Case Closed Fan Fiction ❯ Unfolding The Truth ( Chapter 89 )

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The Detective Prince
Chapter 89
Unfolding The Truth

He had finally arrived back after his trip to the city. He took little time trailing up the stairs, reaching for the keys stalled away within his jacket.  Upon reaching the last step he had the door open before him.

« How did things turn out on your visit to the city? »

« Just fine Alfred, » Bruce replied. « I past by several of the construction sights on my way back. »

« And what did you make of it? »

« It’s coming along well, promising even, » Bruce replied. « From the looks of things that area should be cleared up by the end of next month. »

« That’s good to hear. »

He moved off to the side, allowing for him to step into the house.

« It’s queit, » Bruce said listening to the door close from behind. « Where is everyone? »

« Conan was in the study for a period of time, but just recently strolled off into the book room to look into something, » Alfred replied. « Damian on the other hand has yet to appear from his room. »

« He’s usually out by now. »

« Would you like for me to go and check on him again? »

« Don’t bother, » Bruce said in response. « He’ll be out when he’s ready. »

« Of course. »

« I’ll be right back. »

« Where are you heading off to now? » Alfred asked.

« To the book room to check on our progress, » Bruce replied. « The police still have no idea who killed Salomon and the other person found in the wreckage, it’s up to us to help speed the process. »

« I’m open if there is anything I can help with. »

« I’ll keep that in mind. »

With nothing further he looked the other side, heading directly for the book room. The door was slightly cracked open upon reaching it, taking a look inside to see him sitting at the desk with many books piled about.

« Mind if I join you? » Bruce asked taking a step in.

« Not at all, » Conan said looking his way. « Between the computer and these books, I’ve been digging up as much as I can on the Quetzal. »

« And what have you found? »

« Stints here and there, but nothing significant that relates back to the crime, » Conan replied. « It might be in our best interest to take another route, maybe with that printed symbol you mentioned. »

« You mean the triangular colon inclosed within the oval? »

« Wasn’t that the only emblem drawn on the wall? »

« On the wall yes, but after revisiting the imagery obtained from the scene there were other symbols marked out along the ground, » Bruce informed. « I’ve already done a hard search on each and produced no results in conclusion. »

« I guess that holds us at square one, » Conan said. « What about the markings on the floor, do you think I could have a look at them for myself? »

« Of course, » Bruce replied. « I’ll print out a copy of them, I’ll have it to you by the end of the day. »

« And what of that man you saw in the dark, » Conan asked. « The one who sent that place up in flames? »

« I enhanced the lighting and clarity of the image taken of him, the same symbol that was on the wall was around his neck, » Bruce informed. « In the form of a necklace. »

« That adds some depth to the equation, » Conan said. « Anything else worth mentioning? »

« Though he had on a hood I did get a clear shot of his hair type, cut low, » Bruce added. « Which is identified as a buzz cut. »

« That hardly narrows down the list, » Conan said. « But it does inch us in just that closer. »

« Who said it was just one guy? »

« You think there were more involved? »

« Embedded within the blood on the ground were foot prints, there were at least five different sets, » Bruce informed. « Possibly more. »

« And the only way they could have gotten there was after Saloman was drained of his blood, » Conan said. « Makes sense, now all we have to do is find out who his enemies were or anyone with cause to want him dead. »

« We might not have to look too far, » Bruce said. « I have a feeling this is connected to the death of Eldelmon. »

« I’m almost inclined to agree, but if that is the case » Conan said. « Why the dramatic difference in the way they may have been killed, one appears to have died from a heart attack while the other endured severe abuse. »

« I’m uncertain, » Bruce said. « But if we can somehow find that woman, we might get the answers we’re looking for. »

« Is there anything else I can do to help? »

« You’ve done enough, but if anything comes up, » Bruce said turning for the door. « I’ll let you know. »

He made his way out, leaving the room in a state of silence. He sat for seconds to come, rearranging the books in front of him before returning each to their proper place on the shelf. He then brought his watch to his eyes to check the time.

« It’s much too early, I’ll give it another hour or two. »

The impasse of the roads began to mellow down as they made their way further to the south-west side of the city. He leaned back, allowing his head to fall back into the comfort of the seat. He then stared out to the right side, seeing the many cars heading in the opposite direction.

« You’ve been rather quiet for the past couple minutes, » Rick said still facing the road. « You ok? »

« Got a lot on my mind, it’s nothing to worry about. »

« I guess we all do. »

« How much further until we reach this place? » Heiji asked turning in his seat.

« Funny that you ask, » Rick said with the nod of his head. « We’re here. »

He looked ahead, watching as they entered a lot located next to a large facility.

