Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume #2, Chapter #10: Women's Claws ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Women’s Claws

Women can be devilish. Jun’ko was plotting. She needed to satisfy her need for control. This escape to Mexico just might do it. She sat on the bathroom floor listening the whole time. Ozzy wasn’t alone tonight. He had company earlier and they just left. Jun’ko decided to put her plan into action. Once it got quiet, she waltzed out the door.
“Mexico, huh?” she asked aloud. Ozzy froze in panic and slowly turned around. Jun’ko pretended to be pissed off.
“What is this for?” she asked. Ozzy struggled to talk. The chubby girl sat down on the bed.
“Tell me what that was about,” she demanded. Her guardian’s eyes darted around the room.
Oh crap!, he thought, She heard about the deal. What do I do? He bit his lower lip. He might as well say it.
“Alright,” he admitted, “Yes, I’m running to Mexico.”
“Alone?” Jun’ko asked, “Or with that woman?” All of the color drained from Ozzy’s face.
“She’s just a friend!” he yelped. The girl narrowed her eyes at him.
“Is that right?” she asked.
“Yes!” he cried. Jun’ko fought back her snickering. God, this is fun. She grabbed him by the hands.
“I’m coming too,” she insisted. Ozzy gave her a long blank stare.
“Huh?” he asked.
“You and me to Mexico,” she said, “Or I squeal like a little piggy to the boys outside!” The guardian stared her down.
“You wouldn’t,” he said. Jun’ko gave him a huge grin.
“Take me with you to Mexico then?” she asked. Ozzy bit his lower lip. Something told him that she wouldn’t let up otherwise. He lowered his head defeated.
“Fine,” he said, “You were coming with me anyway.”
“Sweet!” Jun’ko said with a victorious grin. It didn’t take long for her to plot out her next move.
What if she’s not the only woman plotting in this story? Crimson nails could be pulling the strings behind the scenes. Who is she? Are she and Jun’ko the only ones? Who else was in control of this game as the curtain rose?
Meanwhile, she hung up her cell phone after a one minute call. An icy twisted smile came over her face.
Perfect, she thought, Perfect! Her laughter swallowed the silence in the hotel room.

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