Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Vol 1: Chap 8. Nellyville ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It was stupid really. Why do boys fight? Girls? Pride? Stupid things? Maybe all three. Who can say really? It’s all the same. Fights just lead to more crap. In this case with Jim H. and Jim M., nothing could be more closer to the truth. This whole mess started with a small petty fight. Jim H. had just come from dropping Ruthie and Lizzie off at their homes after a half day at school. (Lizzie’s idea really. Ruthie and Jim really hated it. But, the heart won out as she normally did.) When Jim H. came home, he found that no one was there. He was confused for a moment. Then, Jim remembered that everyone was out today. Gene and Melfina were out on a “date” as the boy called it in his mind. Aisha was off to the hot springs. Suzuka… well he wasn’t sure where she was. Didn’t matter. Jim would be on his own for a couple of hours. So what to do? What to do?
Jim took a minute to ponder that. Come to think of it, his girls and he hadn’t had lunch just yet. Maybe he could be nice and surprise them and a little pick-up. Jim had just the place in mind.
Miki’s had great food at low prices. Plus, the restaurant was in walking distance. Jim had enough money to pay for all three meals. The plan was already working out. “Well then,” Jim thought. “Time for lunch.” Then, the boy headed out to Miki’s to pick up the food.
However, there would be a change of plans. No thanks to Jim Mozingo. Jim H. had come three blocks of Miki’s when he heard someone yell, “Fucking loser!” Jim H. turned and Jim M. staring right at him. The mechanic just rolled his eyes and walked right on.
“Aw what?” the other Jim taunted. “Can’t talk to me like a man?” Jim H. kept walking. This was so stupid. That idiot just wanted attention. Don’t even give it to him. Don’t give him the satisfaction.
“Hey stupid!!!” Jim M. yelled out. “Can’t you talk or have those girls made you a pansy, you man-whore?” That did it! Jim H. whipped around to him. Jim M. smiled at the anger in the other boy’s eyes. The other Jim became closer in his face.
“What did you say?” the mechanic hissed bitterly. Jim M/ smiled at him in a goofy way.
“Oh!” he called. “So you talk!”
“What do you mean about my girls have made me a pansy?” Jim snapped. The other Jim grinned at him.
“Well, think about it,” he said. “You’re with those two girls all of the time.”
“And?” Jim H. questioned. His friend smirked at him again.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “But are you turning into a girl because of them?” Jim H. glared at him coldly.
“Jim!” he barked. “Shut up!”
“Sometime,” Jim M. went on. “I think that there are three girls instead of two.” Oh that was it! Jim H. saw red in seconds.
“You asshole!” he yelled out. Then, Jim H. pushed Jim M. right in the face. The other boy yelped out in pain.
“Bastard!!!” he yelled. Then, he punched Jim H. back. More punches followed. Soon, a full-on fight insured. See, fights are not really necessary. It just creates more problems. Such as moving into a location where you don’t want to be. Well, guess what happened? Jim and Jim were so busy fighting that they didn’t notice that they had moved out into unfamiliar settings. (See? This is why fighting is dumb!) But, the boys didn’t notice at all. They were too busy bashing each other’s faces in.
After a couple of minutes, the boys became tired and gave up. Both sat on the cold black grass panting. They wanted more from each other still. Red still sat in their eyes. It was animal instincts at work. But then, common sense took over again. Jim H. tapped his rival on the arm quickly.
“What idiot?!?” Jim M. barked. The other Jim shushed him.
“Look around you,” he whispered. “Does anything look familiar to you?” Jim M. looked all around him. Everything with pitch black all around. He felt cold all over. Strange, this was May. There seemed to be no trees or houses were all around him. The boy felt uneasy now.
“No,” he said. “Where are we?” Jim H. shook his head.
“You tell me,” he answered. “And we’ll both know.” Both boys were quiet on that one.
“So,” Jim M. spoke up. “How do we get out of that one?” Jim H. stared at him blankly.
“You’re asking me?” he said quickly. The other boy shrugged at him.
“Well you did get us into this mess!” he said. Jim H. instantly became defensive.
“I got us into this mess?!?” he questioned.
“Yeah!” the other boy replied. “This is your fault!!!” Jim H. shot back.
“Oh right!” Jim M. replied. “Blame the other guy!”
“But it is true!” the other Jim yelled.
“Oh really?” Jim M. shot back.
“Yeah!” Jim H. barked. “You started all of this shit!”
“Oh right!” his rival barked. “Blame me for everything!” The boys got into another argument. They fought again until they heard squawk overhead. Jim H. and Jim M. looked up at the black sky. A flow of crow fell over their heads. Both boys went quiet at that one.
“Let’s get out of here!” Jim M. cried.
“Yeah!” Jim H. called out. Jim M. looked at him for help.
“But how?” he asked. Jim H. smiled at him brightly. Then, he pulled out his trusty computer and booted it up. The other boy waited desperately. Jim H. looked up disappointed after a few seconds.
“I can’t pick up any signals here!” he called out. Jim M/ looked at him in frustration.
“What?!?” he yelled out. “Give me that!” The other Jim snatched the computer out of his hand and looked at the screen himself.
“Hey!” Jim H. yelled out. “Be careful with that!” *Mozingo’s face vaults after a few seconds*
“What’s with this place?” he asked. *Sweat drop on Hawking’s head*
“You got me there!” he said. Both boys sighed. So now what?
“Great!” Mozingo yelled out.” What do we do now?” Jim H. shrugged at him blankly.
