SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Waking Up ( Prologue )

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 » Why do I have work here? » Neo asked her self. She’d rather be asleep still, in her nice warm bed. But now she had to work here, at Neotopia’s state college. She had her usual cap on over her brunette hair which stuck out on the sides, a black T-shirt on and cargo blue jeans. She yawned loudly and tiredly, moving her head up. « Wheres the stupid break room? »

Nancy Yawned about a million times, slouching forward, walking somewhat slower then usual. She -like Neo- hated waking up early. « I hate the chief. » Nancy mumbled under her breathe. Her light brunette hair with natural highlights was puffed up and messy. She had on a dark green T-shirt and regular shorts on. « .. » she mumbled her breathe. Bad enough she was being blackmailed by the chief, but now just because his son had to move the whole base had to too! She shook her head. « Idiot. His son would surely hate him after a month or two. » She told herself.

Nancy reached the door for break room finally,but stopped before she could open it. « Neo? »

A figure walked over to Nancy and yawned, looked up to her with drowsy eyes and yawned. « Hey you… » Neo yawned once more. « Going into the break room? »She she knew it was a obvious question,but she was too tired to stop herself. « Yup. »Nancy replied. She knew Neo was a morning hater too, she opened the door and they both walked in.

Nancy went for the Coffee maker and started it up, searching the cabinets for the coffee ground and cups. Neo shut the door behind her and went for the fridge, opening it and searching; once she found the Orange Juice she opened it with one finger and drank it from the turned to the small wooden table and shut the door with her other hand. « Ahhh~ »She sighed as she sat down.

The break room was a good size, a couch at the other end of it, A small wooden table in the middle with two chairs at each for sides. a row of kitchen tables to the left, a fridge in between the row, a microwave built in the wall above with cabinets. Blender,Coffee maker the works you could say. Its where everyone would hand out.

Nancy sat next to Neo and sighed. »Waking up at Seven A.M. » Nancy complained. « For brats we don’t know » Neo added.  » And are we getting paid Extra? » Nancy asked. »Nope. » Nancy replied. « IF YOU CAN’T GET PAID ENOUGH FOR AN APARTMENT AT A JOB THAT HAS ITS OWN AIR ATMOSPHERE, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE WORKING AT IT! » Yelled Nancy… »You don’t have a place of your own? I do,But I’d rather stay at the base » »With Madnug ». Neo said and thought. « ARGH! » Nancy yelled and face bammed the table,by now she had her coffee and luckily missed it. Neo giggled.

The door then flew opened to see a red gundam with a plate of *Onigiri in one hand. « *Ohaio! » Bakunetsumaru greeted the two.

« Good morning. » They both groaned sadly; remembering how early it was.  » I just finished morning training. » He happily said, shutting the door beind him. He walked to the table and took a seat, placing the plate on the table. « Have one! Shute’s mother packed me some more. » The red mecha gestured to the plate. Neo put down the Orange Juice carton and grabbed two, she turned to Nancy who lifted her head up to her chin and Neo put one *RiceBall in her mouth. She locked it in between her lips and at it.

« Wow. You like mornings? »Neo asked Bakunetsumaru. « Like them? I love them! » He exclaimed happily. « My *Master would wake me every morning at five, make me help him cook breakfast, and we’d train until the sun rose over the trees! » He explained. Those were great peaceful days. « Wow. » Neo nodded. That sounded so dreamy, she really wished she had a parent like that. Nancy finished her Onigiri, »Nnn. » She whined Neo to get her another. Neo sighed and grabbed another for Nancy. « …Ummm… » Baku questioned Nancy.

« Her life sucks. » Neo told him. Baku nodded akwardly.

The door then opened once more to show another Gundam. « Ah! Good morning. » Madnug greeted formally. « Ehhhh… » Nancy groaned with her Onigri in her mouth and Neo Chorused. « Ohaio! » Baku greeted back happily once more. Madnug joined them the table, « Take one! » Baku gestured to the plate, Madnug nodded and took one, face plate opening. « Do you like mornings *Mado-Kun? »Neo asked.  » yeah do you like mornings, Maddy? » Nany asked as well, finished with her food. »It doesn’t matter to me. I wake up at Five A.M , do a scan of my components and train for a bit. » He told her. « YES! I Too!…Minus the scan. » Baku agreed.

« Reminds me…Why are we working at this college again? » Nancy asked all of a sudden. « Because the Chief does not want Shute to be out of contact with Captain. » Madnug ansewed.

« The Chief is an overly protective father. » Neo added.

« And because the Chief is our boss » Madnug put in.

« …THE CHIEF IS SHUTE’S DAD? » Baku yelled.

Everyone Face Bammed the table. »*BAKA-NETSUMARU! »

Shute roller bladed pass pedestrians and cars, racing to the college. « OH MAN! Stupid alarm clock! » Shute complained, panting. His brunette short,spiked up in the front hair rushing through the air. He had a collared down, buttoned up shirt on, plaided greens. Blue tored up pants-its in style- and a side blue bag with a white flap opening and a soul drive symbol on the flap. Shute jumped over the rail, entering the college premises. Shute couldn’t wait to be start his classes, he was Nineteen and he worked triple as hard than others, with spending some years saving other dimensions and all.

And to have Captain working there and seeing him everyday would be great! Shute knew he wouldn’t be spared for tests and grades by his friends and he hoped he wouldn’t be either. He skated into the college ad smiled. This would be a great year…Right?

To Be Continued…

Author’s Note: Ok I realize I can write on my Mom’s labtop, now that I have a kind of USB. So yeah!

*Ohaio- Japanese morning greeting…Or is it Ossou for the morning?

*Onigiri- RiceBall with a seaweed wrap wrapped under and up. A common Japanese food.

*Riceball- Onigiri.

*Master- In the feudal times of Japan, Samurai’s in training called their teachers, masters. And sensai at times.

*Mado-kun- Neo’s nickname forMadnug & Maddy is Nancy’s.

*Kun- Japenese Suffix. Google it. My mom’s computer has no internet

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FACT: Captain Gundam’s voice Actor, Doug Erohlts (Google it…I forgot the name somewhat), Is the voice actor whose bee doing Squall LEONhart’s voice from FF & Kingdomhearts currently!

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Chief Haro introduces the base to the College kids, I get my books and find a long lost friend, And everyone gets to know what classes they are teachig and get a look at them. HEY! ZERO! BAKUNETSUMARU!

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