Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction ❯ Vol.1 Chap. 11: Stalker Shounen ( Chapter 11 )

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Stalker Shounen

« Video tape? Check. » He was packing his gear up for the mission. « Do I have everything? » he thought. He looked around, and then felt in his pockets. His hands froze. « Uh-oh! » he thought. Then he frantically looking for nani he lost.
Finally, he found his navy blue pen under the sofa, stuffed it in his pocket, grabbed his gear, and headed out the door.
Elsewhere, Spike had just come back from turning a huge bounty over to the police station. He was heading down to the bar. Hai, friends! Spike was in a good mood.
He followed close on the bounty hunter’s trail. The mission: Film Spike as much as he can. Hai san! Film Spike. It was like a dream come true. He always wanted to do this. And now…
« I shall not fail!!! » he thought with pride. Then he rushed across the street and into an alley next to the bar.
Sakura stood outside of the Bebop. The light natsu breeze blew through her lovely pinkish strawberry hair. It was like a dream. She only wished….
« Sakura! » the tenshi-chi heard someone call out to her. Sakura turned to see Faye standing in the doorway. « Naze do you stay out here day after day? » she asked in a bored voice. « Cause, » the tenshi-chi answered as she turned. « It all remains me of a dream. The kaze, the sky, the sea, it’s all like a great dream. » Faye just looked at her as if she was on crack. « Uh…right…. » she said. « Bai. » Then Faye hurried back inside the ship. Sakura went back to watching the scenery.
He turned on his camera and turned the lenses to himself. « Hi everybody. » he whispered. « Teshima Daisuke here. My mission is to film Spike Spiegel as many times as possible. Wish me luck! » The boy grinned and turned the camera to the bar. Through the small windows, Daisuke got a good view. A little hazy, but it was still good.
Inside, Spike was having yet another drink. « This is our hero’s second one. » Dai informed. « Hope he doesn’t get too drunk this time. »
Spike had too much on his mind to drink anything. All was about Sakura. Naze was she here on Mars? Who was she looking for? Who is Amadeus? These questions tortured his ever-living mind. And then there was that picture. Did this mean Sakura wasn’t a tenshi-chi? Or was it a hoax? So many notions….
Then, a cold feeling came over him. Spike jerked his head up and looked around. Everything seemed normal. « Someone’s here! » he thought. Spike began looking around nervously.
Outside, Daisuke grew nervous himself. « He’ll see me! » he thought in fear. The boy looked around. Then….
« I’ve got it! » Daisuke thought. « I’ll go to the Bebop! » And with that, the boy rushed to the ship.
At the Bebop, the sun had set. Daisuke took his time walking. « This was a great idea! » he thought. « All I have to do is hand around here for a while and leave in the morning! I am so damn smart! » But that was about to change.
Daisuke was almost to the Bebop when… The boy stopped cold in his tracks. « Oh my Kami… » he thought when he saw her. Sakura was still standing outside. The light evening breeze blew through her lovely schoolgirl outfit. Her gorgeous hair blew gracefully. Ichi word could describe her perfectly: Megami. Her beauty her overtaken Daisuke. « Am I dreaming? » he thought. Hentai thoughts entered his mind. The boy’s nose was even bleeding.
Then, Sakura turned her head and looked. Daisuke snapped out of his lust and turned bright aka. « Uh… » Sakura said. « Can I help you? » « Well, I uh… » Daisuke began. « Nani do I do? » he thought. Sweat began pouring down his neck.
« I need directions to the park! » the boy said at last. « Is that it? » Sakura asked. Daisuke nodded. « Gominasai, » the tenshi-chi said. « I don’t know either. » « Arigato sama! » the boy yelled. Then he bowed and ran away. Sakura just looked.
Daisuke wandered through the city. « Nani a babe! » he thought. The boy didn’t get much of Spike on tape. But there was tomorrow. Then a great idea hit him. « A handsome strong action hero + a sexy young woman=romantic love story!!!! » he thought. « Oh yeah!!! » Daisuke yelled. « I am so damn smart!!! » Then he rushed back to the tech shop.

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