Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Weeks Later and New Lives ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Trunks sat across from Rei at the little two person dinner table. It had been almost six weeks since the defeat of Umbra and life had returned to normal for our heroes, well as normal as life can be for aliens, androids, time travellers, and reincarnated moon princesses. “So Trunks is having a little brother all you thought it would be?” Rei asked as she placed her hand on his.
“He’s a little annoying actually,” Trunks said with a smirk.
“Ya well you haven’t lost that,” Rei said teasing him. Just as she finished her wink at him her communicator went off. “Mars and Trunks here what’s the deal?” she said slightly irritated, that someone disrupted her date.
“Well Rei, I could use your help fighting that vine trio,” the voice that came through the other side was Ami’s.
Trunks stood up, tapping the button on his wrist. “Let’s go,” he was now wearing a new suit made by Bulma, it was very similar to the Saiyan armour she had made during the Cell battles. “We can finish this later.”
Mars nodded and stood up raising her hand “Mars!” as she said this her nails began to glow red soon followed by the rest of her body as the light faded she was now Cosmic Sailor Mars. Trunks quickly snapped out of his stare as she took off out the front door of the restaurant and into the air.

Ami had been at the library studying, ignoring the fans, when she heard a gut wrenching scream. She turned to see several people being held up in the air by demonic vines. From around the corner came three being who had the shape of humans with pointed heads, they were completely made of wrapped vines and thorns, with dark shadowy holes where their eyes would be. Ami wasted no time, she didn’t have to hide as the world knew who the Sailor Scouts truly were now, “Mercury!” she raised her hand a blue light began to engulf her body starting with her nails, soon enough she was the blue visored Cosmic Sailor Mercury. She jumped at the trio shooting a bubble swarm freezing the vines; she flew up to the frozen vines shattering them with kicks. “Get out of here,” Ami turned back to the enemy, as they threw poison thorns at her like missiles. Ami easily dodged then blasted a powerful stream of water at the first one, it was sent back but she could see it pulling itself back together as it stood. Ami’s visor informed her that both Trunks and Rei were in the immediate area, she wasted no time calling them.
“Mars and Trunks here what’s the deal?” Ami could tell that Rei was unimpressed but she ignored it.
“Well Rei, I could use your help fighting that vine trio.”
“Let’s go,” Ami could here Trunks in the background followed by a swoosh like sound “We can finish this later.”
Ami knew that with their help the vine trio didn’t stand a chance. They had so far been really smart about it targeting the weaker Z-Scouts one at a time to make sure they had the advantage. Ami flew from behind cover releasing a massive wave of water pushing them against the wall. It was her chance to make the kill move, she went in for it but did not see the vine shoot up and wrap around her foot. It pulled her down smashing her into the floor as more vines wrapped around her.
Rei busted into the library just in time to see one of the vine creatures about to slash Ami’s throat. She wasted no time and threw fire balls at the three of them, as Trunks flew up from behind her towards Ami. Within seconds she was free as Trunks sent a barrage of ki blasts at the vines ensnaring her. Ami quickly landed on the ground as all three turned to the enemy. Without wasting time the villains shot missile thorns at the three as vines travelled toward them breaking apart the floor. Trunks swung his sword slicing the thorns before him as he jumped over the rushing vines. He charged at the first monster, slashing it with his sword, quickly the creature reformed trapping Trunks sword within its own body. It shot its hand into Trunks’ stomach sending Trunks into the far wall.
Ami regained her composure and fired a barrage of water streams at one of the vine masses, it quickly unwrapped its vines as the streams passed through it. As it came together it froze solid as Ami hit it with a freezing mist blast. Ami sped at it with her fist extended, it shattered across the floor.
Rei jumped over the oncoming vines and thorns, firing a massive flame bird at her enemy. The vine creature twisted in pain as the flames engulfed him; slowly they went out, as Rei smashed her heel into the things stomach area. She wasted no time pulling back summoning rings of fire to cut through the enemy; it fell to the ground in junks alongside Ami’s opponent.
Trunks pushed himself off the wall, wiping the blood from his mouth. He charged up going straight to Super Saiyan 2. “I’m not wasting any more time,” with that he charged at his opponent delivering a powerful punch to its head, it shot back into the piles of chunks. To Trunks’ and the girls surprise it began to absorb the others’ pieces forming a taller armoured version of itself. Trunks flew over top of it creating a dome of energy around himself. “Heat Dome Attack!” Trunks pushed the energy from the dome onto the opponent completely obliterating it. He landed turning back to low power, Rei stood beside him heart’s pumping in her eyes. “So we gonna get back to our date?” Trunks asked.

Gohan was training in the backward alongside his little brother and Videl, when Uub walked out, he had been staying in one of Gohan and Videl’s two extra bedrooms. Gohan and Goten stopped their little sparing session as Uub grew closer. “Goten, I’m going to spar with Uub now is that ok?” Goten shook his head yes as he hovered off to Videl who was practising throwing her ki blasts at cliff sides.
“Hey Videl,” Goten pulled on the side of her shorts, “Do you want to spar against me?”
“Sure thing little buddy,” Videl said as she braced herself, “But you gotta promise no Super Saiyan okay?”
“Sure thing,” with that the two began to exchange blows, alongside Gohan and Uub. Chi-Chi watched from her kitchen window as she did her dishes. She couldn’t help but feel pride in her two sons and the young woman she had taken in like a daughter. She was even starting to feel that the young man Uub was a part of her family.
Back in the training area Gohan and Uub where trading hits but stopped suddenly when Videl’s communicator started beeping. Videl lowered her blocked arms and answered, “Saiyawoman here what’s the problem Commissioner?” not seeing the oncoming kick from her sparring partner who hadn’t stopped.
Gohan flew over and caught his little brothers kick, “We’re gonna take a break for a second okay?”
“Sorry,” Goten said looking at Videl and Gohan.
“Well Videl it’s a group of strange colored individuals that are attacking the city,” said the voice of an older man.
“The Saiyamen are on it no need to worry,” as she hung up she looked at Gohan, both tapped their watches turning into their superhero identities.
Goten turned his head to his older brother and idol, “Can I come?”
“Go ask mom okay, and if she says yes meet us there,” with that Gohan took to the skies with Videl. They both stopped and turned to Uub, “Are you coming?”
“Oh, ya,” with that he to tapped his watch like device becoming Papayaman, he shot into the sky following his friends.

