can start by telling me what’s really going on with Ben.” Franks voice came from her doorway. “I won’t judge either of you.”
“Dad I don’t…” Gwen seemed to be fighting some inner struggle. “Okay…last night…Ben named the girl who broke his heart…her name is…Gwen. Ben is in love with ME! I’m his cousin, and he’s in love with me! Dad, I-”
“It sounds to me that you have choice to make. Ben or Kevin, you will have my support.” Frank cut in.
“Dad…aren’t you going to freak out? I just told you my cousin is in love with me. Aren’t you supposed to be all disgusted and tell me you don’t want me around him?” Gwen was confused. Frank laughed.
“Gwen, I’m your father. My job is to threaten guy you bring home that I don’t like. Ben is an honorable man, and I’m sure he wants nothing more than for you to be happy. He is defiantly not the worst you could do, even if he is your cousin. I, personally, think that you two would make a great couple. That being said, you have my blessing if you want to go after Ben. Besides, being part alien doesn’t hurt either, because I’m not sure how that would affect your children. Being distantly related can’t be any worse than being part alien. Not sure what your mom would think, though. I’ll keep this a secret if you want me to. Just remember, whatever you do, I will always love and support you.” He said, hugging Gwen.
“Thanks Dad. Wait, you know?” Gwen asked, shocked.
“What? You really think I would buy the excuse that there were pipes that couldn’t be fixed by the local plumbers around the world? I started digging as soon as he used it. I’m proud of you Gwen. You deserve to be happy.” Frank said as he left. “Personally, I hope she chooses Ben. I don’t trust that Kevin kid. Why would he want to rush into the wedding?…I’m reading to far into this…” he muttered to himself.
Gwen took a deep breath to calm herself. “Okay, so how am I supposed to pick? Ben is…Ben…Is…childish, immature, mischievous, Kind…thoughtful, courageous…NO! I can’t think like that! I’m going to marry Kevin, and that’s final! But…Ben…He’ll find someone, I’m sure of it! Yeah, That’s right! Case Closed!” Gwen said as she went about preparing for tomorrow’s event, vaguely aware of the dull ache in her heart…
Next day at the wedding…
“Where’s Ben?” Gwen asked Max as she waited for the wedding to begin. “I know he got an invitation.”
“Ben said that he would be patrolling the area so no DNaliens or highbreeds can mess it up.” Max answered.
Maybe it’s for the best…Gwen thought. “But we haven’t seen the DNaliens for months…Why would he have any reason to believe they would show up?”
“He said he heard from a reliable source that something `unexpected’ would happen today, and that it would be wise to have all plumbers and the AF on guard. Beyond that, I have no idea.”
“Do you think it’s true?” Gwen wondered, remembering a similar warning from the strange Koji guy. “Are there any aliens that are known to be able to disappear, leaving black feathers behind?” Gwen asked suddenly.
Max stiffened slightly. “No, but the plumbers once caught a being with white wings that could do something similar. He caused a lot of trouble. You know the great London Fire? That wasn’t caused by any cow. Many lost their lives to bring him down. Where did you see this guy? Do you know what his intentions? He could be planning something dangerous.”
“He told me something similar to what Ben said. He said that Ben would be in danger in the future.” Just then, Frank came in and music began to play. “We’ll talk about this later.”
As Gwen walked down the path to the stand, she noticed that Kevin seemed very nervous. He was fidgeting and looking around as if he were waiting for something. The priest began his speech, which Gwen paid next to no attention to. “Do you, Kevin Levin, take Gwendolyn as your lawful wedded wife?”
“I do.”
“Do you, Gwendolyn Tennyson, take Kevin to be your lawful wedded husband?”
Gwen took a deep breath. This is it! “I do.”
“If any have a reason that these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your pea-” He was cut off when Fourarms charged in and threw him into the crowd, knocking people and lawn chairs over, grabbed Kevin and Gwen and leaped away as the stand they were just in exploded.
“Ben…” Gwen growled angrily. “I hope you have-”
“If this were some cheesy movie or something, then I would have come in proclaiming how much I love you, or how you can’t marry him, etc. etc. But I’m not the one with the problem.” Fourarms said, putting them down and hefting a rock as big as he was. “They are!” he yelled, throwing the rock into the sky, where it hit something and crumbled. The sky seemed to ripple at the point of contact, revealing a giant ship. As if on cue, more seemed to appear out of nowhere. “DNaliens. And this is no `come and take over as quietly as possible’ force. This is an all or nothing invasion! Tetrax, Azumuth, evacuate the non-combatants! Cameille, get the Sludge Puppies ready for combat! Cooper, prepare the droids! Kevin, I’m trusting you to protect Gwen. Don’t you dare run away!”
“Ben! Why are they all here? How did you know about this?” Gwen asked, sounding slightly angry.
“I was warned ahead of time, but now is not the time for explainations!” Ben said as four of the ships landed. Millions of DNaliens and highbreeds charged out. “Looks like we’re in for a hell of a fight.” Ben stated grimly.
“But the Highbreeds don’t have any quarrel with us anymore!” Gwen said.
