Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Volume #1, Chapter #2: Biker Girls ( Chapter 2 )

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Biker Girls
Biker chicks. Hardcore. Terrifying. Intense. Strangely sexy. Don’t ever cross them. Or else you’ll be knocking on Heaven’s Door. Junko and Ozzy learned that quickly.
Here’s what happened:
Blue Buffalo.
Ozzy pulled up at high noon. Bonez’s sister worked around lunch time. He looked at his cell phone. He smiled a bit.
“Right on time,” the biker said. He shut off his motorcycle. Such a pain to transport it on a bus. Damn his hog. Had to run out of gas had way along the highway. Such a pain. Ozzy looked at his bike, Tiger.
“You’re useless, you know that?” he asked it. Ozzy shook his head. Can’t worry about that now. He climbed off of Tiger and went inside.
The dim windows swallowed up all of the natural light inside. Ozzy felt at home with all of the bikers inside. This was like Hard Rock Café, only cheaper. Ozzy took out Bonez’s photograph. His late leader stood with a younger girl. She looked to still be in high school with her puffy red curls and tan freckles. Bonez towered over her. Ozzy smiled a bit.
Cute girl, he thought. It’s going to suck to tell her. Yet, he had a job to do. Ozzy shook himself a bit.
Right, he thought. The biker looked around the diner. Red frizzy curls… Red frizzy curls…
CRASH! Ozzy looked up when he heard someone yell, “You bitch!” The biker looked up to see a girl with frizzy red curls fighting with a blonde biker chick. The waitress seemed to have spilled Pepsi on the biker’s jacket. She shook her fist in the waitress’ face.
“I just bought this jacket!” she barked. The waitress snorted.
“Well, if you hadn’t tripped me!” she snapped. The biker chick rose to her feet in a shot.
“What was that?!?”
“You heard me! You tripped me, bitch!”
Ozzy raced over to the two women as soon as he heard “You!” in an invoked tone.
Oh shit!, he thought. She’s about to fight a biker chick! Not good! Not good! He ran over to the waitress and grabbed her by the arm.
“Hey!” she yelled. The biker rushed out the back with her.
“Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!” she screamed as she pounded on his arms with her fists. He didn’t stop and sped up.
“Hey! Get back here!” the biker yelled. “I’m not done talking with you yet!” Her heavy black combat boots nearly shook the diner floor as she ran after the duo.
The waitress still struggled to get away when they came behind the diner. “Let me go!” she snapped. She stepped on his foot lighting fast.
“Ow!” Ozzy yelled. He quickly let go of the younger girl. She whipped around to him, glaring like Satan.
“What the fuck are you doing?!?” she snapped.
“Saving you,” the biker said.
“From what?”
“Are you blind?!? She was a biker chick! You don’t fight them! They are some scary bitches!”
“You’re lucky I pulled you out when I did!”
The waitress snorted at him. “Why the hell do you care? Who the hell are you?!?”
“Ozzy and your brother sent me to take care of you.”
“Why When’s he gonna realize I’m not a little kid anymore?!?”
Ozzy bit his lower lip. “He’s dead.”
The waitress paused. “What?”
“I’m sorry.”
She shook her head. “No, no! He can’t be dead! He can’t be! He can’t be!”
“I’m sorry.” Ozzy stepped forward to hug the girl. When his fingertips reached her red and black uniform, the girl slapped away his hands as fast as she could.
“Ow,” Ozzy whispered.
“Don’t touch me!” she yelled. Ozzy blinked at her.
“Look…” he protested. The man looked and saw her name tag. “Junko,” he picked up. “I have to take care of you now. So could you please be nicer to me?”
Junko stuck her tongue out at him. “No!”
“But why?”
“I’m not a fucking child! I can take care of myself!”
“There’s that little bitch that spilled Pepsi on my jacket!” they heard someone yell. Junko and Ozzy looked up to see the biker chick panting mad. This time, she brought her butchy biker gang with her. They all wanted just as much blood as their leader did.
“Oh shit,” Ozzy mumbled. “We’ve got to go!” He grabbed Junko and took off running.
“Come back here!” the leader yelled. “Got them bitches!” The battle cry of biker chicks filled the afternoon Arizona sky.
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