Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Wake the Baby and Die ( Chapter 4 )

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Wake the Baby and Die
word count: 1109
Hiei/Kuwabara or Hieibara if you prefer. XD


Kuwabara Kazuma was not having a good day. He was cranky, exhausted and was at the point where he just might sell his soul for an hour’s sleep uninterrupted. Hari had kept them up for three nights in a row, crying and red-faced. After the second night they’d taken him to a doctor…not an experience he wanted to repeat, ever. Hiei tended to scare the other patients.

The doctor, who evidently was used to dealing with new parents, had smiled at them, keeping his tone gentle while they quietly panicked. It was colic, and easily treated. He’d suggested changing Hari’s diet, which they had already been doing, slowly. No one really liked wearing the baby food. He’d also suggested a few herbal teas tried and proven by many mothers.

So that night had been better, Hari-chan hadn’t been as fussy, but Hiei had kept watch all night, just in case. And so did he, there was no point in going to bed without Hiei, he had trouble sleeping when the fire demon wasn’t with him. So they spent the night watching their son looking at real estate ads in hopes of finding a home that suited them.

Luckily his professors were somewhat understanding of his haggard appearance the last couple of days. Most of them had children and told him it would get better and not to panic at every little cough his son made. Honestly, he was just glad he managed to stay awake all through his classes.

And now he was home again. Hiei was dozing, curled around a sleeping Hari in their bed the last time he checked. And he had plans to join them as soon as he had finished cleaning the kitchen. Lunch hadn’t been very messy, but Hari still managed to get some of his food on the floor.

He’d just put the last dish in the drain rack when he felt Shizuru’s aura. A feeling of dread washed over him and he grabbed the dish towel and headed to the door, drying his hands as he went. He opened the door just in time, Shizuru had raised her foot, ready to kick it in.



“What’s this I hear about you making illegal deals?” She pushed passed him, toeing her shoes off and stomping into the living room, only to fling herself onto the sofa. “Well?”

He sighed and closed the door before joining her, tossing the dish towel on a side table. “I wondered when you were going to show up.”

“I’m waiting little brother.”

He sat across from her in a soft chair. “Things got complicated a few weeks ago.”


He ignored the sarcasm in her voice. “We needed identification papers. So I went to Takahashi.”

“Takahashi is scum.”

“He’s your ex, you would know that better than me.” She glared at him. “Besides, when it comes to this kind of thing he’s pretty reliable scum.”

“You’re hiding something, and you look like shit.”

He sat back and gave her a tired smile. “You haven’t figured it out yet?”

“I can’t see everything.” She shifted and brought a cigarette to her lips.

“No smoking inside Shizuru.”

“And why not?”

He smirked at her. “We’re trying to be more health conscious.”

She put the unlit cigarette away and continue to glare at him. “Cut the crap Kazuma. What are you and Hiei into?” Her voice was louder than necessary and suddenly Hiei was in the room, a soft snarl leaving his throat.

“Woman keep your voice down.”

“Nice to see you too. Did I wake you?”

“No. But if you wake the baby I will make Kazuma an only child.”

Her jaw dropped and she turned wide eyes to Kuwabara. “Baby?”

He grinned at her, enjoying her shock, it wasn’t often he got to catch her off guard. “Care to see your nephew?”

“Nephew? You adopted?”


She looked at Hiei was still scowling at her. “Why would you need fake papers…oh hell. Where did the kid come from?”

Kuwabara shrugged. “No idea. He was left on a doorstep. Hiei found him and brought him home.”

She snorted and shook her head. “You’re both insane. Can I see him?”

Hiei folded his arms. “Just don’t wake him up.” He turned and left the room, and they followed him to the master bedroom.

Shizuru’s eyes softened when she saw the little boy curled around Eikichi. She went to the bed and sat down, careful not to jar either occupant. She reached out to touch his hair, and gasped. Her eyes widened in horror and she looked up to meet their eyes. “Kazuma.”

He grimaced. “We’re going to take him to Genkai soon.”

She nodded. “That slash on his soul is troubling…but…”

Hiei growled softly and Kuwabara pulled his mate to him. “What is it Sis?”

“A possible future. The kid would have had a rough time of it if he wasn’t here. He still might if he’s taken away.”

Kuwabara nodded. He had figured as much. “I wanted to talk to you about that. Hiei, lay back down for a while.” Hiei nodded, stifling a yawn before settling on the bed and curling back around baby and feline.

Kuwabara led his sister back to the kitchen and when they were seated at the table, each with a cup of tea Shizuru waved her hand in impatience. “Well?”

“Hari-chan is a wizard, or he will be. I’m worried about the authorities in his country, where ever it is, finding him.”

She looked at him carefully. “Grandfather removed our status among the wizards for a reason. Are you sure you want to go back into that society?”

“If I want to keep Hari, binding him to the clan is the only way.”

“You’re the head of the family Kazuma. You don’t need my approval.”

“Shizuru, you’re the oldest. I wanted your opinion, my decision will effect you…and our cousins.”

She sipped at her tea, a thoughtful expression on her calm face. “And Hiei?”

He grinned at her. “He’s agreed to join the clan.”

She nodded and gave him just a hint of a smile. “It could be fun. It’ll certainly shake those snobs up a bit.”

Kuwabara lifted his cup to hers. “To the Kuwabara Clan, may we keep the snotty Wizards on their toes.”

Their glasses clinked and they drank their tea, each wondering just what was in store for their clan when they rejoined Tokyo’s Magical Society.


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