Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Unexpected ( Chapter 2 )

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–Twisted Workouts—
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Deciding to end the torture, Ziva stared at Kagome silently, looking her over. “And when exactly did our case step over into FBI jurisdiction?” The Israeli woman asked dryly, successfully changing the subject.
Kagome blinked at the question and her gaze snapped to the female member of the NCIS group. After processing the question she furrowed her eyebrows, cocking her head slightly. “Don’t you mean cross…?” she said apprehensively, glancing over at McGee.
Behind her, Tony snickered loudly into his hand.
Ziva glared at her harshly, before sending a curt nod to Kagome. “Yes, that is what I mean.”
Kagome nodded back, the confusion clearing from her face. “Ahh…” Then a serious expression crossed her face. When she spoke, her tone was blank. “Well, it was the second you found my dead partner, Trace, murdered in Quantico…”
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
Their eyebrows shot up at that piece of information.
“Your partner…?” McGee repeated softly, gazing sympathetically at Kagome.
The woman looked away. “Yea… he was assigned to the team a few years back.” Kagome murmured lightly.
Ziva furrowed her eyebrows. “But he did not carry his badge or any kind ID.” She informed Kagome, and her eyes narrowed. « Kacy only carried her NCIS ID. »
Kagome’s head cocked slightly at the. « Hmm, well I don’t know why he didn’t carry his license at least… but… » she trailed off, a sad smile crossing her face as her eyes glazed over in memory. “Trace… had a habit of leaving his badge and FBI ID home. Since him and Kacy worked at rival agencies, he’d like to keep their work-life separate from their private one.”
A tense silence followed her sentence.
Tony shifted awkwardly, giving Kagome a `sorry for you loss’ look. He knew how hard it was to lose a partner… they all did…
Your partner was someone you depended on-trusted your life with. They’d be on your six and vice versa.
They were someone you’d go to hell and back for… a person that would take a bullet with your name on it, all without batting an eye.
…Kate was proof of that…
Kagome rolled her shoulders uncomfortably, shaking her head at them. “Look, don’t worry about it.” She murmured half-heartedly, before her eyes flashed heatedly. “Right now, I just wanna catch the bastard who murdered him and his girlfriend.” Her fists clenched tightly, her knuckles turning a suspicious color of white.
Composing herself, Kagome’s flickered to the agents before her, her bright blue eyes containing a curious glint. “I’m surprised you guys didn’t know Trace was FBI in the first place though. I’m sure you found his gun, right? FBI issued… he never goes out without it.” She gave them a pointed stare, looking for some kind of answer.
McGee blinked. “We didn’t find a gun… » he said slowly. « Just one casing, but we assumed the perp missed it policing his brass.” He informed the woman.
Kagome’s eyes narrowed instantly. They were shot, huh? “Kacy wasn’t carrying either?” Her eyes only narrowed more at the affirmative nod. “Strange, I swear I remember Trace saying it was something they had common. Their guns were like a part of them…” she muttered under her breath.
Their eyes shot over to Kagome, staring at her as they processed what she just told them.
If that was the truth, then where were their guns?
Tony crossed his arms. « You don’t think the killer took their guns? »
Ziva shrugged. « It is possible. Maybe it was a mugging gone wrong. The perp probably cornered them and shot when he or she realized they had guns. »
Tony hmm’d in agreement. « Yea and when he went to steal their valuables, he saw Kacy’s badge, panicked, and took their ID’s and guns. He must have missed her NCIS ID, and only took her wallet instead. »
Ziva nodded shortly. « It would make sense. »
Kagome bit her lip in thought. Sure, it would make sense… except that this didn’t seem as simple as that…
McGee turned over to his desk and picked up the phone. « I’ll call Abby and have her test their clothes for gun residue. » His tone was serious.
Ten minutes later found them discussing possible theories and settling on none of them.
Whatever they discussed, it just didn’t seem to click.
As Kagome leaned against Gibbs’ unoccupied desk, her eyes flickered up as she saw movement off the stairs in front of her.
Stepping away from the desk and straightening, Kagome waited for her boss and the NCIS team leader to approach before sending a curious look to Fornell. « So what’s the verdict? » her voice was wry.
Said man’s lips twitched slightly, but kept his serious, calm composure intact. « We’re working together on this one, naturally.”
Kagome nodded shortly.
