Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume One, Chapter Four: Dreaming of Her ( Chapter 4 )

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Dreaming of Her

Since she came back, Kagome had been in my head. Everything I did, everywhere I went, Kagome was in my head. I needed her so bad. I longed to hold her.
Kagome…, I thought as I looked at the sky. Although she was back was me, my darling seemed so far away.
“Hey!” someone yelled to me. I didn’t respond.
“Hey!” they yelled again. I still didn’t respond.
“HEY DUMBASS!” they yelled at last.
“Huh?” I said in a dazed out tone. Then…
WHAM! A thick rubber red dodge ball met my face really hard. The next thing I remembered was a thick black sky.
“Ryo?” that same voice said to me. I slowly awoke in pain. Two little fifth grade boys stood over me.
“Are you okay nii-san?” one of them asked me.
“Huh?” I asked. “Uh… yeah. Yeah. I’m fine.” Then I leapt to my feet quickly. The boys just looked at me.
“Are you sure?” the other one asked me. I saw the looks on their faces. Yes, they were shocked all right. I didn’t blame them. Wouldn’t you be shocked too if you’ve seen somebody quickly catch a dodge ball every day on their way to school for three years like myself? I thought so, my friend.
“Yeah, I’m all right,” I said.
“Okay…” the first one said uncertain.
“Look guys,” I said. “I have to get to school and so do you.”
“Awww!” the boys groaned in misery.
“But don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll play dodge ball with you later. K?”
“Yeah!” my little friends yelled. I smiled.
“So I’ll come for you guys later,” I continued.
“Okay,” the boys said.
“See ya,” I said at last. Then I headed off to school.
“Bye!” they called out to me.
The boys were such good kids. I’ve known then since they were in kindergarten. Such kids like those made me think about the kids Kagome and I would have one day. Kagome…. She was such a hottie! Then I went again! Thinking about my future wife.
My future wife. I loved the way those words sounded. My future wife. I began to have fantasy about our life together in the future. That was, until the bell rang at my school. I quickly snapped out of it and raced to school.
I was ten minutes late to class. Boy! My teacher and my classmates were shocked senseless. Then I had to go to the principal’s office. But on my trip there, it started up again. My thoughts of my sexy angel.
Kagome…, I thought. I need you. I started to have hentai fantasies about her. Sure, we were both virgins, but that’s a good thing. We would be each other’s firsts. How exciting it would be!
Once again, I wasn’t paying attention and walked past the principal’s office. I didn’t notice until I looked around.
Strange…, I thought. Since when is the principal’s office outside? Then it hit me! I walked out the open hall door! I felt so stupid! So I rushed back inside and hurried straight to the principal’s office.
I didn’t focus much to the principal. Kagome was on my mind, again. I was sure he too was shocked that I came in late to school today. I was always on time for school all my life. But lucky for me, I got off with a warning this time. But, the principal had to snap me out of my fantasies to get to go back to class. Embarrassing? Yeah it was!
By lunch, I was yet again thinking about Kagome in a lovely wedding dress and me in a tux before the altar. Such a nice future
“Ryo!” someone called to me. I didn’t answer.
“Ryo!!!” they called again. I wasn’t listening.
“RYO-KUN!” they yelled once again.
“Yes, Kagome-chan…” I said at last.
“Kagome-chan?!?” they asked sourly. “I’m not Kagome!” Then I felt a painful slap in the back of my head.
“OW!” I yelled as I snapped out as it.
I looked up painfully to see Setsuna was standing over me scowling.
“Oh.” I said. “Who are you?” *Setsuna falls down*
“Argh!” she yelled. “I’m Watabe Setsuna, you idiot!”
“Who?” I asked. The thing I knew was I was smacked in the back of the head again.
Setsuna was whining about her problems in love and school as usual. I was bored until… I saw her! My sexy Kagome in her hot schoolgirl uniform. My nose started bleeding as I stared at her. Again, those hentai thoughts rose up in my head. Sheets, kisses, and passion. I wanted so badly!
“Hey!” Setsuna yelled as she moved in front of me. I quickly snapped out of it.
“Are you listening to me?!?” she whined.
“Uh, Setsuna.” I said.
“What?!?” she snapped.
“Could you move out my way? You’re blocking the view.” I said. The only response I got was a huge smack in the head.
For the rest of the day I kept having fantasies about Kagome and getting into trouble at school. By the night, I laid on my bed, sore and dazed. It was official! I had to talk to Kagome or I’d get into worse trouble.

Stay up, boy!
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