InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Walking ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: Walking

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Ninja AU (NOT Naruto-verse, mind you! Sorry!
Traditional ninjas only).

Pairing: Eventual SessKag

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, suscepticble to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual
property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about



Their first meeting had been

« You would be wise to cease your impertinence,
wench. » Sesshoumaru growled, his deep voice filled with

« And you would be wise to polish your
lord. »
 Kagome spit back, the
honorific dripping with sarcasm.

Kaede rolled her eyes at both of

Not wishing to put off her training with Lord
Sesshoumaru any longer, Kaede and Kagome began the long journey
towards the man’s house. The walking was a bit more than Kaede was
used to, about a two day’s worth of travelling, and Kagome
anxiously hovered over the old woman like an annoying mother hen.
While she appreciated her pupil’s concern, she could give more
credit to the old woman. She had not been her village’s elite
kunoichi all these years for naught.

Fearing the inevitable meeting, she had made
Kagome swear to bite her tongue when they met the lord, for she was
certain that Lord Sesshoumaru’s attitude would raise that quick
temperament of hers.

Kaede was not mistaken, as she seldom ever was,
for as soon as they had arrived, Kagome was swift to pick a

« You did not even hear my Lady out, and you
forgot to offer Kaede-sama tea and a seat, Lord Sesshoumaru. I
would hope the House of the Moon would be more hospitable than
this. »

Sesshoumaru whirled towards the elder woman,
his face thunderous. « You expect me to take such an ill-mannered
and insolent student? » he spat, venom clear in his

« I expect, » Kaede spoke carefully, « for thee to
shape her into the best kunoichi that she can be. »

« Then you expect too much. » Sesshoumaru hissed,
stomping away from the two female ninjas.

Kagome stared back aghast, both angry at him
and herself. She stepped forward, as if to follow him, but Kaede
put a hand out to stop her.

With a withering sigh, she walked after the
haughty lord, determined to have him hear her out.

She was too old for this shit.

Authors notes: I feel like Kaede right now, trying to convince people at
work to get along. Too old for this shit. Also, it is a written law
that, upon their first meeting in any story or universe, Kagome and
Sesshoumaru go at it like dogs in a cage fight. It only seems fair,
since that is also how they met in canon.

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