❯ Were in Heaven – Were in Heaven ( Chapter 1 )

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Sailor Ra: Sequel to “My Last Breath” I thought this would be a nice finish! I don’t own a thing! If I did…well you know.

Heaven (Seto’s POV)

Where am I? It’s so warm here and there is so much light. It’s so strong and comforting. Why am I seventeen again? I was forty and Mockoba was…wait a minute. Am I…?
I’m in a dark place, but it’s oddly warm. Like someone I know and dear to me is near me. The only person who’s ever made me feel that is…No I can’t think about her right now. I need to think about where I am and how I got here. Okay, lets think. I was at the graveyard and I was placing some flowers on her grave. I then felt a light feeling in my chest and I felt happy…like someone was lifting me up or something like that. Then I end up here…
I feel the white cotton button shirt on my chest and the jeans that fit me loosely. I feel the necklace on my chest and the ring that her always wore on my right hand. I look behind me to see I…I have wings!
“What the heck is going on?” I questioned as I hear someone laughing at me. I turn around to glare at them and I see the one person I haven’t seen in years. My jaw drops slightly as I look at her. She is wearing a sun dress that barely reaches her knees. Light pinks ribbons hang from her hair.
“Seto, come on! We have to get going,” Chidori yells at me as I look at her oddly. She rolls her eyes as she grabs my hand. I follow her for some reason. I don’t know why, but I guess if this is real I might as well follow her.
“Where are we going?” I asked as she stares at me like I’m an idiot.
“Seto, where going to see heaven…” she states this as we both lift from the ground and were…flying. She didn’t have wings though, she had a robe. She had her celestial robes. Just like Yuhi told me.
“Chidori and Shuro found their robes and flew…to heaven…”

Baby you are all that I want
When your lying here in my arms, I’m finding it hard to believe
Were in heaven

I soon see a tunnel. It’s had a white light and Chidori turns to me and smiles. I see the tears in her eyes. I know she worried about Yuhi and Yugi and the others. She probably has missed them a lot, knowing her. I only smile back.
“Shota became a pilot. Yugi never married and Yuhi married Serenity. Aya and Toya are happily married and they have three kids named Shuro, Kei, Chidori. Yami and Ceres went back to…” my statement is interrupted when she gave me a hug around my waist. She obviously needed to hear that.
“This is where I go back to heaven and someone else takes you there,” Chidori told me as she let go of my waist. She pulls her robes closer and flies away.
“Chidori! Wait what about…” I try to reach the small angel as she flies away into the light. I want to follow her, but I know that I can’t because my wings are sore.
I hate this. I hate the fact that I can’t see anyone yet and that’s all I want. I want to see them smile again. I would put up with Wheeler if I had to. If that’s what it takes then…I want to go and…
“Kaiba,” I turn my head slightly and I see Yami and Ceres. Yami is in an pharaoh outfit or whatever the hell he is wearing. Ceres is wearing a sun dress, like Chidori. She had her celestial robes on too, but Yami has wings instead.
“What?” I snap at him as he laughs in great enjoyment. He sounds the same, but I guess we are both wiser in a way, but not as wise as Ceres.
“You haven’t changed a bit, Seto,” Yami states this as Ceres laughs as well.
Ceres maybe wise, but she has also changed. She seems a lot happier and nothing in the past bothers her. She smiles so easily which was rare in the past, but things change and I guess that makes sense. She has changed so much and I can sense it. I wonder how much Yami has changed the cold tennyo.
“Are you coming?” Ceres asks as I snap back into reality and nod. I follow them as I see the light engulf us both.

Thinking about our younger years, when it was only you and me
We were young, wild and free now nothing can take you away from me
We’ve been down that rode before, but that’s over now your coming back

I watch as Yami lightly strokes Ceres’s revealed shoulder. It’s strange how many years have passed and they are still so much in love as the first day they met each other. They stuck with one another through Dartz, then Mikegi and then receiving their memories. After that they both returned to heaven with one another. I guess they didn’t want to be apart like they were in the past.
I wonder how life would have been like if the two decided to stay on Earth. I can’t help, but wonder this as I watch the two walk farther away from me, but I don’t get worried because I know those two will wait up for me. They are too kind to leave anyone behind. I sigh at this, but then I think about how Yugi wished his Yami would have stayed. I guess he needed someone after Chidori died.
I know I needed someone when Shuro was taken from me. I luckily had Mockoba.
Those first years were really rough. I didn’t want to eat, but Mockoba forced food down my throat and when I wouldn’t sleep he would threaten to take the ring Shuro wore and then I would. Sometimes I wondered if he was the older brother.
“Seto?” I turn to see the couple looking at me. I smile as they smile brightly as well. Yami asked if I was in reality or what ever this was.
“Seto, we are going to heaven, but someone will lead you the rest of the way…” Ceres stated as the two flew away before I could say anything. I smile to myself as I think of Shuro.

