Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume Four, Chapter Twenty-Four: Bitter Flower ( Chapter 24 )

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Bitter Flower

She’s here again. I wish she wouldn’t get too close to Hideki-kun like that. I watched as he went over work with Ashley. She doesn’t seem to get it. Stay away from my Hideki-kun!
“You think you can do it now?” he asked her.
“I’m good,” Ashley said.
“Okay,” he said. Hideki-kun turned and walked back to his desk. I changed my face to a pleasant one when he changed direction to come my way.
“We still on tonight?” he whispered as he passed me by. My face went red as I nodded.
“Yes!” I yelped. Hideki chuckled as he went back to his desk. My pride leapt back into place. Eat that, Ashley! You can’t have him! However, this leads to another problem.
Ashley’s trying to be friends with me. I don’t trust that bitch. There is no nice way to put it. I just don’t trust her. I suddenly got an IM on my desktop. I clicked on the box. Oh, how cute! I glanced over to see her smiling. I smiled back to keep from screaming at her. I opened the message.
Can we do lunch?
I sneered at the multiple similes in the message. She’s kidding right? I glanced up to see Ashley smiling and waving at me. It’s so hard not to gag right now. Something told me that she wouldn’t let up either.
“Sure,” I typed. I choked back vomit as I hit send. She sent me another message back.
“Great! Meet me on the roof!” Ashley wrote back. I rolled my eyes. Seriously? Am I really…?
At noon, I waited in the rooftop garden. I cursed myself for giving in. I will not be a spoiled brat. I will be mature about it. That’s how you win, right?
“Hello!” I heard her greet me. I clenched my teeth and took in a deep breath. Come on, Michiko thought, You can do this. Be a big woman and make it though this lunch. I turned around, smiling.
“Hi!” I chirped. Ashley took in a deep breath.
“I just love this place,” she said.
“Yes,” I said, “It’s really calm.” I can do this. Ashley sat near the herb bed.
“Sit with me?” she asked. I dropped my shoulders.
“Sure,” I replied, “Sure.” I sat down next to Ashley and took out my bento that Hideki-kun made for me this morning. She watched me put a piece of fried shrimp in my mouth.

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