“That’s what I told him.” Ben muttered under his breath. “They’re here now, so we’ll just have to deal with them.” He said loudly. With that final statement, Ben charged.
“Why didn’t he change into Way Big?” Gwen wondered.
“Too big of a target.” Tetrax answered, flying up beside her. “He doesn’t intend for us defeat all of them, just thin them out a little. He says he has a form that can destroy their army and ships, but his time is severely limited in it.” He then flew off.
Within ten minutes, they were being overrun and on the retreat. “We can’t win this fight!” Max yelled. “We have to get out of here!”
“Grandpa! Get everyone and retreat! I have one last ace up my sleeve.” Gwen heard Ben say. “Koji, I hope your right about this!” he said, slamming his hand down on the Omnitrix. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Ben yelled as pain spread through his body. Have to…stay strong! But it hurts! I can’t give in! Gwen is counting on me! Gwen…I’m sorry…
“I can give you this form, but you can’t use it unless someone you love is in danger.”
“Why not?”
“Your human body can’t handle it. Your limit is about three minutes. After that, the power running through your body will rip you apart. This will take about four minutes before it will start to destroy the bond between your soul and body. Once that starts, its all over. Even I can’t save you then. It takes about five to fully destroy that bond. This form will rely solely on the strength of your will to maintain it.”
Flashback ends…
Gwen watched as six black wings sprouted from Ben’s back. Max gasped. “Not possible…”
“This ends NOW! Hakko Ichin Kamari!” Ben brought his hands up as lightning-like energy shot from them, hundreds of aliens falling. Flapping his wings, Ben took to the air. He raised his right hand and a giant golden-white ball grew in it. “Yggdrasil!” Ben threw it at one of the ships that had yet to land. BOOM! It exploded, pieces hitting the ships around it. One of the remaining ships took a shot at Ben, deeming him to be the biggest threat. Ben’s wings wrapped around him to protect him from the beam. He fell to the ground and Gwen ran over to him. Ben groaned as he got up and tried to take a step, only to falter and sink to one knee.
“Ben!” Gwen reached out to Ben, her hand brushing one of his wings. So soft…her hand came in contact with his arm and he jerked away, gasping in pain. His skin was pale and his wings had streaks of grey appearing on them. She heard the sound of the Omnitrix timing out.
“NO! Not yet! I’m not finished!” He yelled, his voice cracking. The beeping stopped and Ben charged forward. Feathers detached from his wings and flew into the army of aliens. Once a reasonable distance in, they exploded, wiping out hordes of aliens. Ben pulled two feathers from his graying wings and held them at arms length on either side of him and let go as they grew and morphed into two giant spears. He brought his hands forward, as if to clap. The spears shot forth, cutting through the ship’s hulls with ease and detonated. The two ships blew up from the inside through the inside, destroying them. He started gather energy into his hands. His wings were almost completely grey now. “Shekkon Ryu Shoten Ha!” two dragon shaped energy blasts shot from his palms and crashed into the two remaining ships and they exploded. Ben sank to his knees as Gwen, their parents and Max run up to him. Four of his wings were fully grey. “Gwen…”
“Ben! Please stop! Let us take care of the rest!” Gwen cried.
“Gwen…tell me to finish them.”
“Ben, the ground soldiers are all that’s left! Let us take care of them!”
“It doesn’t matter anymore! I’ve been in this form too long…Just say it!”
“No! You have to stop!”
“Gwen! If you love me at all, then you’ll give me the drive to end this! It’s not hard, and it’s not a request!”
“Just do it! For me…Please…” Ben’s voice was soft and pained.
“Fine…Just tell me…Why?”
Ben pulled out a single black feather, which turned into a strange sword. “Why?…I just…I just…” Ben seem to be struggling with his words. “I just…I just love you, Gwen…more than I can ever express…That all…” With that, Ben blurred, and disappeared. Aliens began falling by the thousands. In a few minutes, none were left standing. Ben reappeared, wings completely grey, his sword dropping from his hand as he swayed unsteadily. Gwen ran over and caught him. “Gwen…I’m sorry for ruining your wedding…you were right…I do mess everything up…” His wings were dissolving now, covering the ground with feathers.
“Don’t talk doofus. You’ll be fine…It’s all over now. You did it…you saved the day like you always do…” Gwen said tears streaming down her face.
“ You don’t have to lie, dweeb…I knew what I was doing…and what it would cost me…Please don’t cry…I hate it when you cry…I die a little inside every time you do…not that it matters now…” Ben said, reaching up weakly and cupping Gwen’s face, tears filling his own eyes. “Do me a favor, will you…I just wanted you to be happy…live a long and happy life…and name a kid after me, will you?…” Ben closed his eyes, and breathed his last.
“Ben?…Ben! wake up! This isn’t funny! Ben wake up!” Gwen shook him, though deep down, she know he was gone. “Ben…Come on! Don’t leave me…not like this…” Gwen said softly. Everyone was crying now.
“Gwen…He’s gone…” Max put a comforting hand on Gwen’s shoulder.
“I told him…He knew what would happen if he used it for too long.” There was a swirl of black feathers, and out stepped a boy with black messy hair and brown eyes.
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