Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume #5, Chapter #24: Little Fighting Dog ( Chapter 24 )

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Little Fighting Dog

Jun’ko couldn’t stand men. That damn song remained the same. Men
were so useless to her. They only wanted to be lazy and sleep
around. Even her brother was bad. Still, she loved Bonez.

Ozzy is no Bonez.

Jun’ko couldn’t stand him. But, she had to stay with him. Bonez’s
wish apparently. Jun’ko snorted.

Useless idiot! Still, she had another problem. Oh yes,
that problem.

Who was this Susan bitch? Everything about her seemed fake. Where
did she come from? Why was she so interested in Ozzy anyway? Jun’ko
narrowed her eyes. I do not trust that bitch.

Still, she had to stay with her protector. (Ha, protector.) If she
was going to Mexico, Ozzy would be her ticket out. The best way to
deal with that would be to find out who this Susan person was.

One night, the opportunity fell into her lap. Ozzy still hadn’t
come back at the time. Jun’ko couldn’t sleep and got up to wander
around the motel. She pondered her life so far. How long would she
have to stay by Ozzy’s side? He didn’t like fights, wasn’t that
smart, wasn’t attractive, and was completely dull. Jun’ko rubbed
her forehead and groaned.

“Damn it,” she muttered. “That asshole’s got to
go.” She froze when she heard talking. Only, it wasn’t her

“Hm?” Jun’ko asked. She followed the voice to a lobby.
The girl peeked into the doorway. A woman stood in the corner,
talking on the phone.

“It’s Ozzy,” she said. “I don’t care! I’m so
close already! You can’t back out of this now!” Jun’ko’s ears

That chick sounds familiar, she thought. She listened in
closely. The woman stomped her foot.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked. “We both
wanted this! You can’t quit on me! I won’t let you!” She
tapped her foot and gritted her teeth.

“No! You will see this through with me! No! No! No! Don’t
you—” The woman lowered her phone and turned around.
Her nostrils flared.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself!” she hissed. She didn’t see a
stunned Jun’ko as she walked by. The younger girl covered her

What the hell? That’s Ann-Sui! Jun’ko’s lips curved into a
smirk. The wheels started to turn in her head as she walked back to
her room. Sure, she would play “Susan’s” game a little
bit longer. Ozzy may be dumb enough to fall for her charms, but how
long would that last until he learned the truth?

Jun’ko frowned. Knowing Ozzy, he still wouldn’t see it. The plump
woman sighed and shook her head.

“Looks like I’ll have to be the brains around her,” she
muttered. Jun’ko pressed her hand against her forehead and sighed.
This is why men were so useless to her.

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

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