Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume One, Chapter One: Sister Returns ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sister Returns
Cherry blossoms. They remind me too much of her. Kagome. Her lovely flowing raven locks, her chocolate brown eyes, her soft pale delicate skin, her soft pink lips. My sexy Kagome.
She came to me seven years ago, after my mother died. My father was depressed without her. She had been my father’s joy and panther in life. But when I was three years old, she came down with breast cancer. She had fought it long and hard. But when I was eleven, the cancer claimed her life. It seems so weird now. I barely knew her. She’s just a faded memory now.
I met my angel a year after mother’s death. My father had found a new girlfriend and was getting married in August. I met Kagome six months before that. It was a brief glance. All I saw was a flash of her straight raven locks and her schoolgirl uniform and that was it. And from then on, I was determined to find out who she was. My friends thought I was crazy but I didn’t care.
The second time we met was at our parents’ wedding. This is where the irony twists the plot.
I was the best man and my angel was a bridesmaid. The truth didn’t come to me until during the reception. We were taking a wedding group picture and the photographer called for the kids to join the picture. I didn’t realize it until Michiko introduced Kagome to me.
“Ryo,” Michiko explained. “Kagome is going to be your new step-sister.” Those words stung me hard.
My… step-… sis-ter?!?, I thought. I thought my chances with Kagome were gone.
At first, I didn’t enjoy the fact that my angel was my stepsister. I’d try to pretend it was okay. But I would by pretty bitter about it. But at age thirteen, the idea of has Kagome closer to me amused me. I would know what she was doing and talk to her more often, whenever I wanted. So a relationship grew between us. But soon we when have to go our separate ways.
March of last year, dad and Michiko were getting a divorce. I was angry with dad. I hated him. Nine days later, Kagome and Michiko moved to Tokyo. I was heart-broken. I never got to tell Kagome how I felt for her.
The cherry blossoms blew lightly in the wind. How I longed to see her again. Hear her voice. I needed her. I began walking to my house when I saw a red Suzuki sports car. Curiosity consumed me.
Who’s visiting or , I thought. Could it be?
My heart raced. She’s… She’s… here! I began to flee to my house. Faster and faster I ran to the door.
My angel is here!, I kept thinking. Finally, I made it to the door. To my surprise, it was unlocked when I opened it.
Someone’s home!, I thought. But who was it? Thousands of guesses ran through my mind. There was only one way to find out.
I drew in a deep breath and opened the door. And low and behold, there she was. My angel with her lovely flowing raven locks, her chocolate brown eyes, her soft pale delicate skin, her soft pink lips. I was overtaken by her beauty. I couldn’t speak or breathe. Rapture had taken over me.
“Hi.” said she to break the silence.
“Hello,” I said at long last. Yes, it was true. My sexy Kagome had come home at long last.
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