Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Vol. One, Chapter One: Heavy Metal Princess ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Heavy Metal Princess
She rushed through the darkness. The ban cried violently. The pain slowed her down. She had really taken a beating this time! They just grabbed her out of bed and dragged her outside. Then all nineteen them took turns beating on her. Even worse, they had her tied up. She almost died.
If she hadn’t faked her death, she would have been dead for real. But she managed to crawl away and cut herself free on some broken glass. Once all of that was over and done with, she fled with her life.
But now what? Where could she go? They would probably find out she was still alive and hunt her down lie a pack of wild dogs. If only there was somewhere to…
There was! Up ahead, a light was shining from a porch on a mansion. She was saved! With what little strength she had left, she ran to the light.
The house looked dark on the inside. The people must have been in for the ban. But a chance was a chance. And she was going to take it!
However, when she made it to the stairs, she fell down. A colder darkness surrounded her. She had lost! Or so it seemed….
A couple of hours later, she slowly opened her eyes. She felt cold but drier now. Was she dead? Her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She was in a bedroom. A boy’s bedroom at that. Was she dreaming?
Then, she heard footsteps. Someone was coming. She lay perfectly still. The footsteps grew louder. What was she going to do? Then, the tracks stopped. Her heart skipped a beat. Someone was standing over her. She looked at them. Then, her memory came back!
“Shone!” she breathed out.
“Shhh!” a young man said as he quickly covered her mouth. “Quiet Yulia!” She complied.
“My mom’s asleep,” Shone continued. “And if she woke up and found you in my room, oh! It would be ugly!”
Yulia lied still for a moment, then said: “How did you help me?” Shone sat down on the bed.
“I was sleeping on the couch in the living room when a loud thud outside woke me up.” he explained.
“Worried about my family, I got up and opened the door. I found you lying on the stairs. I recognized you by your hair and face. Joy raced through me like wildfire. But at the same time, I was worried that you died. But when I felt for your pulse, you were still alive. However, I knew I had to act fast.
“So I grabbed you and pulled you into my house. Once inside, I stripped you and tended to your wounds. Your pjs are in the laundry room right now.” Yulia tried to sit up but Shone pushed her back down.
“Save your strength!” Shone said. “Just go to sleep. You’ll be fine in morning.” Yulia kept quiet.
“Good night.” he whispered as he left the room. Yulia smiled.
“Night.” she whispered back. Then she fell asleep.
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