« Wow, this one is much larger than the last, » Heiji commented. « Makes the other look like a convenience store in comparison. »

« No big surprise there, » Rick said upon bringing the car to a complete stop. « This is the most recently built of the four, the grandest of them all as they’re calling it. »

« Have you been here before? »

« No, this will be my first as well, » Rick replied. « What a treat this should be. »

The two of them exited the car in the following moments, making sure all doors were securely locked before heading for the entrance. They stepped inside, coming to find a spectacle more eye grabbing than what they had seen from the outside.

« This place is larger than I thought it’d be. » Heiji said.

« No kidding. »

« So where’s the crime scene located? » Heiji asked.

« The third floor is where I was told, » Rick replied looking around to spot a staircase on the right side of the room. « That should lead us right to it, hopefully we’re not late for the party. »

« I see no problem in that, » Heiji said as the two headed for the stairs. « As long as we show. »

His investigation had started from that point on, surveying the facility as they ascended from one floor to the next. He took note of all visible exits, including the windows overhead. Before he knew it they had arrived to the third floor, noticing a section of the room on the left side blocked off by crime scene tape.

« That didn’t take long. » Rick said.

« Not at all. »

« Here we go again. » Rick said marching forward.

He followed at his side, still observing the elements of the room as they carried on. Just as they arrived at the scene they were confronted by a police office, stopping at the sight of the raise of his hand.

« I’m sorry, but this section of the third floor is on a bit of a lock down. »

« They’re ok officer, » A familiar voice spoke from the left side. « They’re the detectives I told you would be coming on my behalf. »

They looked that way, coming to find Mr. Ellson standing aside them.

« I’m glad you two were able to make it, as you can see we have ourselves a bit of a situation, » Ellson said. « I don’t think any of us were expecting this thief to strike here. »

« Maybe not all of us, » Rick corrected. « But Hattori here had it sniffed out before hand, we were just about to contact you on the matter after finishing up with a little check in we were on. »

« What are you doing here anyway, » Heiji asked. « Aren’t you the manager of the other Starlest? »

« Once I heard of what had happened, I knew right away it had something to do with the riddles, » Ellson replied. « So tell me, how did you know the thief would strike here. »

« It was what was written in the riddle, » Heiji replied. « Detective Gates, why don’t you take the time to explain it to him while I go give the scene a look. »

« Sure thing. »

« Before I go, » Heiji said. « Is there anything important I should know, the state of the crime perhaps? »

« They suffered surveillance problems just like we had, » Ellson replied. « Other than that, the rest is for you to figure. »

« That can’t be coincidence. »

He then looked back to the scene to see a smile across the officers face.

« Right through here. » The officer instructed with the lift of the tape blocking the path.

He nodded before walking through.

« He’s really on top of it, isn’t he? » Ellson asked.

« It’s not too hard to tell, » Rick confirmed. « Hell, he’s made my job just that much easier since he hopped aboard. »

He followed the trace of glass shards along the ground, following the path all the way to a glass case where he accompanied four other officers.

« I heard they would be sending in reinforcements, but I had no idea you’d be one of them. »

« Officer Basell, » Heiji said immediately recognizing him. « So good to see you. »

« I’m surprise you remembered my name, most don’t for the first couple meetings. »

« How could I forget, you treated me with such hospitality when we first met at the police headquarters. » Heiji remarked.

« Well of course, » Officer Basell said. « Are you ready for a run down? »

« I was ready from the time I stepped into this place. »

« That’s the spirit, » Basell said turning for the glass case. « It’s being reported nothing was taken, just a few set up measures tampered with. »

« And what was it that was rearranged? » Heiji asked walking up to his side.

« Look here, » Officer Basell said pointing downward. « This area of the case was filled with jewelery, someone moved all objects aside and placed these three diamonds in their place. »

He looked at the three diamonds presented before him, diagnosing the differences in each of their properties. The one in the middle was the largest of the bunch with the two on the opposing sides being the same.

« The one on the right is near colorless, if going by a diamond color scale, » Heiji said. « The one in the middle is rather clear, but with a subtle tint of blue. »

« Do you think there’s a meaning to this set up? »

« Possibly, » Heiji replied. « Then you have the last, which is clearly a light yellow. »

« You must know your diamonds. »

« I know a thing or two, but we’ll need more than that, » Heiji said. « Starting with where each of these diamonds came from. »

« Do you mean where they were imported from? »

« Correct. »

It was then that he took notice of the unique designs, that of the rings each of the three diamonds were attached to.

« While were at it, I think we better give the rings a look up, » Heiji said. « There’s a possibility the message is referring to those rather than the rings themselves. »

« A message.. what are you talking about? » Officer Basell asked.