Gibbs studied the woman in front of him. « Hope it’s not a problem. » He put out gruffly, though by his tone it wasn’t very sincere.
Kagome only smiled pleasantly, unfazed. « ‘Course not, I look forward to working with you again, » her smile turned to a sly grin. « It’ll be nice to watch the team who likes to get under the FBI’s skin in action. »
Fornell rolled his eyes at his agent, eyes flashing in interest though when he spotted the slight twitch in Gibb’s lips.
If he didn’t know better… he would say that Gibbs almost smiled…
Fornell mentally chuckled-if anyone could make Gibbs’ almost smile or even smile fully, aside from NCIS’ forensic scientist of course, it would be without a doubt one Kagome Higurashi.
That girl had a charismatic charm that allured to everyone-both male and female…it was what made her the best for undercover work.
It would also explain why he took her on as his ‘probie’ years back. Loyal and trusting with the looks to back it up.
Tony leaned forward in his chair, is eyes shifting between the two bosses. « Who’s in charge this time? » his voice held open curiosity.
The agents all turned to the two oldest agents at that, sending their bosses equally curious looks.
« We both lost agents… » Gibbs stated darkly, obviously unhappy that their own people were murdered, and in Quantico no less.
The place was crawling with guards, filled with neighborhoods of families and children with their golden retriever and white picket fences-not gangsters, drug dealers, or petty thieves that stalked the metro area of DC with their crappy pistols and machine guns.
Fornell nodded his agreement. « We both have equal reign of this case. »
Kagome nodded. It was understandable considering the circumstances.
The three NCIS agents though shared dubious looks, all thinking the same thing.
‘Well this will be interesting…’
A sharp ringing echoed in the bullpen pierced through the room and Fornell dug through his pocket to fish out his phone. Flipping it open, he answered with a lack of emotion. “Fornell.”
The aged man narrowed his eyes before they traveled to lock with the icy blue orbs belonging to Gibbs. A silent message of `Follow me’ passed between them before Fornell walked away to take the call in a more, private place.
Seeing the serious look in the FBI agent’s eyes, Gibbs stepped away from his team and after shorter man.
Kagome watched the two silently, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration . “I wonder what that’s about…” she murmured softly, the downcast glimmer returning to her eyes as thoughts about the case and her deceased partner came to mind.
The three remaining NCIS agents watched Kagome anxiously. None of them were very good at dealing with emotions-most of the time they either ignored them or turned to sarcasm and put up a front.
McGee felt the urge to go over to his friend/possible girlfriend and comfort her, but with both of their bosses only less than twenty feet away, it wasn’t the greatest idea to show affections.
Especially with the fact that they were investigating a murder of two agents that were in the same boat as them.
Now, Tony wasn’t always the immature, insensitive man he put out to be… he had a good heart and when it came down to it, it showed.
And seeing Kagome like this, torn about her partner’s death similar to him after Kate, he dealt with it in the only way he knew would actually work-acting like a complete dumbass to bring out the fiery Japanese woman that usually reared her temper during their endless banter.
As Tony gazed at the saddened petite woman he held in a sigh as the thought of the insults he just knew were going to be thrown his way-as long as it comforted her, it didn’t matter…
“Wait, wait, wait a second! Back on topic!” Tony exclaimed, giving an exaggerated pout. “You’d agree to go out with McGoo here, but not me? What’s he got that I don’t?!” he whined loudly.
McGee stiffened before a slow triumphant smile crossed his face.
Now this was new… he got the beautiful girl while Tony struck out?
The agent let out a silent laugh.
Hearing this, Kagome momentarily forgot her depressing thoughts and only rolled her eyes, scoffing out her answer. “Give me a minute, there’re so many things, I’m gonna have to write `em down so I don’t miss one…”
McGee actually smirked. “Just give him the cliff’s note version.”
Kagome snickered under her breath. “If you say so…” she put on a fake look of sympathy. “I’m sorry DiNozzo, but I only date guys with intelligence-“
Tony cut her off with a overly-dramatized stricken gasp. “I happen to be very smart for your information!” he argued loudly.
Kagome sent him a sharp glare for the interruption. “And,” she gritted out. “…actual men who have real respect for woman.” She finished up.
Tony gaped at her. “You’re saying I don’t have respect for women?!”
