Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Weeding Up on the Lookout ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Mr. Popo came out of the small room Dende was recovering in, the large group of young adults looked up at him. “How is he doing?” Ami asked in concern.
“He actually just woke up,” the group all let out a sigh of relief as they began to cheer up, “and he has asked for all of you.”
Serena looked confusingly at the group, “What does he want us for?”
“I’m not quite sure Serena but it can’t be good, especially if it’s linked to his black out,” Gohan began walking into the room where his friend was now sitting on the bed. “Dende, you wanted to see us?”
“Yes Gohan,” Dende said weakly as he tried to stand up, Mina and Gohan catching him. “Where is 17?”
“He didn’t come when we called him, he said he had fun in the Negaverse but wasn’t joining our little troop,” Lita said clearly aggravated.
“Fine then,” Dende said now on his own two feet, “then I guess it will just be you travelling back to the Negaverse.”
The group looked on in confusion, Videl breaking the silence, “Why would we go back?”
“Because Death has decided that it is coming for all of us,” Dende said, sending shivers down everyone back.
“Then it looks like we have to go finish off the Negaverse’s final God,” Gohan said a determined look in his eyes.
“According to the information I’ve gathered,” Ami broke in trying to add some logic to the situation, “Death is far more powerful than either Umbra or Chaos. His threats should not be taken lightly.”
“Is he the one that sent those vine creatures?” Trunks asked.
“And the rainbow freaks?” Uub added.
“No,” Dende intruded, “the vine creatures were a long asleep race of sentient plant life, and the color beings were a race of aliens that are interested in colonizing our world. Both threats will still exist when you return but this must be dealt with immediately before Death finds a way into our universe.”
“Then let’s go,” Gohan said still ready to finish their work in the Negaverse.