Before he could answer he felt the vibration of his phone from within his pocket.

« One moment, » Heiji said stepping off to the side. « I’ve got an incoming call. »

He pulled out his phone, raising it to his eye to see an unfamiliar number.

« Who could this be? »

He answered after little hesitation.

« Hello? »

« Great, I’m glad I was able to reach you, » A voice spoke. « Was this a convenient time to call? »

« I’m in the middle of something, but I have a second, » Heiji replied. « Who is this by the way? »

« It is I, Fournier Lonard, » He answered. « We met at Wayne Enterprises just the other day. »

« Oh yea, I remember you, » Heiji said. « How may I be of service to you? »

« It wasn’t until recently that you being a detective was brought to my knowledge, » Lonard replied. « I have a little problem, and was wondering if you would be interested in a little job. »

He had finally finished setting things back into place after a short time, spending several more minutes in the room pacing around in thought. He looked up to the clock on the far wall to see the next hour was fast approaching.

« Didn’t realize I had been in here so long, I wonder what the others are up to. »

He made his way for the door, stepping out to see Alfred passing by to the other side of the room.

« I take it you found what you were looking for? »

« Unfortunately not. » Conan replied.

« Oh well, it happens to us all on occasion. »

« Not that I’m worried, but where’s Damian, » Conan asked. « I haven’t seen him all day. »

« Still in the confinement of his room, which has been for most of the day, » Alfred replied. « I was just getting ready to go and check on him. »

« Don’t bother, » Conan said. « I’ll go and give him a knock. »

« Well appreciated. »

He turned for the stairs, taking his time on the way up.

« What could that boy be up to now, » Conan thought. « No telling when it comes to him. »

He reached the next floor in no time, heading straight for the door leading to the narrow hall. He walked with his head aimed to the ground, hearing the sound of something swaying from side to side in the near distance.

« Is that.. is that coming from his room? »

He moved in closer with each step taken, listening as the sound became clearer. He pressed his ear to the door, confirming his suspicion. He then reached for the knob, giving the door a slight nudge to force it open. What he saw swiped the breath from within, gazing upward to see a long black cloth from the ceiling slowly swinging from side to side.

« Oh no! » Conan said forcing the door wide.

What he saw next left him in a state of confusion. His eyes opened at the sound of the commotion, just as surprised to see him standing before him.

« What are you doing in here? » Damian asked with the cross of his arms.

« Why are you hanging upside down connected to.. to whatever that is? »

« It’s a polyester fabric, quite comforting, » Damian replied. « What, did you think this was some kind of fatal hanging? »

« ..Well, um. »

« Sorry to break it to you Kudo, but I’m not one of your self centered emtionally damaged suicidal victims you deal with on a monthly bases, » Damian said raising himself up to untie to long cloth attached to his ankles. « If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you have some kind of fetish for death. »

« How did I get myself into this? » Conan muttered with the shake of his head.

« I understand your concern, » Damian said dropping to the ground. « But if I’m ever in the clutches of danger, I’m more than capable of handling myself. »

« Why were you hanging from the wall like that anyway? »

« Why did you come in unannounced? »

« I’m not here to argue, just volunteered to check on you, » Conan replied. « And you? »

« It’s a form of exercise, » Damian replied. « I must keep in top condition, the mission requires that of us all. »

« At that age I was reading novels and solving puzzles, » Conan thought. « This kid is taking this whole crime fighting thing way too serious. »

« I guess this makes us even. »

« Even, » Conan questioned. « What do you mean by that? »

« I barged into your room uninvited your first night here, » Damian replied. « From here on out, we knock. »

« I’ll hold you to that. »

« As will I, » Damian said in response. « Now if you would, your presence is no longer warranted. »

Not wanting to disappoint he turned away, closing the door on his exit out.

« First and last room check up, from here on out. »

He shut the phone once finished, looking back to the scene to see an additional two officers had joined the fray.

« Who was that, » Rick asked appearing from his blind side. « Another task to add to the already circulating list? »

« They just keep piling up. » Heiji confirmed.

« Anything I can do to help? »

« I’ve got it covered, » Heiji assuringly replied. « How’d things go with Ellson? »

« It took me a couple times to get him to understand the complexity of the riddle, it’s hard enough with me still absorbing this all in. »

« We better tell the others as well, the more who know about this the better. »

« Agreed. »

« Speaking of the others, » Heiji said looking back to the group. « Where did officer Basell run off to? »

« He went to gather some information on the rings and diamonds attached, » Rick replied. « I thought you knew, he said it was on your request. »

« Good, that could prove to be a key element. » Heiji said moving forward.

