Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Vol 1: Chap 7. Physic Angel ( Chapter 7 )

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Psychic Angel

Aisha wasn’t the only one watching the dragon bearers. In the skies, a greater evil was watching. « Baal. » a dark voice echoed. « Tsk. Tsk. You wanted what you couldn’t have. » The wind grew heavy. « The pawns are set and ready for playing! » the dark chanted out. He began sliding downwards. « The game is set. » said he. « Now, it’s time to begin! » The dark’s laughter filled the sky.
Fade was jumping rope in the backyard when she sensed something. « Hello? » asked she. « Who’s there? » The girl looked around. « Uh…. » she said nervously. The winds grew dark. « I sense evil! » Fade thought. The clouds blackened. Soon an cinchy laugh followed. The little girl began to turn. But she turned too late. For a darkened hand seized Fade and pulled her into the Unknown.
Jim was going out to the garage to work on his car when he sensed someone coming up behind him at great speed. He began to turn. But the boy was to slow to turn. Aisha pounced on him from behind as fast as lighting and tackled Jim to the ground. He finally managed to break away and stand up. « What do you want? » he snapped at last. « Oh nothing. » said Aisha. Jim snorted and began to walk off. « But, I do know your secret. » said she. Jim froze dead in his tracks. He turned sharply. « What do you mean? » the body bearer asked. « I saw you last night. » Aisha said. The boy fled to her feet. « Dozo Aisha! Don’t tell Gene, Melfina, and Susuka! They wouldn’t understand! Dozo don’t tell! » Jim pleaded. Aisha thought for a moment. « Well… » she began. Jim’s eyes grew big. « All right. » Aisha said at last. Jim filled with gratitude. « Arigato Aisha! » said he. « However, » the cltar-cltar said. The boy froze. « Hai? » he asked. « Let me help you! » Aisha blurted out. Jim was taken-aback. « It makes sense. I know your secret. Now I should help. Dozo! » said Jim. He wasn’t counting on this. But he knew he to answer.
But before Jim could answer, he heard a voice telepathically. « Jim help me dozo!!! » it cried. « That’s Fade! » he thought. « Well, Jim. » said Aisha. « Uh…. Aisha, I have to go now. But I’ll give you an answer later. » Jim explained. Then he quickly ran away. « You better promise! » Aisha yelled after him. « Okay! » he yelled.
In the Unknown, Fade had her hands chained together on a dark throne. « Coward! What do you plan to do with me?!? » she yelled. « Just want the dragon. » the Dark said. « So you kidnapped me?!? » Fade snapped. « Once I’m done with them, I’ll finish you. » said he. The girl broke into a cold sweat. « Hurry guys! » she thought.
At the park, Jim met up met with Lizzie and Ruthie. « What took ya?!? » Ruthie snapped. « Aisha knows. » said he. The girls grew pale. « Aisha’s that cat-girl, right? » said Lizzie. Jim nodded. Bitterness descended. « But she promised not to tell. » said Jim. The girls relaxed. « All ready then? » Lizzie asked. « Hai. » said her companions. « Okay then. » the heart bearer said. Then she turned and said a spell. « I have found her. » Lizzie said. « Where? » Jim and Ruthie asked. « She’s in the Unknown. » said the heart bearer. « The Unknown, what’s that? » Ruthie asked. « I’ve seen it. » said Jim. « It’s worse than hell. » He turned to Lizzie. « Can you take us there? » Jim asked her. Lizzie nodded. Then she turned again and said: « Souls of the Unknown, open your path and heed your master. » A kuro hole opened. The three dragon bearers entered in quietly. The hole closed behind them.
« Here they come! » the Dark said. Then he disappeared down to the dragon bearers. Fade watched in terror. « Dragon bearers. » she thought. « Be careful.« 
The dragon bearers were walking along when Jim sensed something from behind. « Stand your guard! » said he. « Why? » Ruthie asked. A purple light shaped like a boomerang flew out and them. The three kids fell to the mud. « That’s why! » Jim yelled. A loud laugh followed. The dragon bearers looked up. A dark cloud descended. « Nai way! » Jim yelled. The cloud took form into a man. He looked at them all one by one. « You’re the three dragon bearers? » the Dark asked at last. « You’re just bearers? » the Dark asked at last. « You’re just little kids. » Do we fight him? » Lizzie asked. « Do we have a choice? » Jim whispered back. Lizzie looked at the Dark. « Iie. » said she. « Then, we have to fight. » said Jim. Lizzie didn’t like the sound of that.
« Finally, a challenge. » said the Dark. « Now let’s see what you possess. » Then he drew out a black sword. The dragon drew out their usual.
Alas, the battle begun. It was mostly cat and mouse. Finally, the Dark slashed his sword. The blow was aimed at Lizzie. « Lizzie, look out! » Jim yelled as ran towards her. But when he pushed her out of the way, Jim received the blow. « Jim!!! » Lizzie cried as the boy fell to the ground. The Dark grinned. Lizzie eyed Ruthie. « What should we do? » her eyes seemed to say. « Fight on! » Ruthie said aloud. Lizzie just nodded.
The battle raged on. Each blow was worse than the last. Ruthie saw that their chances of winning were growing thin. She looked at her bow and arrows and then at Lizzie. An idea struck her. « Lizzie! » the brain bearer called out. The heart bearer looked up. Ruthie signaled for her. Lizzie rushed over. « Hai? » she whispered. « Let’s combine powers. » Ruthie whispered back. The heart’s bearer’s eyes grew big. « But Ruthie…. Will it work? » asked she. « I don’t know! We’ll just have to try it! » Ruthie snapped. « But what if…..? » the heart bearer began. « Don’t ‘What if.’ Just do it! » the brain bearer hissed. Lizzie nodded.
The girls rose to their feet. « Want more, ladies? » the Dark asked. « Oh yeah! » said Ruthie. Then she drew her bow and shot the arrow. « Kaze on’nashujin, michibiku kanojo-no ya!!! » Lizzie prayed out. The arrow caught fire. The flaming object pierced into the Dark’s chest. The creature broke and sailed up into the sky. The girls were shocked. Did…..they just…..win? Hai! They did win! Lizzie and Ruthie rejoiced. « Don’t get so excited girls! » the Dark’s voice echoed. The two dragon bearers looked up to the sky. « You may have won now, but I’ll be back! I am immortal!!! » said he. The fiend’s laughter echoed through the Unknown.
The three dragon bearers continued on through the Unknown. (Ruthie had to carry a bleeding and wounded Jim on her back. She complained about it, but secretly, the brain bearer enjoying helping her crush.) The trio made it to the throne where Fade was sitting hostage. The girl looked up. « You’re all okay! » said she. « Hai. And how are you? » Ruthie asked. « Fine. Just get me home. » said Fade. « Sure. Just a sec. » the brain bearer said. Ruthie began unlocking Fade’s chain while Lizzie healed Jim. « Arigato. » said he when he felt better. « You’re welcome. » the heart bearer said.
« Already to go? » Lizzie asked. « Hai! » said the others. Then the heart bearer turned and began praying. « Souls of the living, come forth to us and guide us home. » said she. This time, the four kids began rising up out of the Unknown.
That evening, Jim and Aisha sat on the roof looking at the stars. « Aisha. » said Jim. « Hai? » asked the cltar-cltar. « You know how you asked if you can help? » asked he. « Hai. Why? » Aisha asked. « Well… » the boy began. He took a deep breath and said: « Hai. You can help us. » Aisha grew excited. « Oh arigato Jim! » she exclaimed. « Yeah. Yeah. *Sigh* » he sighed. This was taking an interesting turn.


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