Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Vol. One, Chapter Four: Ya Shoujo ( Chapter 4 )

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Ya Shoujo
In the morning, Shone found Yulia in his bed. He was relieved that she was all right. The boy walked quietly into his room. He stood over the bed. Yulia slowly opened her eyes. She saw her boyfriend standing over her.
“Hey.” Shone whispered.
“Sho-ne.” Yulia said.
“Yes.” he said. “It’s me.” His girlfriend sat up and looked around. She was in for a surprise.
Over behind Shone, Belldandy stood in the doorway. She was smiling. Yulia instantly lost her words.
“Uh…” she said. Shone eyed her.
“Is something wrong?” he asked.
“What…. is she…. doing… here?” Yulia managed to say. Shone smiled.
“She brought you here last.” he said. “Belldandy’s been a big help.” Yulia relaxed.
By eleven o’clock, the trio was outside in the backyard. Belldandy and Shone were talking. Yulia was just playing around in the yard. She had picked up a bow and was messing with it.
“So what can I do?” Shone asked Bell.
“Mom won’t let her stay here and I don’t know what to do.” Belldandy listened closely.
“She also needs to stay out of trouble too.” she said. Shone nodded in agreement.
“But how?” he asked.
Belldandy and Shone watched play with the now and an arrow she managed to get her hands on. Yulia shot the arrow at the target on the fence. She shot a bull’s-eye. She walked over and retrieved the arrow. Yulia shot the arrow ten more times. All getting a bull’s-eye at all shots.
Shone was in shock. Bell was smiling.
“I think we have an answer to part of the problem.” she said. The boy caught on.
“Yeah.” he said.
And right there, Shone had the whole plan figured out. He would fight to keep Yulia in the house and keep her out of trouble with archery. He grinned hard. “I just have to try it!” Shone thought. “I just have to!
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