After a couple more hours of rest the group converged on the main platform of the Lookout in their fighting gear. Dende raised his hand as another dark portal opened before him, Gohan was the first to enter followed by Videl, Mina, Uub, and Ami. Just as Ami finished entering the portal vines wrapped up onto the edges of the lookout. Dende pulled his hands back to block an oncoming attack from the vines. Rei leapt into the air shooting a barrage of flame arrows, causing the vines to burn and wither. Lita flew up into the sky, “Quick let’s finish these guys off so we can get to the Negaverse.”
Just as she finished a mass amount of the vine creatures climbed over the edge, “We are the army of Twiggard, and we will destroy all who oppose us!” the apparent leader screamed as the group charged.
“Shut up,” Lita said as lightning rings began to circle around her as if she was an atom; she began to throw large bolts of electricity into the army burning her opponents to a crisp. Dende was standing beneath her as the first wave of enemies surrounded him. He outstretched his arms at his sides pushing a wall of dark green energy out around him.
Darien threw an orb of black energy into the crowd; it exploded on contact destroying a group of them, as Serena held out her hands sending out a pillar of white energy creating a large gap in the army, which was soon filled in by the mass still climbing onto the lookout. Mr. Popo was off to her left blowing a vortex of wind from his mouth, then charging into the enemies.
Trunks circled around the pillar underneath the Lookout blasting the opponents as vines attempted to ensnare him. One wrapped around his leg, just as he was beginning to be pulled down a ring of fire cut the vine of at its origin. He turned to see Rei floating to his left “Thanks.”
“No problem,” Rei said as she shot a flaming bird at the pillar.
“Their endless,” Dende said as he shot a special beam cannon through the horde.
“No they aren’t,” Lita said as he flew up to her, she outstretched her arm as the rings of lightning turned into a dragon that dived into the army.
Darien jumped back throwing a small barrage of dark orbs, landing beside Serena. “Let them have it,” he said turning back to back. Serena raised her right hand as a spiral of pink energy hearts began to pour out of it. For a second the platform was clear but yet again the infestation pilled over the sides.
Rei and Trunks flew around the pillar shooting at the enemy reinforcements, “I think I can see the end,” Rei said pointing below. Trunks nodded as he continued to blast towards the pillar. Rei put her hands before her “Mars Snake Fire!” Rei blasted a stream of fire below the last of the vines, it took the form of a snake as it began to wrap upwards and into the enemies burning them to a crisp.
Back atop the Lookout Dende was engaging in hand to hand combat with the opponents, knocking one back as Lita landed her foot into its face. She flipped forward taking the head off another and releasing an electrical ark. Serena flew back and screamed, her odangos releasing sonic waves that shattered the enemies. She then dove forward putting her fist through ones head. As she tumbled forward into another enemy the great flame snake coiled onto the platform as Trunks and Rei landed. “All that’s left is what’s on the platform guys,” Rei said victoriously as she dissipated the flame snake and shot a shower of flames. Quickly the group finished of what remained of the group with a barrier explosion from Dende and a spiral of pink hearts from Serena. The group all turned to Dende waiting for him to open the portal.
“I, I can’t…” Dende said confused as to why he was unable to create a portal between their universe and the Negaverse.
“Trying to escape?” the group turned their heads to see that all of the vines had clumped together to form a large mass of thorns and foliage. Just as they prepared their attacks it exploded sending almost all of them backwards. Darien flew off the lookout catching himself midair. What was left floating where the mass once stood was a creature similar to the vine ones but with a red head of vines and long red fingers. The thorns protruding from his body also had a red tinge. “I am Twiggard, I am your Death.” The creature lunged at Serena as she jumped out of the way, the creature smashed into Lita ramming his fist into her face. Lita flew back as blood trailed from her mouth. The group gasped at the massive increase in power. The creature turned as his arm twisted back into shape. Dende quickly let out a ki blast, which was dismissed with a swipe of Twiggard’s hand. The monster lunged at Dende, and connected with his barrier; Twiggard bounced off of it and kicked Serena in her raised forearms sending her flying off the edge of the lookout. Darien screamed in anger throwing a massive black orb at the enemy. Twiggard separated his chest avoiding the blast while sliding toward Darien; he wrapped his long arms around Darien’s body and shot his thorns into the hero’s skin. As Twiggard released Darien he fell limp to the ground. Trunks ran at the monster taking flight and flipping overhead releasing a massive explosion of energy, as the dust cleared Trunks was sent flying by a massive fist. Trunks fell to the ground powering up his ki turning Super Saiyan, then Super Saiyan 2 he flew back at the vine creature delivering a devastating barrage of punches, and kicks. Twiggard slid backwards with each hit that connected with him.
Trunks floated backwards, smiling with satisfaction when Rei yield, “Behind you!” Trunks turned to see Twiggard’s leg connect with his stomach, Trunks bent over in pain. Rei flew at the enemy summoning her rings of fire, she shot them at the enemy but they didn’t even singe the skin. Twiggard unwrapped his arm and coiled his vines around Trunks, he spun at an incredible speed and released the Semi-Saiyan sending him hurling at Rei. The two collided in the air, after they landed they both slowly pulled themselves too their feet. Dende had engaged the enemy, he seemed to be holding his own, and Twiggard seemed to not be able to crack the barrier. Dende pushed the barrier back; Twiggard placed his one hand on the barrier as it pushed against him. The hand bean to glow red as the barrier cracked beneath it, Dende looked up in shock as a red cloud of pollen like substance crept into the barrier. Dende quickly dropped the barrier, but it was too late his eyes began to close as he began to pass out, the last thing he saw was Twiggard about to step onto his head.
Trunks charged at the enemy, “Rei grab him and get out of here.” Trunks’ attack was ignored by the creature as it brought its foot down heavily onto Dende’s head. Rei flipped backwards and shot a flame at the creature.
Twiggard pulled itself apart and formed around Trunks squeezing the life out of him, Rei summoned all off her strength. “Mars,” Rei’s hair began to fly back behind her, “Snake,” flames began to lick at the air around her, “Fire!” She shot the massive flaming snake at the enemy, the built up power gave it enough of a boost to cause Twiggard to release Trunks, his unconscious body fell to the ground. Rei screamed in terror as Twiggard reformed in front of her digging his red talon like fingers into her chest.
Lita stirred from her unconsciousness and pushed herself up onto her feet, she saw the monster shoving his claws into her friend’s chest, “Rei!” Twiggard turned his head and charged at Lita as she summoned strikes of lightning all around her.
Serena was flying through the air from Twiggard’s kick, when she crashed into a cliff side, “I don’t want to fight anymore,” Serena said weakly as she pulled herself out of the whole. She could her Luna in her head. “Blah Blah Blah Moon Princess, Blah Blah save the world.” She pushed off from the cliff side and flew back toward the lookout. She had flown allot farther then she had though. She felt a huge pain in her heart as she could feel her friends being defeated one by one, she flew faster. She could just see the top of the lookout she felt Rei dying, in the distance she swore she could hear Lita screaming. Just as she reached the top the sky darkened as lighting danced across the platform. Lita was being held by Twiggard’s left hand as he punched her repetitively with his right; he had Mr. Popo wrapped in vines unconscious beneath his right foot. Serena disappeared and reappeared at his feet with one swift movement she kicked his feet out from under him and caught Lita as she fell. She laid Lita down on the ground, “Hey Twig Face!” Serena screamed as she stood up looking at her enemy. “You beat my friends,” she looked around at the unconscious bodies strewn across the platform, “Now you have to deal with me, prepare to get moon dusted freak.”
Twiggard smirked as he got into a fighting stance, “I’m shaking at my roots.” He charged at her with a powerful kick, she leapt off of the ground and flipped over her enemy. She landed behind him as he roundhouse kicked her. She brought her left arm up blocking the kick. She grabbed his leg with her right arm holding him captive as she leapt into the air delivering several powerful kicks to his face. He smashed her in the face sending her back. “Aren’t you going to Moon Dust me?” Twiggard asked very cocky.
Serena was exhausted, “Use the power inside my daughter,” Serena could hear Queen Serenity’s voice in her head.

