Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume #6, Chapter #26: The Gathering to the Desert ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Gathering to the Desert

The end is coming. They are gathering in the desert. It will all go
down here. But who sent the message?

Let’s back up some…

It only took one text. Sender unknown, but they knew everyone. They
grew tired of watching everything. Something had to change.

Hence the text.

The sender knew everything. Who killed Bonez, the motives, the
coming war, the escape plan. They’ve seen everything. But it has to
stop now.

This text should change everything.

I know everything. You make me sick. Come to the desert to end this

And hit send.

The message varied with the text, but the meaning was the same.
This had to end.

When did things get boring? Bonez dying was thrilling enough, but
the entertainment wore off. Nobody was really doing anything. Okay,
the girls were trying. But not really accomplishing much. Still,
they needed something. Hence why this text. This had to end.

The text was sent. Now to wait, again. They hated waiting. That’s
all they have been doing. They rubbed their forehead and groaned.
So stupid this had to come to this point. What the fuck happened?
They wanted drama and laughs with this gang war in the desert.
Instead, this whole thing got stupid. They sighed. Something had to
change. The girls knew this and the sender knew this. Something had
to give. Something had to change. This mess had to end.

That would take one text. Once it was sent, the rest of the
dominoes fell in place.

Meanwhile, Jun’ko tracked down Ozzy.

“Oi, dumbass!” she shouted. The biker groaned and
rolled his eyes as he turned around.

“What is it now?” he asked. Jun’ko stood inches away
from Ozzy. She held up her cell phone.

“We need to talk,” the chubby girl said. “Take a
look at this.” Ozzy read the cell phone screen. A puzzled
look came onto his face.

“What is that?” he asked. The biker re-read the

I know you want to run to Mexico. I can help you out. Meet me in
the desert.

Ozzy and Jun’ko looked at each other.

“What does that mean?” Ozzy asked. His companion was
about to speak when they heard footsteps. They looked up to see
both gangs, Ann-Sui, and Gretchen standing before them.

“Oh…” Ozzy said. “Hi guys. What are you
doing here?” And so the beginning of the end begins.

Always the Same

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