Hamtaro Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ wait…. heke? ( Chapter 53 )

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Meanwhile, Sparkle’s duel with Nurse Ham came to an end as her life points dropped to zero. “I can’t believe it.” she said.
“See? You have problems with your strategy and they need to be fixed before you can truly improve.” said Nurse Ham.
“You just got lucky!” Sparkle yelled at Nurse Ham.
Nurse Ham shook her head. “You’re beyond help.” and she left Sparkle alone.

As the day went on, duels were had and cards were collected. That night at Necrophade Dorm, everyone sat down to eat. “Today was something else.” said Rufus.
“Geez kid, slow down!” Hilde yelled at Kerin. “Save some grub for the rest of us.”
“I guess her duel worked up a hunger pain.” Blaze said as he ate his food.
“And what duel was this?” asked Hiei.
Kerin continued to stuff her face with food. “Kerin dueled against Penelope today.” Rufus explained as he ate. “It was a close one, but she still lost. You would’ve been proud to see the outcome.”
“Oh. Well, I guess I should be happy with you.” and Hiei smiled at Kerin.
“So ‘Little Lady’ took on the Dragon Lord’s prodigy and just barely had her…” said Jewel.
“You would’ve been delighted with her new deck.” Rufus added.
“You don’t say…” Hiei trailed off, his mood was quite pleased.

Aqua sat next to Hiei with a sad expression on her face. Man, Kerin’s never eaten food like this. she thought.
Kylia was stirring her food around. “I’m glad someone had a good time.” she said sadly.
Kerin was busy stuffing her face and looks over to Kylia. “Are you gonna eat that?” she asked her cousin.
Kylia didn’t reply, but passed her meal to Kerin. “What’s your problem?” asked Tyrone.
“Not going to say.” Kylia replied to Tyrone.
Aqua left the table. “You can have my meal also, Kerin. I’m going to sleep.” she said and headed for her room.
“What’s your problem?” asked Hilde.
“I’m going through cycle jones.”
“That explains everything.”
“I’ll check up on you later.” Hiei told Aqua.
“Whatever.” Aqua said as she walked.
Kerin stopped to look at Aqua walking away. I hope she feels better. she thought and continued to eat.
“So what else happened to you today?” Hiei asked Kerin.
“I had another date.” Kerin answered. “I also have a plague-like fancy towards the apples dipped in berry sauce at the fun park.” and Kerin continued eating.
“Yeah, those apples dipped in berry sauce are something. But I personally prefer that acorn pizza.”
“My too.” agreed Tyrone.
“I can eat that all day.” Rufus said.
“I like this food.” Kerin said and began reaching for more food.
Kai grabbed Kerin’s paws. “I know you’re a growing girl, but save some for the rest of us.” he said.
“But I’m hungry…”
“Kerin, don’t be a pig.” Hiei said.

The night came to an end and Hiei went to check on Aqua. “Are you asleep?” Hiei asked Aqua.
“I’m mad.” Aqua answered.
“Why are you mad?”
“I just am, okay?”
Hiei climbed into bed with Aqua. “Kerin truly had quite the day. Dating, dueling and she even liked the apple slices dipped in berry sauce like you do.”
“It’s always about your daughter, Hiei. I know she’s important to you and all, but show some importance to me as well.”
“So you’re jealous that I want to keep interests in my daughter’s day instead of your own?”
“In a sense, hell yes!”
“For someone who wants me to father pups from you, you sure can’t handle my interest in the day of the young.”
Aqua wanted to rouse an argument, but she couldn’t. She knew Hiei had a point from those words and felt defeated in the process. “Fine, but your job as a half-ass dad isn’t cutting it. Besides, she had a big duel… against Penelope?”
“Penelope is the Dragonlord’s student, Aqua. We may be able to best her, but Penelope makes a good rival for Kerin. And to duel someone of that caliber drains you of energy.”
“I guess so.”
“Well, let’s catch some shuteye before it’s our watch.”

Hiei and Aqua lay in the bed. And despite the fact that Hiei slept calmly, Aqua couldn’t rest. Kerin had a serious chow down tonight. she thought while laying on her side. But Hiei had a point. If I’m going to be mad at the attention he gives to his daughter, maybe it’s not a good time to think about getting pregnant… It was at that moment that Aqua hit a dramatic realization. Ho-ly… No way, that explains it. The eating so much… and the… and the… Kerin’s pregnant. Oh, hell no! I’m gonna find that beast-weilding brat and give him a piece of my mind. With that, Aqua got out of bed and left the room.

As she went out, Kerin was busy sleeping… except for her jagan eye, which was open. The rest of Kerin was sound asleep and peaceful in her room….


