Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume Three, Chapter Seventeen: Smiling at Me ( Chapter 17 )

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Smiling at Me

It’s another day today.
I have to see him again. I get so lonely without him. I hadn’t been myself since mom divorce Hideki. I was so happy when mom’s company moved back to Osaka. If only I could make the first move. Maybe I’ll do it today.
It used to be boring around here. I was so happy she came home. All I ever thought about was Kagome. I wished that she would come back to me. Now, I don’t know what to do next. I had so much in my mind. Now… I need a moment. Yes, I’m going to talk to her first and see where it takes me. Good enough, sounds like a plan. I’ll do it today.
The bell rings to start school. The lovebirds pass each other in the hall.
I want to tell him something, anything. Why can’t I open my mouth? I don’t even have the words I want. I know what I want to say, but still… My throat dries up and I can’t speak. Damn it! Why does love have to be so hard here?
She always looks so perfect in the morning. I want to tell her so right now. But, why  won’t my feet budge? She’s right there, but I can’t move! What’s wrong with me?
The bell rings for students to go to class. The couple walked away without a single word.
They keep stealing glances at each other while the teacher lectured on the Meji Era. Their eyes wished could talk, to speak to each other. Maybe then, their thoughts of love could be heard to each other. Their hearts knew how they felt, but they wouldn’t let them act on it in public. Ryo and Kagome knew why.
I hate they way they stare at us.
She looks and sees him looking back at her. His eyes seemed to understand what she was thinking right that second. A small realization came over her mind.
Hey, wait, Kagome thought. Maybe we can communicate by just looking at each other. Could that work?
“Miyahara-chan,” a woman called to her. The girl lifted her head in a jerk. The second period literature teacher glanced down at her. Kagome blinked.
“Yes ma’am?” she asked. All eyes fell on her—including Ryo’s. The teacher’s eyes lacked patience.
“Could you please read the following section?” she asked. Kagome gave her a blank stare.
“Okay,” she said in a soft voice. It took her a moment to find the section they were on. Kagome rose to her feet and read it aloud. Because of her feelings for Ryo, she was able to deliver the section about unrequited love with such emotion. She felt the stares of suspicion on her back. They knew and didn’t like it. Kagome to make the next move.
At lunch, she caught up to him as he was heading out the door.
“Ryo-kun!” she called. Her ex-step-brother turned to see her just inches from him. His heart thudded against his chest as his breath grew short. His eyes met with Kagome’s as she tried to catch her breath as well. With one longing stare, the lovers expressed their love in a tone louder than words alone.

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