Magic Knight Rayearth Fan Fiction ❯ What can we do? ( Chapter 3 )

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Three Worlds
CHAPTER 3-What can we do?
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Author’s Note: AUTHOR’S MISTAKERight I was just going over the chapters I had already written and I noticed a HUGE mistake. At the very beginning of Chap 1 with Hikaru’s POV she is thinking that Mokona will be boiling in the water with her…well that was my bad because in this as you must have noticed Mokona is the Creator and he left with the Mashin. So I apologize and hope you will over look my mistake. Okay here is the third chapter and just so you know the disclaimer is the same as the last chapter and will always be the same (like duh). Enjoy! =^.^= I will be adding a few comments from myself in brackets [ ] during the story so if you see them you can skip over them and just keep reading if you don’t want to be interrupted. The parenthesizes are just added information in the story I would advise you to read them if they pop up because they help you from getting confused [At least that is what they are supposed to do].
Disclaimer: As unfortunate as it is for me, I do not own Magic Knight Rayearth or any of its characters they are a product of CLAMP.
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ï¢ï¶ïºï¢ï¶ ;ïºï¢ï¶ïºï¢ï¶ 239;ºMondayïºï¶ï& #162;ïºï¶ï¢ïºï¶ï 2;ïºï¶ï¢
γ ;ï¥γï¥γï¥γï ¥γï¥γï¥γSatoru γï¥γï¥γï¥γï 65;γï¥γï¥γï¥^ 7;
I walk into the dojo just as the phone starts to ring and the other two, Masaru and Kakeru try to grab it at the same time. They bump head and crash to the floor while I pick up the phone. “Hello, Shidou residence.”
“Hello this is Headmistress Kidhoto and I was wondering if there was a reason to Miss Hikaru Shidou’s absence today. I have never known her to miss school is there something the matter.” [Ooh…Principal’s pet a rank above teacher’s pet. JK I love Hikaru.]
I stand there frozen my mind not wanting to register what the Headmistress had just said. “Hey Satoru who is that? What’s wrong?” Kakeru’s voice brings me out of my shock and I return my attention to the Principal.
“I’m sorry Headmistress Kidhoto but I forgot to call to tell you that Hikaru is not feeling well today and won’t be going to school. My deepest apologies I did not mean for you to worry.” I keep my face blank as my brothers stare at me in confusion and shock.
There is a relieved laugh from the other end of the phone. “Don’t worry about it everyone forgets. I’m just glad that nothing is seriously wrong. Please tell Hikaru that I hope she gets well soon.”
“I will, thank you for calling.” I hang up the phone and turn to the others saying simply. “Hikaru is missing.”
γï¥γï¥γï¥γ ;ï¥γï¥γï¥γHikaru γï¥γï¥γï¥γï 65;γï¥γï¥γ
I don’t know how long that I have been in this truck but I would guess around two hours. The man who had pushed me in had gagged and blindfolded me not long after throwing me into the truck. It was uncomfortable sitting in one place but whenever I tried to sit up the man, who I had learned was named Raiku, pushed me roughly against the hard seat so I stayed where I was barely moving. I had also learned the names of the other two in the car. The woman’s name is Tahnee and the other man Ryoshan.
The truck started to slow down until finally it came to a stop. Someone grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and threw me forward making me crash into the door before falling to the gravel. I hold back my tears as I feel the pain rush through my body and I wait for whatever comes next. I’m yanked to my feet and the blindfold is taken off. I gasp as I see where I was. `What? Did they take me to the right place? [Bet you’re wondering what Hikaru is seeing right now, right? Well you won’t find out in this chapter. I know it is evil but this is the only POV of Hikaru for this chapter.]
γï¥γï¥γï¥γ ;ï¥γï¥γï¥γFuuγï¥γï¥γï¥γ 9;¥γï¥γï¥γ
I spin around to see who had just called my name. “Oh, hello Sister.”
My older sister smiles and asks “Fuu are you going to Tokyo Tower again today.” I nod and she absolutely beams. I know what she is that she wants.
“Don’t worry Sister I will get some for you.” [I forgot what it is that Fuu’s older sister always wants from Tokyo Tower. If you know please tell me.]
She laughs and waves goodbye as she runs ahead saying. “Thank you Fuu, see you later at home.”
I continue on my walk to Tokyo Tower where Miss Umi was most likely pacing around as she waited for Miss Hikaru and me to arrive. I know Miss Hikaru gets off of school before Miss Umi and I do but she is always the last to arrive though she actually lives closer than Miss Umi and me as well.
Miss Umi is, as I expected, pacing but she stops as she spots me a frown on her face. “Fuu what took you so long are you turning into Hikaru?”
I smile patiently at her. “Please calm down Miss Umi. I am here a minute early.”
“Well I suppose it doesn’t matter if you’re late or not we would still have to wait for Hikaru,” was the huffed reply. My smile widened and I leaned against the rail behind me, looking out at the city, to wait for Miss Hikaru to arrive.
When ten minutes had passed Miss Umi started to get very impatient and screeches “WHERE IS SHE?!” I blush slightly as I see many people turn to give Miss Umi disapproving gazes. I remained quiet though because it was not unusual for Miss Hikaru to be this late but after twenty minutes I became worried.
`Miss Hikaru is never this late I glance over at Miss Umi and her face also reflected worry even she knew that something was amiss. [I don’t mean that Umi is dumb it’s just that she seems occupied in her own world when she is impatient, which is almost all the time. ^_^] “Miss Umi?” I ask tentatively.
She looks at me then to the elevators. “I think we should go to Hikaru’s to see if she is okay.” I nod in agreement and we leave for Hikaru’s dojo.
γï¥γï¥γï¥γ ;ï¥γï¥γï¥γClef u>γï¥γï¥γï¥γ 39;¥γï¥γï¥γ
I glance around the Palace Hallway (this is capitalized because it is more important than any other hallway. It’s the one where the Magic Knights always appear when they arrive in Cephirio) in confusion. `Where are the Magic Knights? They should be here they are never this late.’ I glance uneasily around sensing that something was happening and whatever it was, it was not good.
Obviously I was not the only one for everyone, except for the Mashin and the newcomers, had anxious looks on their faces.
“What is the matter?” The question came from Windam who was looking around at everyone. “All of you seem very worried.”
“It’s because the girls are late. Oh I hope the poor little things are all right.” This was Caldina who was hanging onto LaFarga’s arm.
A frown marred Celes’s face. “So how late would you say they are?”
“Five Celets.” (A Celet is equal to ten minutes on Earth) [They never mention time really in Cephirio so I’m making this up. If you don’t like it then go cry me a river that I can swim in. Yay! *is just at teeny weeny bit hyper at the moment* Anyways back to the story. CHARGE! Uh…what’s it about again? Lol J.K.]
Celes’s frown deepened and he asked, “Is there anyway in which you would be able to see if there was trouble with the Magic Knights?” His answer was a few shakes of the head. [Like a puppy. Yay! Oh wait I’m supposed to act serious right now oops sorry.]
“So all we can do is wait and hope they are all right?” Lantis’s voice was clipped and his face strained. No one answered as everyone stared at the middle of the room hoping that at any moment the girls would appear.
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