Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume One, Chapter Five: I Want You to Want Me ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I Want You to Want Me

I laid down on my bed. The ceiling was a dull white. My mind wandered back to Kagome. She was love. I just had to have her. But how? How? I had the right words. But I just could get them out. I needed help. But who could I turn to?
I usually go to dad for help, but I decided to go to him as a last resort. This was a question for my friends. If they could handle it… Then the phone rang. I sat up, reached to the floor, and answered it.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Hey pal,” a familiar voice said on the other line.
“Setsuna! What a surprise! I was just about to call you.”
“Oh really? What for?”
“I have a question.”
“Okay, go on.”
I drew in a deep breath. I knew how Setsuna felt about Kagome and I being together. However, I just had to give it a shot. Well, here goes.
“You’re a girl, so you know how your gender thinks,” I said.
“Yes. And your point?” she asked with suspension in her voice.
“How do I tell a woman that I love her?”
“Just be honest with her. Why?”
“I want to tell Kagome that I love her.”
Setsuna just snorted. “I still say it’s wrong! You should drop this idea and forget about it!”
Then, she hung up violently. I sighed. I should have seen that coming. Her advice was good, but I needed a second opinion.
Next on the list was Seiho. I decided to take a little trip to his apartment. I wrote my dad a small note telling where I was going and went out on the day.
The fresh Sunday afternoon still hung around. Spring was in high gear. My ambition to make Kagome mine sat high as well. Seiho was my main man. If there was a problem I couldn’t take, he’d solve it. This was one of those problems. I knocked on my man’s door.
“Coming!” I heard him say. I waited in ambition. Then, the door opened. Seiho stood in the doorway rubbing his eyes. I could tell he had been sleeping. I decided to be quick.
“Listen, I won’t take long,” I said.
“Okay, shoot,” he said.
I drew in a breath. “How do I tell a woman I love her?”
“Just tell her. Who do you want to tell?” he said.
“Kagome,” I replied.
“Oh. That’s all you,” he only said. Then, he shut the door. It was clear he just didn’t care.
I wandered the city around a bit longer. So far, the advice was flat. This meant I had to consult dad this time. The lights were on in the house. That meant he was home. I swallowed hard. Well, here it goes.
I slowly opened the door. Dad was sitting in living room typing on his laptop. I knew better than to disturb him, but I had to ask. I stepped up bravely.
“Uh… Dad…” I said. He looked up at me.
“Yes, son?” he asked. I swallowed hard again. Here I go.
“How do I tall a woman I love her?” I asked. Dad smiled at me.
“Son, tell her the way you know is best,” he said. Then, he put his hand on my shoulder. I felt like I had my answer.
I spent all night and morning planning my words. Each time, I was stronger and stronger. Now to say them to Kagome. At school on Monday, I found Kagome at her locker. I gathered my strength. Here I go.
“Hi, Kagome,” I said. She looked up at me.
“Yes?” she asked. I swallowed hard. Here comes the truth.
“I have to tell you something,” I said.
“Okay, what is it?” she said. I took her by the hands.
“I love you. And I’ve loved you from the first time I saw you. Will you be my girlfriend?” I said with all of my heart.

To Be Continued…
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