Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume #5, Chapter #25: Three Goddesses of War ( Chapter 25 )

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Three Goddesses of War

The final plan is coming together. These three women will have
their way. It will start with a text.


She still wants revenge. Killing Bonez wasn’t enough. His gang had
to die. She hated the boys she was with. They smelled and they were
covered in grease. Looking at Cam’s face pissed her off.

Gretchen had to keep her composure. These dogs still had their uses
in her plan. She knew they hated her. She wasn’t stupid. How else
would she have killed Bonez otherwise? That alone took effort.

Still, she wasn’t a patient woman. Gretchen was used to getting her
way. The plan was going well, but not fast enough. Many times she
had to calm herself down. Sadly, that wasn’t helping so much
anymore. Gretchen gritted her teeth.

I want something amazing to happen for her plans.

Suddenly, her phone buzzed.

“Hm?” Gretchen asked. She pulled out her phone and read
the screen.


She too still wants revenge.

She is closer to her targets. Ozzy hadn’t caught on yet. Jun’ko on
the other hand. Hm… Ann-Sui/Susan frowned. This would
not do. Sure, the bond became questionable, but it wasn’t enough.
He still wanted to keep the peace. It made Ann-Sui sick. So

But, there was another problem.

Ozzy wasn’t a bad guy. He wanted no part of this. The guy was only
taking care of his boss’ sister. Ozzy wasn’t good at fighting. He
was happy riding his motorbike. The ladies ignored him. Ozzy just
wanted peace.

Here came the main problem.

Whenever Ann-Sui was around him, her heart kept racing. Her cheeks
flushed red. She shook her head.

No! Why him? He’s not my type! But did that matter? Ann-Sui
gritted her teeth. She needed to get away from these two before her
plans came apart. But how could she get away without being

That’s when her phone buzzed. Ann-Sui pulled it out and looked at
the screen. One text had the answers she needed.


She wants to get the hell out of here.

Ozzy’s Jun’ko only ticket for escape. He was so stupid and useless.
She could’ve ditched him many times. So why did she stay? Jun’ko
doesn’t understand it herself.

It would be so easy to get rid of him. Jun’ko had many chances to
do so. But why stay?

That wasn’t her only problem.

Susan or Ann-Sui had to go. Something wasn’t right about her. Now,
Jun’ko knew why. She wouldn’t act right away, however. Oh no. These
types of things took slow reveals. Jun’ko needed the right
movement. Afterwards, she and Ozzy still needed to get to

Jun’ko frowned.

There she went again, thinking about the idiot. Why did she even
care? Jun’ko tried not to scream as she clenched her fists. Why
couldn’t she just get it together?

Then, Jun’ko’s phone buzzed.

“Huh?” she asked. The girl pulled out her cell phone
and read the screen. A text called her out to the desert.


All three women were called out to the desert for the same reason.
But who sent the message and why? One thing was clear: the end was
on its way.

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