« Where are you going? »

« To check the glass once more, » Heiji replied. « There could be some significance to how the glass shards were laid out. »

« Don’t tell me you actually believe that? »

« Since the camera’s were down, the broken glass could give us a hint to what was used to shatter it. »

« Ok, you have a point. » Rick said as his phone rang loudly from below.

« Hold on, this will only take a couple. »

What happened next was more than alarming, gazing around the room as several other officers throughout reached for their ringing phones one by one.

« Feels like a domino affect, » Heiji thought. « This can’t be good. »

He stood there for seconds to come, watching as the expression on his comrades face drastically changed from what it had been. He dropped the phone down to his side shortly there after.

« What’s wrong, » Heiji asked. « Who was that? »

« Lieutenant Lucas of the GCPD, » Rick replied. « It seems we’ve got a problem back at the station. »

« Problem, what kind of problem? »

« Someone broke into our weapons center. »

« That’s not good, » Heiji said. « What did they take? »

« Nothing has been reported missing as of yet, » Rick replied. « It’s what was left behind that calls for concern? »

« I can’t wait to hear this. »

« A note, » Rick replied. « In the form of a riddle. »

« You’re not serious are you? »

« Afraid so, » Rick said. « Some small explosion went off alerting everyone of the situation. »

« Was anyone hurt? »

« Fortunately not. »

« That’s a relief, » Heiji said. « So what did this riddle say? »

« I wasn’t told, » Rick replied. « But I think it would be best if I headed down there now. »

« I’d like to come along if that’s alright with you, » Heiji said. « I think we’ve seen all we need to see here. »

« Are you sure? »

« We can always come back or look over the photos taken here today, » Heiji said. « On the plus side, this gives us something to work on while officer Basell gathers information on those rings. »

« Alrighty then, » Rick said. « What do you say we go and tackle this? »

« Right at your side. »

The day smoothly progressed, bringing a showering sprinkle in the coming hours. He laid rested to the bed, leaning his head back into the comfort of his palms. The phone sat to the side of him, glancing that way in the anticipation of its ring.

« I wonder what’s with the hold up, he usually responds by now. »

He leveled his eyes back to the ceiling, listening to the bickering of the rain tapping against the window side. He took a degree of delight to this. Just as he was to close his eyes a sound soaked through the wall, the familiar sound of someone approaching from the hall.

« Looks like I’ve got some company. » Conan thought pushing up from where he laid.

As expected a knock came to the door in a matter of seconds.

« Come in, the door’s unlocked. »

He jumped down from the bed as his visitor entered the room.

« Hope this isn’t a bad time. » Tim said.

« Most certainly not, » Conan said. « I’ve just been sitting around waiting for a call. »

« I went to that cavern last night, she didn’t show. »

« I was afraid that’d be the case. »

« Which was to be expected. »

« So what now, you try again tonight? »

« Possibly, I’m undecided, » Tim replied. « But that’s not why I’m here. »

« It’s not? »

« That database, the one carrying the list of criminals, » Tim began. « Have you found the time to navigate through it all? »

« Not as of yet, I completely spaced out on that  to be honest, » Conan admitted. « But we have made some progress in the case of Salomon Green, as little as it may be. »

« As I’ve heard, » Tim said. « I did a little investigating of my own on the matter. »

« What were you able to find? »

« I searched his financial records for the past two years, » Tim replied. « Bruce said Green had several crates stashed away in his attic, the merchandise within each must have been purchased and then brought in. »

« Makes sense, » Conan said. « I take it you found something? »

« Lots of pricey transactions over the past five months, I’d say he received his collection within that time span. »

« Do you know where he was getting this stuff from? »

« I looked into just that, which turned out to be Miami Florida.. at first glance that is. »

« What do you mean? »

« Every business deal done between him and his accomplices was through computer, » Tim answered. « With that known fact I tracked all messages sent to him in the process of theses deals. »

« And? »

« The person sending the messages to Salomon wasn’t in Miami, not even remotely close. »

« If not in Miami, than where? »

« Here, » Tim replied. « Here in Gotham. »

« But why, » Conan questioned. « There must be a reason why he lead him to believe he was in another state. »

« Which could prove key. »

« So, do we know anything about the people he was in contact with? »

« Though I wasn’t able to trace an exact location for the computer, I did learn of its IP address, » Tim informed. « Whoever is running the show shut down shop from the other end two weeks ago. »

« Just our luck, » Conan commented. « What about these messages you mentioned, did this mystery person ever mention their name? »

« Not by name, but by code, » Tim replied. « The individual referred to them self as.. ‘The Keeper’. »

To Be Continued

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