“My daughter you still have power left inside of you,” Serenity said as she cried onto the crystal ball that she, Goku, Vegetta, and the Kais were watching in. “We believe in you, they believe in you.”

Serena looked at her wounded friends as Twiggard charged at her. The air blew Twiggard back as Serena’s hair floated around her. Her tiara turned to bright golden light as it absorbed into the now present crescent moon symbol on her forehead, her hair began to turn to a dazzling silver as she braced herself for action.

“That’s my girl,” Serenity said breaking her normal calm demeanor.
“Ya she turned like Super Reverse Saiyan Moon,” Goku added.
“She has truly become Cosmic Moon,” Serenity said back in her calm demeanor.
“She has fully tapped into her Moon powers. She’s now at full power just like your son, Goku,” Old Kai added, “and she didn’t need me.”
“Yes but she is also not as powerful,” Vegetta smirked from the tree he was leaning against. “Just like the past Lunarians pale in comparison to Saiyans.”
“True Serena has unlocked her full power, and it is not at Gohan’s level, but she is leagues above you Vegetta even with your newly acquired Super Saiyan 3 form,” Supreme Kai added infuriating Vegetta.
Vegetta’s face was red with rage as his aura broke the tree and cracked the ground around him, “Why you little purple freak…”
Goku grabbed Vegetta by the shoulders a huge nervous smile on his face, “Cool it bud, Supreme Kai is the only reason you have a body, show some respect.”
“Kakarot, I will show no respect to some spineless little purple freak.” Vegetta said as he attempted to push past Goku.
Goku grabbed Vegetta on the shoulder, “We will be back later.” Goku placed two fingers to his forehead as he and Vegetta disappeared. They reappeared on another planet far off from where they were.
“Kakarot you coward.”
“No need Vegetta, you want to fight, then let’s go,” with that the two began to spar as they had every day since their deaths.

Back on the planet of the Kai’s the four continued to stare into the crystal ball. Serena flew at Twiggard her hair flowing behind her. She dodged to the left, delivering a powerful knee to his torso. He quickly recovered and the two began to exchange a series of punches and kicks so fast that the observers on Supreme Kai’s planets could barely follow their movements. Serena flew upwards followed by her rival. She smashed him back down with a heal drop, and chased after him smashing him through the Lookout’s platform and out the bottom. The two began to exchange blows again in the air first ending in Twiggard smashing into the pillar, then with Serena being thrown into the bottom of the lookout. Serena quickly bounced out of the way as Twiggard launched his stretched hand at her, she replied with a barrage of white energy blast, each one burning a hole through the target. Twiggard began to twist in pain as Serena flew at him. “Now your Moon Dusted creep.” Serena raised both hands straight up to the sky, “Starlight” Serena crossed her arms at the wrist as rainbow energy formed in her palms, “Honeymoon,” she began to spin, “Therapy,” she lowered her hands to straight in front of her as she spun, “Kiss!” she stopped spinning as her outstretched hands were pointed at Twiggard. She released all of her charged energy at Twiggard, he brought both his hands before him as they began to glow red, holding back Serena’s attack. Serena pushed forward with all her might, Twiggard began to laugh knowing he could match her power levels. Serena thought of her wounded friends all around her, and she thought of Darien and Rini, the crescent moon on her forehead began to glow more intensely as she pushed against the enemy. Twiggard began to pull back in fear as the rainbow energy began to break through his fingers. Each beam that passed through cut him; soon he was unable to hold it back anymore, as Serena’s rainbow light engulfed him cutting him into nothingness. Serena landed amongst her friends and collapsed of exhaustion.

“Sleep my daughter you deserve it,” Serenity said as she looked on in pride at her unconscious daughter.
“But what about the others?” Supreme Kai asked.

Ami stepped through the portal into the Negaverse it was different from last time. There was no light anywhere just pure darkness all around. Gohan, Videl, Mina, and Uub were all already through, and began to accommodate to the lack of light, Gohan and Uub had charged their auras creating a blaze of light around both of them, Videl formed a small ki orb in her hands and was using it like a flashlight, and Mina had formed her energy chain and wrapped it around herself. Quickly Ami adjusted her visor to allow her to see in low light when the portal shut behind her.

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