❯ Unlikely Heroes – Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A/N: This fanfic was actually a school project I had to do for reading class, and it turned out to be a 98%, so I decided to make a fanfiction out of it! Hope you all enjoy my hard work, as I put alot of time into this plot. It would be great if you guys reviewed, but you dont nessecarily have to. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Ridding Hood.

Alice was currently on her way to the new palace, which was now occupied by a new, white queen, rather than the evil Queen of Hearts. Ever since Alice left Wonderland, she had actually been able to come back a few different times, and she was back once again in her later teens. She was on her way to the new palace to attend a political meeting(since she was old enough)that only the most EXCLUSIVE citizens of Wonderland could attend. Alice was beyond exclusive.
Along the stone path she was traveling on, in the distance, she could see the white rabbit. He was hopping furiously down the path towards her, waving his arms.
Once he reached her, he was out of breath, only being able to sputter a few words that sounded like, »Quick! Run…castle…emergency… » That sent her bolting towards the castle.
Once she reached it, nothing seemed out of place, or disorderly.  » It must be something about the meeting, » she wondered. She happened to run upon a little shrew, which pointed her in the direction of the meeting.
Alice eventually found the court room, and burst in without a second though.  » What is it? What’s the emergency? »
Inside the court room were some of the most famous citizens, also Alices friends. The Mad Hatter, Door Mouse, Tweedle Dee and Dum, March Hare, and even the new Queen all eyed her mischieviously.
 » Alice! » Hatter cried.
She didn’t know what to think. Everyone looked calm and sensible. Noone was losing their wits, well, Hatter never really had any.
 » Wha…what’s the emergency? »
The new queen stood with much grace, then beckoned Alice to come towards her.  » Oh my, » She said.  » I think the White Rabbit misundertood my directions. I asked him to tell you to hurry, and that it was of utmost urgency, but he must have thought I had told him emergency. Those are two different words entirely! » The Queen let out a soft but jolly laugh.
 » Oh… I thought something had gone wrong. » Alice sunk into the nearest chair, next to Hatters.
 » That’s where your wrong my dear, » He said. » Something HAS gone wrong. Just. Not. Here. » He stops to twirl a lock of Alice’s hair.  » PRINCESS trouble. »
 » What? » Alice didn’t know Wonderland had a princess. Or maybe they were going to try and choose one.
But before Alice could ask, Abosolum sauntered in, along with his trail of smoke.  » Ahhh, Absolum. Perfect timing. » The Queen gestered for him to take an empty seat, but he casualy brushed her off and stood above the court table.
 » I have stumbled across some unfortunate news, » He says.  » As most of you have learned from Alice, the world we live in now, is one of many, hidden, within the universe. That means there are countless worlds and unknown lands, even above and beyond Alices home country. Right now, It seems that all of the worlds are at peace, evil being done out with. But as I was talking to the stars last night, I learned of a new universe. A universe so large it can CREATE new worlds! One of the worlds it did create, was Alices home country itself! The name of this alternate dimension is Disney. The horrible news is, that the land of Disney seems to take a liking to creating princesses. Unfortuneatley, whenever they make a princess, they also make a villian. Eventually, they fumbled, and made an unstopable monster that kidnaps princesses from all over their world, and stores them to eat later. » Absolum shivered.  » Alice, young one, you were not made to live in the Disney world because you are not a princess. A strange twist of fate. »
Alice was shocked that she was created by someone in a different world, but right now all she wanted to know was how this affects Wonderland.
 » Abosolum, how does this affect all of us here in an entirely different universe? » Alice watched as Absolums face grew grim, and she soon wished she hadn’t asked.
 » This affects all of us. Why? Because I also learned, from what the stars told me, that once the monster finishes licking the princesses bones clean, it will no longer hunger for just princessess, but any living thing. » Absolum paused. Alice still didn’t know how this was connected to Wonderland. » Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the beast can travel between worlds, and that since ours is directly tied to this Disney place, we could very likely be next. »
Gasps were heard from all around the court room, and Alice could feel the fear in the air.
 » So is it already upon them? » The March Hare asks, trembling.
 » No, they have no way to prepare themselves. Only I speak with the stars and mark the calendar. We must send them our best warrior. » Absolum then turns to face Alice.  » Alice, you have slayed the Jaberwocky and you are the only one among us who have ever had expieriance traveling between worlds, well besides the White Rabbit, but he isn’t warrior material. »
Alice wasn’t scared of the monster, she was only scared of leaving Wonderland again. She had decided around two weeks before that she would become a permanent warrior/ resident in Wonderland. Now she had to leave her beautiful place once more.
 » I will Absolum. I will warn the people of Disney, and save the princesses if it is too late. » Alice then bowed before Absolum and the Queen.  » Your majesty, with your blessing. »
The Queens septar was the only one Alice was expecting, but she felt others. Hatters cane, March Hares tea cup, Absolums pipe, Dee and Dums stubby hands, Door Mouses sword. All together for what might be the last time. Alice and the others could not believe this happened so fast, but Absolum was right. She was the only one capable.
After Alice recieved everyones blessing, she only had one question to ask.  » How will I get to this… Disney Land. » But Absolum had that figured out. If Alice could get to their world falling down, then to get to a bigger universe would require her going up. Way, way up.
Luckily, the Hatter and March Hare had been working on something in their spare time, and with Absolums own little touch, it was made to shoot Alice so far above the clouds, you couldn’t see her with a telescope. At first, climbing into the cannon like mouth was hard because the opening was as thin as a couple of books put end to end, but once she got her hips through, it was actually cozy inside, and she slipped right in. After getting snug, Alice swung her head back around to the sound of a snake hiss, thinking that maybe there was a snake sneaking up behind her. But it was worse. The Mad Hatter was lighting the contraption, meaning it really WAS a cannon. That also meant when it fired…she was going to flare up and burn.
 » HATTER! ARE YOU MAD? » Alice screamed at the top of her lungs. Hatter turned to face her.
 » Last time I recall, you knew dear Alice. » He just grinned and walked away.
Alice flailed and tried to pull out but she was stuck. In real life, unprotected cannons that shot people killed them. Burned them. Then she remembered that this wasn’t actual reality, and that Hatter and Absolum would never hurt her. Magic was probably what would be propelling her forward. And she was right. As the cannon went off, she did not burst into flames, but was propelled up by a silver light, higher and higher, above the clouds in seconds. But within those seconds, Alices mind went fast enough to say good bye. Good bye to all her friends and the majestic place of Wonderland.
She closed her eyes.