A gruff voice sounded from a man who rounded the corner to enter the bullpen. “No, she’s sayin’ she’d rather date a gentleman than a `chauvinist pig’.” A `smack‘ resonated through the office as Gibbs sent a head slap Tony’s way as he passed, not knowing nor caring what their conversation was about. “Now stop dawdling and let’s get to work…”
Fornell followed after him with a amused smirk.
Kagome grinned. “In layman’s terms… that’s exactly what I meant…” she laughed a little at the glare turned her way.
When Kagome turned away from Tony, a small contented smile crossed the Italian’s man’s features.
Said man’s eyes flickered over to the Israeli woman sitting across from him at her desk, giving him a raised eyebrow at his actions.
A flash of approval entered her chocolate orbs and Ziva flashed him a small smile of her own. Her expression seemed to convey an overall message. `Good job…’
Seeing that, Tony only gave her a satisfied grin in return.
« Can I see him? » Kagome’s voice seemed a bit smaller than usual as she asked her question. Her eyes stuck to the ground as the agents around her froze.
When no one answered, Kagome’s eyes slowly trailed up to them, and they were struck by the raw emotion that seemed to emanate from her wide sapphire eyes.
They all knew the question was going to rise-it was only a matter of time.
Gibbs, Tony… even McGee, in which the thought of even seeing someone you just knew laying on a slab twisted his stomach, had to visit Kate once she was…
All they knew that even them, three grown and hardened men needed some kind of closure.
Sympathy rose in Gibbs as he stared into those eyes holding a small amount of child-like innocence and sighed. « Yea… yea, ‘course you can. » Underneath his usual gruff tone held a sympathetic yet comforting pitch.
Kagome gave him a grateful smile.
Licking his dry lips, Fornell fidgeted slightly before making his way over to the female agent. « C’mon Kags, I’ll go with you… » he said kindly, gently placing his hand on her back as he guided her to the elevator.
It made Ziva, Tony, and McGee blink.
« Tell Ducky we need to speak while you’re down there. » Gibbs said, smirking slightly as he watched his colleague’s actions.
Fornell sent him a small glare but nodded anyways.
Kagome’s lips twitched and her eyes filled with mirth momentarily. « Awh Fornell, you do care… » she teased lightly as she walked with her boss trying to lighten the atmosphere and succeeding.
Fornell gave her a half-hearted scoff. « Only cause you’re one of the few I can stand… » he muttered.
Kagome laughed softly in response.
Once again, Fornell and Kagome stepped into the elevator.
As the doors finally began to close, Kagome did her best to ignore the sympathetic and cornered stares directed her way.
When the doors opened once more, Fornell stepped out instantly, while Kagome took a slower pace, one filled with reluctance.
When they entered the Autopsy room, Ducky turned at the sound of the his door’s ‘wooshing’ open and the footsteps that followed.
The English man blinked at their appearance. « Oh Fornell, to what do I owe the honor of you’re visit? »
Said man gave a pointed look at the body Ducky currently stood over. « He was one of my men. »
Kagome, standing frozen to her spot as she gazed with stricken eyes and a clenched jaw, automatically murmured in response. « He still is… »
Fornell’s head turned slightly at the utterance and nodded. « Yea, he is… » he amended.
Ducky’s eyes flickered back to the male body on the slab. « Oh dear… » he murmured slightly, realizing who this John doe was to them.
He made a move to grab a sheet and Kagome’s eyes widened. « Please, » she interrupted softly. « Don’t cover him fully… »
Ducky paused to gaze at her with concerned eyes. « Are you sure my dear? »
Kagome bit her lip but nodded anyways. « Yea, thank you… »
When he was done, Ducky turned to back to them. « Would you like a minute to… » he trailed off.
Fornell inclined his head to the medical examiner. « If you don’t mind. Jethro wanted to speak with you. » He informed the other man.
« Ah, he did, did he? » Ducky walked over to the sink and pulled off his gloves, throwing them away before proceeding to wash his hands. « Well, I shouldn’t dawdle. You two take your time-I already finished the autopsy. »
« Thank you, Dr.Mallard. » Fornell told him sincerely, and Ducky smiled slightly in response.
When the doctor finally left, Kagome stepped forward toward Trace. Silent ensued between the two agents, although it was more comforting rather than awkward.
