❯ Untouchable Angel – Back Again ( Chapter 1 )

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Untouchable Angel
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Chapter one: Back Again
“Sweetie, Tsubasa. Tsubasa come on wake up.”, Ojirou Mihara tried to wake his daughter.
“Dad. . .”, I opened my eyes and moaned as I looked at my clock.5:56 a.m.
“Fine, fine, I’m up.”, I yawned at sat up in bed.
Today is my very first day of school. We recently moved. So today I’m starting a new school. I’m 17 years old. Tsubasa Mihara.
My parents, Misaki Mihara and Ojirou Mihara are the king and queen of Angelic Layer. I’m what you call the princess or something like that.
But I quit a long time ago. I had beaten everyone at the age of four, and then stopped. I was the best there was. Me and Setsuna, my angel.
I guess I would like to go back into it, but I don’t know. I mean I’m a legend, but I disappeared. People remember me like you wouldn’t believe, but know no one really knows that I’m her.
The amazing Tsu-chan.(nick-name) The untouchable angel.
We moved so we could be by my mother and fathers closest friends they’re very close to me as well, and my old best friend. Tomayo and Kotauro Kobayashi, and Kei. All of a sudden we moved, out of the blue we had to say goodbye and that was it. He was good at angelic layer, but not a match compared to me.
Now we moved back.
So I got into my uniform, blue with a white ribbon in front and blue skirt with a white ribbon in back. Blue socks to over my knees with white ordinary shoes. Nothing special.
Put my hair, which reaches to the bottom of my chest, in a ponytail and slipped a white ribbon onto the top.
Then before I knew it I was at school. I walked into my classroom with everyone seated- of course I was late. The teacher walked over to me ad prepared her voice.
“Welcome. Class we have a new student. Tsubasa.”, I meekly smiled and the first thing I noticed was, him.
Kei Kobayashi.
I walked down the class room as he and his girls, who were surrounding him, looked over me and smirked. There were atleast 14.
“Another geek.”, He smiled. “I don’t know, she does need some work, but her legs are alright.”, the boy next to Kei said and winked, I frowned and rolled my eyes continuing down the classroom.
Homeroom was so boring. All I did was sit there. Setsuna tightly locked away in my bag. I just messed with the end of my hair. Then the bell rang.
It was time for first class, but I was angry how could he not remember me?
We were best friends since we were babies. I decided to forget about it for ow. Now what is my next class. . .? Oh yeah.
Next was angelic layer class, this was an upside to school.
But school wasn’t exactly `great’ so far.

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