Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction ❯ Volume One, Chapter Three: Not Well Off ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Not Well Off
Another storm blew in from the city. A second she wolf wandered the streets in search of something or someone. Her eyes held anger in them. “Where did that bitch go?” the wolf thought. She looked all around her in the dark decaying streets. Up ahead, the she wolf spotted a pair of headlight coming towards her. She squinted for a better look. A car pulled closer and closer. The she wolf watched stoically.
Jamie and Kurt drove around looking for a place to stay for the night. Jamie looked up in the road and spotted the woman.
“Kurt! Stop!” she yelled. Her boyfriend pulled to a grinding halt.
“What is it?” he asked.
“Look!” Jamie yelled out. The boy turned his head to the road ahead of him. A woman stood staring at them. She looked to be in her twenties. Slender yet nearly butch. She looked like a biker chick. Kurt leaned in to Jamie.
“What does she want?” he whispered to her. Jamie shrugged.
“Don’t know,” his girl replied. They turned back to the she wolf.
“Can we help you?” Jamie asked. The woman narrowed her eyes at them.
“Why?” she asked sharply.
“Well,” Kurt spoke up. “What are you doing in the road?” The woman stepped closer.
“Why do you care?” she asked. The couple looked at each other. Okay, she was weird. What to do now? They turned back to the wolf.
“I need to get through and you’re in the way!” Kurt replied.
“Really now?” the woman challenged.
“Could you please move?” Jamie asked. “We really have to go.” The wolf rolled her eyes.
“Whatever!” she called out. Then, the wolf walked out to way to the street. Kurt and Jamie watched her do so. Once the woman had gone, Jamie leaned in to her boyfriend.
“She was just strange,” she whispered to Kurt.
“Yeah,” he agreed. Then, he drove off right away.
The wolf walked around the city still looking. The harder she looked, the angrier she became. “Damn it!” she thought. “Where is that slut?!?” The wolf listened and sniffed her out. So far, still nothing. But then came a jackpot.
A flirty giggle caught the woman’s attention. She looked up right away. Alas, her search had ended. “Found her!” she thought. The wolf followed the sound and the faint playful scent of a bitch in heat. She ran all the way to an abandoned apartment complex. The giggles became louder and louder. The she wolf narrowed her eyes once again. “She’s at it again!” she thought annoyed. The woman hurried into the apartment.
She found Mika on an old couch about to have her way with Toboe. The woman was glad she got there just in time. Time to break up this latest bug before it becomes a mess. The she wolf cleared her throat loudly. Mika and Toboe looked up right away. The she wolf became annoyed right away.
“What do you want Tsuki?!?” Mika yelled out. “Can’t you see I’m busy here?!?” The she wolf glared at her.
“Exactly!” she yelled out. “And I’m stopping it now! Come on, let’s go!”
“No!” Mika snapped. Tsuki looked at her pissed.
“Are you telling me no?!?” she snapped. “Are you telling me no?!?” Mika rose to her paws.
“I want to stay with my new mate!” she snapped back.
“Well that’s not going to happen!” Tsuki barked. “Now come on!”
“No!” Mika yelled. The she wolves fought on like this for a good ten minutes. Toboe looked on confused. “What’s going on here?” he thought. “And who’s Tsuki?” At last, both women went quiet. Mika hung her head in defeat.
“Fine,” she grumbled. “I’ll come with you!” Tsuki folded her arms across her chest grinning.
“Good girl,” she said. “Now let’s go!” Both women began to depart. Tsuki left first. Mika made it to the door. She paused and turned back to the pup.
“I’ll be back for you, my love!” she mouthed at Toboe. Then, Mika winked and blew a kiss at him. She turned and walked away. The puppy stood there staring on confused. Something told him this wasn’t over yet! Boy was he right!
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