Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Vol 1: Chap 7 The Samauri and the Lady ( Chapter 7 )

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The Samurai and the Lady

Amethyst was ready. She had planned this since last night. « Time for phase two. » she thought. Phase two to get Kenshin and Kaoru together that is.
The Icelandic thought she would try from a different angle. She was going to try from the guy’s side. « Kenshin! » she called out. « I need to talk to you! » Amethyst looked around. « Hmm. » she thought. « Where is he?« 

Amethyst found Kenshin doing the laundry behind the dojo. The Icelandic decided to sneak up on him. So she started doing so. However, Kenshin silently caught on. He slowly paused and waited for whoever was coming. But, Amethyst saw that he knew and slowed down. « Now nani? » she thought. She had iie other option. It was time to charge forward! So the Icelandic backed up some and charged forward on her stakes.
Kenshin turned to see Amethyst charging towards him like lighting. « ORO?!? » he exclaimed. The girl kept charging. The rurouni grew worried. Finally, Amethyst pounded and tackled him. « Ughhh! » he exclaimed. The two landed onto the ground with Amethyst on top. The Icelandic smirked looked at her friend. « Impressive, eh? » she asked. *Kenshin is knocked out cold with swirls in his eyes.* « *Sweat drop* Whoops. » said Amethyst.

« Nani is it, Amethyst? » Kenshin asked a few minutes later. « Uh… » the Icelandic began. How should she say this? « Kenshin, » she tried again. « Can I ask you something? » « Hai. » he replied. Amethyst looked around. Then she leaned close to the rurouni’s ear. « Do you have a special someone in you life? » the Icelandic cupid asked. Upon hearing this, Kenshin’s cheeks grew ringo aka. The cupid saw this out of the corner of her eye. « Ohhh! » she said. « You do have someone! » Kenshin nodded. Part ichi part A was complete. « Now for part B. » Amethyst thought.
« Now, » she said. « Let me guess who it is! Don’t tell me! » The cupid then pretended to be thinking. Kenshin grew akaer with embarrassment. Amethyst grinned. « I got it! » she exclaimed. Kenshin’s eyes grew big. « She knows! » he thought. « Could it be….: Amethyst said. « *Giggle* Kamiya Kaoru! » Kenshin blushed and nodded. « I knew it! » the cupid yelled. Kenshin’s face was fiery aka.
« Aw, don’t worry, » Amethyst said. « I can help you win her. » Kenshin looked up. He couldn’t believe nani he was hearing. « Re-Really? » he asked. « Uh-huh. » said Amethyst. The rurouni was unsure at first. Maybe this was a trick. Or was she for real? Then was only ichi way to find out.
Kenshin swallowed hard and approached the cupid. « Show me how. » he said. Amethyst grinned. « Gladly. » she said. « Follow me. » Kenshin complied.

They found Kaoru practicing kendo. She looked lovely today. Kenshin couldn’t stop staring. « Lovely, eh? » Amethyst asked. Kenshin nodded. She could tell he wasn’t listening. However, Amethyst all ready had an excellent plan in mind.
« Uh…. Kenshin. » she said. « Oro? » he asked. The cupid pulled him closer to him. « I have a way for you to win her. » Amethyst whispered. Kenshin listened closely as she explained the whole plan.
Then, Kenshin slowly approached her. Kaoru didn’t seem to notice. The rurouni grew closer. Amethyst crossed her fingers. « Now to startle her. » she thought. The cupid looked around. Then an idea hit her. It was under her feet. « Aw yeah! » she thought. The cupid stamped her foot down hard onto the wooden floor. Such movement shook the walls. Kaoru’s head jerked up. Such a noise caught her off guard that the sensei nearly fell over. But someone caught her!
Kaoru slowly looked up. Kenshin stood over her grinning. The sensei began to blush. « Are you okay Kaoru-dono? » the rurouni asked. Kaoru couldn’t speak. She just nodded. Kenshin was relieved. « That’s good. » he said. Amethyst was watching closely. « Just say the right words! » she thought. Her heart pounded.

The couple was blushing. Tension grew higher. Amethyst crossed her fingers harder. Sweat developed on Kenshin’s nape. Nani could he say?
« Uh… » he said. Both females waited for the man to reply. ‘Just be more careful. » said Kenshin. « All…right. » Kaoru responded. Amethyst waited for him to say more. Kenshin just helped Kaoru up and walked off. *Amethyst falls down*

That evening, Amethyst was in Mina Tokyo thinking about the aftermath of today’s mission. She was in distress. Both targets were hopeless. This was going to be a hard mission. « Oi! » she thought. « They both need a lot of work! » The cupid just sighed.

All is Fair in Love and Frustration….

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