The night wasn’t sleepless for Aqua alone. Penelope was also awake and looking to the sky. Cappy… why is it with her? Her thoughts continued to drown time away. The wind soon broke her silent train of thought. “I guess I’ll go to sleep.” She told herself and began to walk down the roof.
“Penelope!” A voice called to her.
“Who’s there?” Penelope asked and looked around.
“Over here!”
Penelope turned to see Aqua. “Isn’t it a bit late for traveling?” she asked.
“Where can I find Cappy?” Aqua questioned Penelope.
“Can’t it wait until morning?”
“Well, I’m going to bed.”
“Just tell me where he lives and I’ll be on my way.”
“You can visit him at the park tomorrow.” and Penelope went inside.
“This isn’t funny, Penelope! But fine, tell him that Kerin’s pregnant!” then Aqua took her leave.
Kerin is pregnant? That’s impossible, she’s too young to be a mom. Penelope thought.

The next day, Hamtaro and crew sat in the park. “Sparkle, you owe us some new gear, it melted in the sun.” Stan stated.
“Trust me, I’m hunting down that bastard who conned me of all my seeds.” Sparkle said.
The two continued to argue. “Penelope, you seem quiet today, a lot more than usual.” Pashmina said.
“I’m lost in thought.” Penelope told Pashmina.
“It’s probably due to her little argument over Cappy.” said Petal.
“This has nothing to do with Cappy!” Penelope yelled at Petal.
“My mistake… maybe this has to do with your quarrel with Kerin then.”
“I don’t understand what that girl has that makes her so prim and pampered.”
“She still hasn’t learned.”
“Can someone fill me in?” asked Pashmina.
“Penelope is having a ‘pining moment’ over Cappy.” Petal cleared up.
“I am not having Cappy jones.” Penelope said.
“So you have feelings for Cappy?” asked Pashmina.
“I have feelings for everyone.”

“Look everyone, we have other things to deal with besides personal issues.” said Boss. “Let’s figure out how we can deal with the Rexchus first and get our Duel House back, then deal with the rest of the crap later.”
“Boss is right, we need a plan.” agreed Howdy.
“The only way we can deal with them is if we beat them in duels.” said Stan. “The problem is Nazaruda and his crew won duels against almost everyone in Forbidden Brown.”
“It’s not like you helped.” Dexter shot.
“Arguing won’t get us anywhere.” Snoozer said as his head came up from the sand. “Self-division only makes things worse for our dorm. Unity is the key to victory against the Rexchus.”
“For someone who does a lot of sleeping, you sure have a lot of advice.” Everyone looked over to see Hiei. “You really are a pitiful bunch of duelists deep down.”
“Yet we were able to end the Shadow Clan.” Hamtaro shot at Hiei.
“Nonesense.” Hiei shot back at Hamtaro. “With the exception to Bijou, Gata and the Summoner, the Shadow clan fell by the Dragonlord alone. The rest of you did nothing.”
“Well, I managed to take out Blaze.” said Hamtaro.
“And I overcame Tyrone and Kai. Which also had their Emperor Gods lost to yours truly.” Howdy added.

“Your disgraceful loss to Blaze only proved that you got lucky, Commander Charge.” Hiei retorted.
“Pegasus made me use that pitiful deck.”
“Like you would do better with your Full Charge Assault? I would enjoy the chance to lecture you, but I have things to do.” Hiei then turned to Cappy. “Beastmaster, you will come with me.”
“I will?” asked Cappy.
“You will. But worry not, I will give you back to your brother and sister duelists.”
“And why do you want Cappy for?” asked Boss.
“Business.” Hiei answered.
“Well, okay. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” said Cappy as he stood up. “See you guys at the fun park.”
“Speaking of fun park, we better get going there ourselves.” said Boss. “Time to go, hams.” and everyone went off to the fun park except Snoozer. Snoozer burrowed into the sand once again.
Cappy went with Hiei and the two walked into the brush. “So, you wanted to speak with me about Jewel then?” he guessed.
“No,” Hiei answered, “but his lost to you was well needed for his ego. This is about someone else?”
Someone else? Uh, could you clarify that?”
“Kerin, come out here.”
“Yes, Papa.” Kerin said, then she waddled out from the bushes.
Cappy instantly noticed the round abdomen on Kerin. “Whoa, you weren’t this big yesterday.” he said.
“That’s because I’m pregnant.” Kerin said.

“You hid being pregnant from me?”
“No, we just found out this morning!”
“Enough, both of you.” Hiei said. “Young man, I want an explination.”
You want an explanation? I want an explanation!” Cappy cried.
“Stop it, both of you.” Kerin said. “Papa, show some respect for my mate. After all, you did choose him to be with me.”

