Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume #5, Chapter #23: Her Little Dogs ( Chapter 23 )

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Her Little Dogs

Gretchen felt like a queen. Plenty of subjects are her feet.
Cheating ex dead and his gang in shambles. Only one thing left to

“Found them yet?” Gretchen asked.

“No,” one of the bikers said. The queen gritted her

“That’s not good enough,” she said. The biker walked
off. Gretchen drink of beer. She wouldn’t rest. Revenge wouldn’t
let her.

Meanwhile, the boys couldn’t stand her. But she wouldn’t leave.

“Boss,” one of the boys complained. “Why won’t
this bitch take a hint?” Cam shrugged his shoulders.

“She doesn’t get it,” he said. But there were other
reasons too.

-Last Night-

Gretchen found her way to Cam’s room. She sued a hairpin to unlock
the door. The girl used her light from her cell phone as she walked
through the small room. Cam slept in his cot. Gretchen eyed the
gangster with her light. To be honest, he kind of looked cute in a
way. Sort of how Bonez was when they first met.

Gretchen shook the thought from her head.

What was she doing in his room?

The woman sniffled and rubbed her nose. She took a look around. All
clear. Right… Gretchen took off her shirt. Once she
was in panties, she peeked under the sheets. Perfect. Her
lips curved into a smirk.

Oh! So he does wear boxers. She crawled into the cot with


Cam pressed his lips together. His gang member gave him a strange

“What did she do, boss?” one of them asked. The gang
leader shook his head.

“She’s got to go,” he said. The boys eyed him with
their ears perked up.

“How?” another biker asked. Cam gritted his teeth.

“We’ll think of something,” he said.

“Yeah!” the boys cheered.


Meanwhile, Gretchen unfolded her plans. The Raven Fang were still
around and Ozzy and Jun’ko were still in the open. She gritted her
teeth, but maintained her composure. After all, a queen had to
maintain her power. Gretchen would need all of the power she could
get in order to carry out her revenge.

Too bad her boys had plans of their own to overthrow their
“queen”. It’s only a matter of who blinks first.

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