Baby your all that I want when your lying here in my arms
I’m finding it hard to believe were in heaven, and love is all I need and I found it there in your heart, it isn’t to hard to see were in heaven
(were in heaven)

“Seto?” I look up and I see the person I was thinking about. She is crying and I feel tears leave my eyes as well and I don’t know if I can take it without falling on my knees. Wait, I am on my knees! Damn it!
She is wearing a sun dress the reaches her knees and she is wearing her celestial robes.
She catches me and I know I’ll be okay as long as she holds me. I hear her whispering to me and I know that I will never let her go again. She holds me as I notice a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He smirks at me.
“So your Seto, the guy Shuro can’t stop talking about,” he states as I look at him. He is wearing the same thing as I am. I think I have a clue who this guy is…
“Kei?” I ask as he nods. He smirks at me as I look at him. I’m just glad that Joey isn’t here to see this. Damn mutt would be laughing his ass off.
I nuzzle in Shuro’s neck and breathe in her scent. The scent of rain and Earth. The clean Earth after it rained. I love that scent. It’s my favorite scent of all.
“Guess you want to be alone,” Kei said as he winked at Shuro. She blushed furiously as I look at her. I don’t care, I just want to stay here and look at my Tennyo…god, how long has it been since I last called her that?

Now nothing can change what you mean to me
There’s a lot I could say, but just hold me now (hold me now)
Because I lay awake

Soon I see stars surround us. Were in the night sky and I can see the world from up here. I rest my head on Shuro’s lap as she strokes my hair. I reach out for the stars and I touch the crystal like stars. They’re warm and soft. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I can actually touch the stars like.
“So this is what heaven is like,” I state as Shuro smiles at me. She’s so beautiful and graceful. She really is a Tennyo now, isn’t she? Just like Ceres, but I personally think Shuro is ten times better, but I won’t tell Yami that.
“How’s Mockoba?” she asks lightly as her lips brush against my ear. I shiver lightly, but then I smirk at her. I let my fingers run through her hair as she smiles.
“He’s doing great. He happens to like Rebecca Hawikins. Oh and before I forget, do I have to share you with Kei now?” I asked as she giggles.
“Hell yes!” I hear Kei yell. I want to throw a rock at him, but I ignore the urge as Shuro throws something at him and I hear him mumble something. I smirk to myself as Shuro smiles at me.
“Ignore him,” she states as I look up at her. I touch her face. I’m still afraid that this is just some cruel dream.
“Promise me this is heaven…because if this is just some cruel dream then I will never wake up…” I whisper this to her as she smiles. She pitches my cheek and an `ouch’ escapes me.
“See, your still here so it isn’t a dream,” she told me this as I smile. I can’t believe this is all real. So real and perfect. God, thank you for this.

Baby your all that I want when your lying here in my arms
I’m finding it hard to believe were in heaven and love is all I need and I found there in your heart it isn’t too hard to see were in heaven (heaven)

“Tennyo, promise me that you won’t leave,” I ordered lightly as she smiles. I kiss her gently as I feel myself flying…or am I? This place is so weird so I don’t know to be honest, but if I am then hell, I’m happy.
Her lips are still sweet and gentle. They haven’t changed a bit and her hair is still as silky as a spider’s web. Now if I could only hear her voice when she sings. Bet that hasn’t changed either. I bet you that she sings more gracefully then she did on Earth if that’s humanly possible.
I let her lips go and smile at her.
“Can you sing?” I ask as she smiles and nods.

Now our dreams are coming true, through the good times and the bad
I’ll be standing there by you (were in heaven)

I lose myself in her song and I close my eyes. I don’t want to though, but I know that if I don’t Shuro is going to kill me…wait I’m already….oh screw it! I just better get some sleep before she nags me.
That’s all I need. I don’t need my girlfriend nagging me when I get to see her again. All I need is her love and her heart.

Baby your all that I want when your lying here in my arms
I’m finding it hard to believe were in heaven and love is all I need and I found there in your heart it isn’t too hard to see were in heaven ( were in heaven)

I want to be with my Tennyo…forever…

Were in heaven

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