❯ Untouchable Angel – History Me ( Chapter 2 )

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Class had soon begun and the teacher announced that battles would start next week and go on. Though today we were learning about the history of Angelic Layer, which wasn’t very long.
I mean considering the one who thought up of it was my uncle.
How old could it be, but then again teachers have a thing for making small things last for a long, long time.
And so it began. She passed out books; written upon them were `Angelic Layer, a noble legacy’
Please how noble could it be it’s just a game.
“Class, Today we will learn about Tsubasa Mihara. The youngest to ever win the championship games at the age of four. A noble legacy indeed.”, she looked like she was going to break down from emotion. I laughed to myself.
We turned to the page we were told to and then looked to the teacher.
She asked.” Do any of you know anything about Tsubasa.”, I immediately raised my hand in amusement, and so did everyone else. (Not w/ amusement though)
“Hmmm. “, she took her sweet time like she was picking winner of the Nobel Prize or something.
“You, young lady.”, she chose me and everyone looked to me.
“Well she obviously won the tournament at the young age of four. Her mother and father are Misaki and Ojirou Mihara. Misaki won the championship her first time around, and her father was the young nobleman of Angelic Layer. They became known as King and Queen of the Layer when they began to see each other.
Her mother’s two best friends were Toamyo and Kotaro. Their son Is Kei Kobayashi, Tsubasa Mihara’s First Best friend. Kotaro’s younger sister, Hatoko Kobayashi was known as the kindergarten kid. She was so good at the age of five.
Misaki’s angel is known, as Hikaru Ojirou’s was Wizard. Hatoko’s was Suzuka. Kei’s is Dark, and Tsubasa’s is Setsuna. Later they moved away from their friends.”, I took a breath and stopped.
People gave me glares of amazement. “Studying”, I said blankly and took my seat.
The whole time we learned about how great I—I mean Tsu-chan is.
And the whole time Kei looked at me intently, and I wondered.
`Could he possibly know?’

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