❯ Untouchable Angel – What Are You Planning ( Chapter 3 )

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After Angelic Class it was lunch.
My mom made so much to eat, but then again she always does.
I looked around and than I eyed an empty table.
I walked over to it and dropped my lunch by the seat of the table. The schoolyard was quite big.
I took my seat and plopped my head into my hands and sighed. School was not going good so far.
Then I looked forward. I saw two girls swiftly headed my way.
I looked at them carefully, but as they approached me with true smiles I returned to normal.
The first girl smiled largely, and it seemed her eyes would pop out at any moment.
I smiled back.
“Hello, you’re the new girl. I’m Yuka Mishizono.” She bowed lightly then lifted her head and gave off another eye- popping smile.
I laughed to myself.
Yuka grabbed the girl’s arm that was next to her. She pulled her forward.
I could see she was a very shy person so I made my introduction first. “I’m Tsu-“ “Your Tsubasa Mihara. The Angelic Layer champ.” She gently smiled, as I did.
“Yes, how did you know?” I asked very curious as to how.
“I recognized you.” She swiftly replied and I was shocked.
“From where?” I opened my ears and leaned in closer.
“We played when we were little. I guess you don’t remember.” She sighed, and I nodded.
“Maybe if you tell me your name I’ll remember.” I tried to pry her name out.
“Oh, sorry. I’m Kaori Shibuya.” She proudly announced.
I remembered. “Oh. Your Ringo and Sosuke’s girl.” She nodded.
“Now I Remember.” I smiled and she smiled too.
“Kaori has a special talent for remembering things. She could meet a person just once and know it’s them twenty years later.” I laughed at this, but Kaori denied. Somehow I believed Yuka.
“Anyway, Champ. Let’s be friends.” Yuka said as she and Kaori put their hands out to me.
I smiled and accepted them. We laughed. We don’t know why we just did.
“It was funny today when you explained the history of yourself.” I smiled and rolled my eyes. Kaori lightly giggled.
Then hell itself approached.
“Kaori. I don’t know why you hang out with them.” Kei sat next to her and his friend from earlier winked at me. “Uh . . .” I said to myself in disgust.
“I mean you are Ringo’s daughter. You could hang out with us instead of losers.” Yuka squinted her eyes, and Kaori looked down.
Kei laughed and they all started to walk away, but before he did he came over and put himself next to my ear.” See you at 8:30” He smirked and winked as he left.
I whipped my head around and sneered.
What about 8:30?
Next I had math class.
Unfortunately Kei and I had every class together. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, and about him.
What was he planning?
I drifted away from my studies and looked over at Kei I intently looked upon him.
That’s the Kei I wished for, but didn’t receive.
He was sleeping and looked so nice and so peaceful.
I stole one last, quick glance at him.
What are you planning?

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