They soon arrived in Satan City where the disturbance was reported; Uub looked around from the sky not noticing anything out of the ordinary. “I may be new at this but isn’t there suppose to be a villain?”
Gohan scratched the back of his head also slightly confused, “Usually there is.”
Videl darted off in between two skyscrapers, “Quick over here!”
Gohan and Uub quickly followed behind Saiyawoman, still not sensing anyone. Just behind the buildings were five rainbow colored beings. They were human shaped but with long blonde hair, in white togas. “Well they certainly are colorful,” Gohan said looking at the group. Videl rushed at them followed by Uub until Gohan appeared in front of them, “Cool it guys, we don’t even know if there bad guys ye…” Gohan couldn’t finish his thought as the most muscular of the rainbow humanoids smashed into his back with his fist. He swung at Uub who caught the fist but was unable to return the attack as one of the other male figures smashed into him. Videl too had become distracted as one of the female opponents attacked her. Gohan blasted back into the sky catching his opponent off guard with a quick fire Kamehameha, as the ki blast connected the creature took on the color of Gohan’s attack. The now burning blue creature pounded at Gohan, its long blonde hair flowing behind it. Gohan brought his arm up blocking the attack as a second creature came at his side. Gohan quickly dodged throwing his left foot into its side. Videl had been backed into a corner by her opponent and the remaining free opponent; she shot a quickened version of her justice cannon turning both of them a bright yellow color as the blast connected. It seemed as if the only effect of the attack was a color change. The two beings returned to attacking Videl when a giant yellow Masenko blast knocked the one back.
Videl looked up to see Goten, dressed in a yellow and brown Saiyaboy costume, fly down and attack the opponent he blasted, “Got you back big sis.” Videl thanked her little soon to be brother in law with a wink as she went back to attacking her opponent. Uub flipped backwards in the air avoiding the enemy Gohan had kicked in his direction as he shot a Majin Beam from his finger tip, turning the opponent dark pink. He dashed towards his opponent delivering a powerful blow to the blocking forearm. A swift kick came from behind connecting with Uub’s head. As Uub went spiralling to the ground the two opponents chased after him.
“Crescent Beam!” a massive golden beam of energy shot into the female figure chasing Uub, turning it a golden color as it flew back. Mina darted onto the scene, in her old suit of Sailor V, as she engaged her enemy.
Uub flew up to her, as they went back to back attacking their enemies. “How did you know we were here?”
Mina began to blush underneath the red mask shaped visor; she had substituted for her old mask. “Actually I noticed your energy signature enlarge and thought you might need help.”
Uub blushed underneath his mask at the thought of Mina keeping tabs on him, “Thanks.”
Their touching moment was cut short as Gohan and his enemy flew closer to them exchanging blocked blows, until Gohan managed to land a hit to the hulking creature’s stomach causing it to curl for a brief second. “Their absorbing our energy blast, whatever you do, don’t shoot at them. Just pounded them into the ground the old fashion way.” Gohan again turned to his opponent this time delivering a powerful round house kick to the hulking man. Videl had heard the message as she dodged a blow from the yellow female. She uppercut punched the enemy into the air, following it up with a series of rapid punches to her gut. She flew up a few feet and dashed down elbowing the woman in the back sending her crashing to the ground. Videl darted to the ground grabbing the enemy, just as she was about to deliver a punch to her face, the creature exploded into a bright light self destructing. Gohan noticed the explosion as he punched his rival into the building, as it two self destructed. Uub and Mina simultaneously delivered powerful hits to their enemies causing the life ending explosions. The two heroes turned to each other in confusion. Goten was darting in between pillars as he confused his opponent delivering Semi-Saiyan punches, resisting the urge to blast the guy as his brother had ordered them not to. Goten spiraled from behind a pillar diving into the yellow man, sending him crashing through the window. Goten chased after his rival catching up just in time to be blown back by the creatures self made explosive death. The group gathered in the air above the commissioner, as Saiyaman lowered himself to talk. “The jobs all done commissioner,” Gohan smiled.
“And very little damage done to the city,” the Commissioner smiled as he had to do very little around the city, with the Saiyaman, and Sailor Scouts around. “Great job you guys did here. Are you sure you don’t want to be on payroll?”
“Absolutely Sir, we do this to protect the innocent not to make money,” Gohan finished as he took off into the sky joining his friends.
“So Mina are you gonna come train with us back at our place?” Videl asked looking back at her blonde friend.
“Absolutely,” Mina said excited, “It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good spar, seeing as how me and Lita are the only ones with any formal training.” The five blasted off in the direction they came from excited to continue their training.

Dende looked down from the lookout at his friends; he was happy but knew that it would soon come to an end. He could feel something evil on the horizon; it had begun shortly after they returned from the Negaverse, and had been growing ever since. He turned to Mr. Popo as a flash of darkness crossed his mind a white mask clearly visible. Dende fell to the ground unconscious. Hours later he awoke as Mr. Popo walked into the room. “Mr. Popo, quickly summon the Z-Scouts, Death is coming for us all.”

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