“You got any better ideas?” he asked. Jim M. shut his mouth at that one. He had nothing. They were just stuck in the middle of nowhere. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Suddenly, Hawking felt a drop of rain on his head. He quickly jerked his head upwards. Rain began pouring down instantly.
“Oh crap!” he yelled out. “We have to get out of here?”
“And go where?” Jim M. asked.
“It doesn’t matter!” the other Jim yelled. “Let’s go!” He grabbed his rival by the arm and began running.
“Hey! Slow down you idiot!” Mozingo yelled out. “You’re hurting me!” Hawking didn’t listen at all. He just kept running. Complaints fell on deaf ears at the moment. Getting out of the rain was more important at the moment. He looked all around him. So far, nothing was in sight. Just the everlasting black. This was impossible. There has to be some sign of life in this place.
At last, success! Jim H. spotted a light up ahead. The boy became overjoyed.
“Jim, look!” he called. “I can see something up ahead!” The other boy looked up as well. Hope sang out them.
“Let’s go!!!” Mozingo cried out. Hawking nodded at him. The boys hurried over to the light.
Suddenly, it stopped raining. The Jims looked around confused. Everything was still black. Well, except for the light in front of them. The boys had to shield their eyes in order to see. It looked like a building that they were staring at. A house, maybe. The only way to tell was by the windows. Jim M. looked at his rival.
“Should we go in?” he asked.
“Don’t have much of a choice now do we?” Jim H. asked.
“No,” the other boy replied. Then, the boys walked up to the door. They went inside running.
Everything felt dull inside. The black lightened up some. The boys looked around some.
“Where are we now?” Mozingo asked.
“Still no clue,” Hawking replied. Suddenly, his crystal went off in a flash. Jim H. hid it as fast as he could. Mozingo looked up quickly.
“What was that?” he asked.
“Uh… nothing,” Hawking said quickly. “Nothing!” Mozingo didn’t believe him.
“Come on!” he called. “Show me!” He rushed forward to the other Jim and began to tackle him. Hawking tried to fight back. But, Mozingo proved too fast for him. He grabbed Jim H’s crystal when it fell out in the open. However, the black crystal shocked him right in the hand. The boy drew back his hand in pain.
“Ow, damn it!” he yelled out. “What the hell is that thing?” Jim H. looked away quickly.
“I can’t tell you!” he mumbled.
“Why not?” Mozingo asked. Jim H. bit his lip.
“It’s hard to explain,” he replied. Then, the body crystal glowed again. Jim H. tried to contain it with no success. The other Jim watched on.
“Why is it glowing like that?” he asked.
“I don’t know,” Hawking replied. The crystal floated upwards towards a narrow hallway at the other end. Both boys looked at the doorway. They turned to each other.
“I think it wants us to go that way.” Hawking whispered.
“Are you sure?” Mozingo asked him. Hawking nodded once at him.
“Trust me,” he replied. “This crystal seems to know when I’m in trouble.” Mozingo wasn’t too convinced.
“You sure?” he asked.
“You want to get out of here or not?” Hawking questioned sharply. Mozingo went quiet at that one.
“Exactly!” Jim H. said sharply. “Now let’s go!” The other Jim just nodded. Then, the boys ran straight into the doorway. The path seemed like a long way to go. Both Jims ran as fast as they could without looking back. The path became steep stairs. The boys didn’t quit though. Escape was more important at the moment. As they kept rising with each step, the darkness began to lighten up. Both Jims ran faster towards the light. At last, they came to another entry. Jim and Jim ran right through the doorway.
Outside looked really normal. Tree and green were all around them. Birds sang loudly in the trees. The boys looked around them. They found themselves in a typical neighborhood. Only… with no people.
“Where is everybody?” Mozingo asked aloud.
“Dead…” Hawking mumbled in a daze. Mozingo looked at him nervously.
“You’re kidding right?” he asked. “Right?” Silence. “Cut it out!” Mozingo cried out. Silence. Hawking didn’t turn to him.
“Waste from the people came and overtook them,” he went on.
“The waste from where?” Mozingo asked. Hawking didn’t speak. He just pointed forward. Mozingo looked on at the plants. They looked so green and healthy. But then, it hit Mozingo.
“The plants killed everyone?” he asked in surprise. The boy froze up in fear. “Will it kill us?” Mozingo asked.
“No,” Hawking replied. “We are safe now. But we have to leave.” Mozingo looked around some.
“But how?” he asked.
“Follow and don’t look back!” Hawking ordered. Then, he began walked forward. The boy quickly tried to put it all together piece by piece.
“Hey!” he called out. “Wait up Jim!” Then, Mozingo ran after the entranced body bearer. Their walk seemed to take miles. Mozingo had to run to keep up with Hawking. The body bearer kept walking at a steady pace. The plants became thicker and thicker. Mozingo kept his eyes straight forward. Then, the lights popped out brightly. The boys sped up even more. Time and their hearts raced against them.
Jim H. and Jim M. reached the end of their journey alive and together in one piece. Hawking returned to Earth instantly.
“What happened?” he asked. “Where are we?” The boys looked around for a moment. They were home again. This was the city and life was abundant here. The boys became overjoyed. They were home at last.
“We made it!” Mozingo called.
“Yeah,” Hawking replied. “But from where?” They turned behind them and saw an old wooden broken down sign. “Nellyville” was the town’s name. The boys went quiet at that one. They just went their separate ways as if nothing had happened. Jim H. never got those lunches.

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