Cappy was shocked at what he just heard. She just… called me her mate. He thought.
“So I’m going to be grilled by this?” asked Hiei.
“No one’s getting grilled.” Kerin answered.
“Very good, because I won’t have it at all.”
“I want the whole story about this pregnancy.” said Cappy.
“Fine, I’ll sum it to you in a nutshell.” Hiei addressed Cappy. “The Nurse came by and gave all of us physicals. Kerin came out and she was… how you see her now and Aqua wasn’t pleased. After her checkup, and a given visual, we found out that Kerin is pregnant.”
“Go on…”
Kerin had an ashamed look on her face. “This is happening way too fast.” she said.
“That’s what the Nurse told me in private.” said Hiei.
“Maybe this has to…” Cappy said, but caught himself. “No, that can’t be possible.”
This break in words caught Hiei and Kerin’s attention. “What do you mean, Cappy?” asked Kerin.
“No, it’s not possible. Forget that I said-”
“Try us, we’re gullible.” Hiei cut Cappy off.
“Maybe it has something to do with Kerin’s jagan.”
“Jay-gun… someone explain.” Kerin was confused.
“Not ‘jay-gun’, jagan.” Hiei cleared up. “And what do you know about that?”
“Not much,” Cappy answered, “but it has to do with your third eye. The one on your forehead, Kerin. It’s closed right now, but I guess it opens during certain circumstances.

“I personally saw Petal’s open up, then close. Afterwards, she explained the whole Jagan World to me. It’s still confusing, but I’m a believer now… especially after I met her.”
“Met who?” ask Kerin and Hiei.
« Your jagan, Kerin. Right after intercourse, your eye opened and released your jagan… so to speak. Apparently, Kerin has a light jagan and I’m the second person to have met her. The first person was your mom.”
“Mama….” Kerin trailed off…
“This is interesting indeed.” said Hiei. “Highly unusual, but interesting to hear nonetheless. There hasn’t been a case of jagan-based conception until now, and it makes sense as to such quick development of the pup during pregnancy.”
“Speaking of Kerin’s term, she is rather round.” Cappy changed subject. “When is the pup due?”
“In three days.” Kerin answered.
“Three days….” Cappy seemed to overflow with excitement. “Man, this is exciting. I find out that you’re a preggo and now I’m gonna be a dad in three days.” then Cappy settled down. “I’m gonna be a dad… I mean, sure this is way too young for me to be a parent with Kerin, but I guess it’s a blessing in disguise.”
“Kerin, give me your duel disk.” said Hiei.
Kerin was reluctant to do so. “But Papa…” she whined.
“You are not allowed to duel while you are pregnant, it may compromise your term.”
“That is true.” Cappy agreed. “And at your stage, a hit from a powerful monster could endanger the baby.”
“Or it may cause you to give birth early.”
“I never thought of that one, Dad.”

“Knock that off, boy.” Hiei scolded Cappy. “In any case, three days is already too short of a gestation period. And since this is a jagan pregnancy, the last thing any of us needs is you going into labor early.”
“Fine, you guys win.” Kerin said sadly and removed her duel disk. Once it was off of her arm, Kerin gave her duel disk to Hiei.
“I know this is hard for you to do, but it’s only for your own good.” said Hiei.
“I guess so.” Kerin said with a defeated tone.
“Take mine as well.” said Cappy as he removed his duel disk.
“Why, you are not in Necrophade Black?” Hiei questioned.
“I’m about to be a family ham, I can’t spend time dueling while Kerin’s like this. Besides, my dueling while she can’t doesn’t seem fair to her.” and Cappy hands his duel disk to Hiei. “Take it, it’s not like you’re gonna rob me of anything useful. There’s nothing in my deck that you want.”
“But Cappy,” said Kerin, “what about that-”
“He’s not interested in that, I don’t run anything he can use. Besides, he won’t take cards from me.”

Hiei didn’t like this stipulation, but he took Cappy’s duel disk as well. “Kerin, you have your radio, right?” he asked.
“Right here, Papa.” Kerin answered while showing the radio.
“Very good, Kerin. If anything bad happens, I better be informed. But for now, I’m leaving you in Cappy’s care.”
“Hold on, what am I gonna do with Kerin?” asked Cappy.
“You won’t be mating her, that’s for sure.” Hiei answered as he took his leave. “Besides, you’re about to be a family ham, ‘son’, and I’m sure you can think of something.”
Cappy simply looked at Kerin. “So, shall we go?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Kerin answered.
“Ladies first.”
“Oh, stop it, Cappy. Now grab my paw and let’s go.”

With that, Cappy and Kerin walked to the fun park while holding paws.

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