Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume Four, Chapter Twenty-Two: Jimmie Dean ( Chapter 22 )

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Jimmie Dean

Attention is hard to keep at times. Men have it the worst. Lately, Kagome and Michiko felt ignored. Life ate away at time for romance. Ryo and Kagome had school while Hideki and Michiko had work. Neither couple could make time for each other. The girls sat on the porch pondering this. Kagome sighed over her tea.
I haven’t talked to Ryo-kun in days, she thought. I know we have the clubs after school, but still… She turned to her mother.
“Mom,” she said. Michiko glanced up at her.
“Uh-hm?” she asked. Kagome set down her glass.
“How do you keep a boy’s attention?” she asked. Michiko gave her a soft smile.
“You’re at that age, aren’t you?” she asked, “Oh, I feel so old. Well, just being yourself helps and little make-up.” Kagome looked puzzled.
“Make-up?” she asked. Michiko smirked at her daughter.
“Have any plans today?” she asked.
“No…” Kagome replied.
“Perfect!” her mother said, “We’re heading out!”
“Huh” Kagome asked. The ladies made it downtown. The daughter still didn’t get the point of this trip. She looked over at her mother.
“Why are we here?” Kagome asked. Michiko gave her a mischief-filled smile.
“What else?” she asked, “A little makeover.” Her daughter gave her a blank stare.
“Why?” she asked. Michiko leaned in close to her face.
“You want to keep your boyfriend’s attention, right?” she asked.
“Well… yeah…” the daughter mumbled.
“Consider this a one-off,” Michiko said with a wink. Her daughter nodded nervously.
“Okay…” she murmured. Michiko patted her on the head.
“Good, let’s get going,” she said, “I have the just the place.” Before Kagome could speak, he mother grabbed her on the arm and pulled her with her to her favorite store.
They came up to Little Angel’s. Kagome tilted her head at the glittery pink in the display window.
“Mom…” she said.
“Yes?” Michiko asked.
“Why… are we here?” the daughter asked. She hadn’t been into pink and girly things since she was seven.
“Great discounts,” her mother answered, “Plus good fashion choices.”
“But I don’t like pink,” Kagome said, “I’m not even that girly!”
“They have other things not pink and girly,” Michiko insisted, “Come on; give it a try, honey.” Her daughter winced at where this was going to go. However, anything was better than nothing. Kagome put on a brave face.
“Fine,” she said, “But nothing pink or too doll-like, okay?”
“Alright,” Michiko replied, “You’re going to love this store.” Kagome force herself to smile and nod.
“Can we just get this over with?” she asked. Michiko walked her daughter inside. Kagome choked on the overpowering scent of perfume.
“Oh my god,” she complained as she covered her nose. Michiko chuckled at her reaction.
“Yeah, the smell is quite strong,” she said, “But give it a while; you’ll get used to it.” Kagome groaned and held her breath. Up ahead, at the counter, a woman walked out to greet the customers. Her eyes widened at who she saw.
“Michiko?” the round-face clerk asked. The mother stepped forward with open arms.
“Azusa-chan!” she squealed, “How have you been?”
“Good,” the clerk answered, “I’ve been good.” Kagome looked back and forth between the two women for a few seconds.
“Mom,” she said at last, “Do you know each other?” Michiko turned to her daughter, smiling.
“Kagome,” she said, “This is one of my dear friends from college, Misaki Azusa.”
“Hi…” Kagome mumbled. Azusa grinned at the younger girl.
“So this is Kagome-chan,” she said, “I’ve heard so much about you!”
“Have you?” the girl asked. Azusa gave her a thumbs-up.
“So,” Michiko spoke up, “What brings you down to Osaka from Tokyo?” The clerk’s mood shifted to a bummed out one.
“Oga dumped me,” she whimpered.
“What?” the other woman asked, “You two were perfect for each other. What happened?” Azusa shook her head.
“It just didn’t work out,” she said with a sigh. The woman tried to cheer up.
“But never mind,” she said, “What brings you by my lovely store?”
“Oh yes,” Michiko spoke up. She rested her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “Kagome-chan and I are here for a little makeover,” she said. Her college buddy’s round face became rosy.
“You mean…” she began.
“Oh yes,” her slender friend admitted.
“Ooo!” Azusa cooed, “And what kind of look did you have in mind?”
“Something classy yet flirty at the same time,” the mother admitted. Her college friend gave her a salute.
“I’m on it!” she said, “So who’s going first?”
“My daughter,” Michiko answered as she shoved Kagome forward. The girl looked around rather confused.
“What?” she asked. The clerk made her way over to the girl. Kagome looked up at her with big eyes as Azusa took her by the arm.
“Come with me, little kitty,” she purred, “I’ll make you look really nice!” Kagome desperately turned to her mother as the clerk led her into the back room.
“Mom?” she asked aloud. Michiko gave her a thumbs-up.
“It’s okay, honey!” she said, “Trust Azusa! She’s a professional at this sort of thing!” Kagome made an uneasy face as she and the clerk disappeared behind black and purple velvet curtains. Michiko took a seat and waited.
Close to an hour later, Azusa came back out. The mother rose to her feet.
“Well?” she asked. Her college friend gave her a huge grin.
“Behold!” she announced, stepping aside and drawing back the curtain. Michiko’s whole face lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw her daughter. Kagome stood blushing in the entry in an orange tube top, short white frilly skirt, and a matching mini-jacket. Her long indigo hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. Her make-up looked so tastefully done that it looked like she wasn’t wearing any at all.
“Beautiful!” Michiko breathed out. Kagome kept her eyes to her feet.
“You think Ryo-kun will like it?” she asked.
“Yes!” her mother insisted. Kagome’s blushed deepened.
“Alright…” she mumbled. Michiko turned to her friend.
“Now, I’m next,” she said. Her friend waved her over.
“Right this way,” she said. The mom followed behind, leaving Kagome to wait.
An hour later, Azusa and Michiko returned. Kagome stood to her feet. Her mother had on a white sundress with black trim. Her dark blue hair was out and loose. Her make-up looked just as light as Kagome’s.
“You’re beautiful!” her daughter gasped. Michiko smiled.
“Thanks, Honey,” she said, “The boys will love this!” Kagome’s heart raced in excitement as she nodded.
“Yeah,” she replied. Michiko paid the bill and the girls headed home to seduce their men.

Good Luck, Girls
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