Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction / Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ What Took You so Long? ( Chapter 1 )

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Dharma and Greg: Bulma and Vegeta Edition
By Maricruz(Mari, Maric, Maricc, Anime-iac, Anime-iac, maric106)
Disclaimer: Dragonball/Z/GT is the © property of Akira Toriyama. Dharma and Greg is the © property of Fox Studios/Warner Bros. Queen Vegeta is the © property of me.
Dr. Briefs=Myron Larry Finklestein
Mrs. Bunny Briefs=Abby Finklestein
King Vegeta=Edward Montgomery
Queen Vegeta=Kitty Montgomery
Launch’s other side=Jane
West City=San Francisco, California
Chapter 01: What Took You so Long?
The Subway was some what crowded that day when a cute little blue haired girl was reciting the zodiac signs to her parents. “…Taurus… Sagittarius… and Capricorn.”
“Very good Bulma.” Bunny Briefs praised her daughter. “Now what are the water sings?”
“Aquarius… Look Larry police officers.” Bulma pointed at the passing police men.
“And what do we say to police officers?” Dr. Briefs quizzed his daughter.
“That I have the right for not letting you search through out my property.” Bulma answered.
“That’s right!” Dr. Briefs gave his little girl an approving high-five.
Over at the next stop a well dressed family were waiting for the next subway train and they don’t look too happy about it. Well the parents are. The little spiky hair boy seem to be actually enjoying himself.
“I can’t believe that we are actually taking a subway the annual charity gala.” Queen Vegeta complained as she held on to the hand of her only son.
“Well would you rather stand in the rain waiting for a cab?” King Vegeta debated his wife while holding on to his son’s other hand. His hair is just like the little boy’s.
“I think it’s fun.” said the little boy.
“No it isn’t Vegeta.” Queen Vegeta told her son. “It’s public transportation. There could be germ everywhere. So don’t touch anything.”
Back to the Briefs, the subway train came to it’s stop and the family were about to get about the same time as another family was going to get on.
That’s when little Bulma and little Vegeta first met each other. The two children stared each other for a while then little Bulma smiled at him.
Little Vegeta gave a little smile back at her.
Queen Vegeta impatiently urged little Vegeta to move forward while Dr. Briefs gently pulled little Bulma by her hand.
“Ah-ah what did I say about touching things in the subway train.” Queen Vegeta pulled her sons away a subway pole.
“Don’t give anyone money Son. They’ll rob you blind.” King Vegeta advised his son.
But little Vegeta didn’t seemed to be listening as he went up to the nearest window to see the little blue haired going upstairs. He waved bye to her as she wave back to him.
“Oh Vegeta really.” Queen Vegeta pulled down a now sad little Vegeta back to his seat. Thinking if he could ever see cute little Bulma again.
Present time
Bulma is now all grown up and she is riding in the same subway train by herself. Sipping her drink and reading a newspaper.
On the platform we see a now all grown up Vegeta dressed in a well made customized business suit as he checked his watch to make sure he’ll be on time to his job.
As the subway train came to the stop, Vegeta was about to get on when at the same time Bulma was getting ready to get off the train. When the doors open Bulma and Vegeta stood in front of each other.
Vegeta was stunned by how beautiful Bulma is while Bulma was giving him her friendly smile.
After a few seconds of staring each other, Bulma gently passed by Vegeta as he got into the train.
Just as Vegeta was about to sit down, Bulma was still looking at him smiling while ascending upstairs.
Vegeta tried to go after her but he was too late when the doors closed in front of him. Felt a bit defeated, he sit next to some random woman passenger who was paying attention to nothing at all. But Vegeta could’ve sworn he heard the woman calling him a schmuck.
Moving forward we now come upon some government official building where Vegeta works as a District Attorney. He was telling his colleague Yamcha what just happen on his way to work. « I’m telling you Yamcha I should’ve gone after that girl. »
« Oh trust me you won’t. » Yamcha advised. « If some strange girl was smiling you, it means you’ll be tied up to her bed post while she cleans out your wallet.
Even though Yamcha was right, Vegeta had to countered his theory. « Still I should’ve gone after her. »
« Take it from me Vegeta. I speak from experience. »
« Fine whatever. » Vegeta turned to his office door. « Besides what are the chance I’ll see that girl again. »
« If you want, after work we’ll go to some bars. » Yamcha tried to cheer his co-worker up.
« Nah, I still have cases to work on. »
« Suit yourself. » Yamcha left Vegeta to his business. « See ya later Vegeta. »
Just as Vegeta entered his office, what he saw gave him the surprise of his life.
« Hey what took you so long? » Bulma, some how, got into his office. Sitting Indian style on his desk and reading a newspaper.
A/N: Well this is a fine turn of events. What was Bulma doing at Vegeta’s office, or more importantly, how she got in without everyone else noticing? What you do think will happen after that? Find out more in our next chapter of Dharma and Greg: Bulma and Vegeta Editon.
Chapter 02: We Got A Lot Of Catching Up To Do