After a minute, Kagome reached out and placed her hand over Trace’s cloth covered one. Squeezing ever so gently, a choked whisper escaped her throat. « I’m sorry Trace… so, so sorry. »
Fornell stepped forward, grabbing Kagome’s shoulder and squeezing lightly. « It’s not your fault Kagome. » He admonished, as if she was a child of his.
Kagome sniffled gently, a tear coursing its way down her cheek as she shook her head adamantly. « I should have had his six! He always had mine and I was supposed to have his! » she argued hotly, wide eyes never leaving the dead body of her partner of the last three years.
Fornell narrowed his eyes at her. « There’s no way you’d know this would happen. There’s no way you could have prevented it! You weren’t even there Higurashi!! »
Kagome whipped around to glared at him. « I should have been! » she countered angrily.
Fornell grabbed both of the woman’s shoulder firmly. « But you weren’t…  » he gritted out harshly.
The room went silent and all that could be heard was the harsh breaths from Kagome. Finally, she relaxed, the anger and self-loathing melting from her face.
Swallowing, she looked away. « I know… I’m sorry Tobias but, I just can’t help but feeling like I could have done something. »
Fornell’s eyes shut and he removed his hands from Kagome. Turning to Trace’s body, he opened his eyes to study the serene face of his deceased agent.
It looked as if he was only sleeping..
Feeling the need to speak, he did so. « He was a hell of an agent. »
Kagome turned her head to gaze at her partner once more. « He sure was… » she murmured softly. « Never one to back down. »
Fornell gave a half-hearted snort. « Stubborn is more like it. Always got his ass in trouble. »
Kagome actually smiled at that. « He always got himself out of it too. »
Fornell sent Kagome a wry look. « Only because he had us to save him. »
Kagome let out a watery chuckle. « Yea, that’s right… » She sobered up after a moment. « I’m gonna miss him. » She said suddenly.
Her boss gave a tired sigh. He hated when he lost agents, especially ones as promising as Trace. « Yea… me too… »
Again, silence coursed between the two, before Fornell checked his watch.
Kagome saw the movement from the corner of her eyes. « I don’t mind if you need to head back up. I just need another minute. »
Fornell watched her carefully. « Want me to wait up? » he offered her, but Kagome shook her head gently.
« No, its fine… » she told him, her eyes never leaving Trace.
Fornell sighed again but nodded. « Alright… » he paused for a moment, hesitation showing in his eyes before reached over and gave Kagome a one-armed hug. « It’ll be ok. » He whispered to her before stepping away.
Once he left, Kagome waited for the elevator doors to shut. Stepping even closer, Kagome scanned over Trace, studying him with searching eyes.
Biting her lip, she reached out to brush her hand over his head. « This isn’t like you Trace… » Kagome murmured mournfully. « You’re not the type to get shot without fighting back. You’d always say if someone took you down, you’d take ’em down with you. »
Kagome’s eyes narrowed. « What happened that night? » she asked as if he could give her an answer. « Why didn’t you have your gun? » Her head shook firmly. « No, I don’t believe you’d leave without it. Something isn’t right. » She bit out
Her eyes flashed angrily, the addicting urge for revenge rushed through her like wild fire. « And I’ll be damned if I don’t find out why! » she said bitterly.
Pulling back, she took the edge of the sheet and gently covered Trace. « For you and for Kacy. » She said with finality before stalking her way to the doors.
Right when she was about to exit, something caused a shiver to craw down her spine. It froze her in her tracks and slowly Kagome turned to see nothing but another body covered to preserve the deceased dignity.
Brushing it off as her mind playing tricks, Kagome turned back once more to leave.
Her foot was unable to take even one complete step before another chill entered Kagome. Her eyebrows drew forward in a flash and she whipped around to look.
Again, there was nothing. Nothing new that appeared. Her eyes narrowed decisively.
Closing her eyes, she concentrated, focusing her mind to sense what was out of place.
There it was-a pull… the pull of spiritual energy, or to be more specific-holy energy.
Kagome’s eyes shot open as she strode forward, making a beeline towards the other deceased body laying peacefully on the slab. Slowly, she reached out to grab the edge of the cover and pulled back warily.
It was a woman, a pretty brunette if you disregarded the pale pallor of her skin. Kagome’s breath stilled and one word ran through her mind. ‘Kacy…
Kagome blinked in surprise. ‘She’s a…she was a priestess?‘ Hope flared in her eyes.
Kagome reached out to grab her hand, and a sharp gasp tore through her throat the moment her finger’s grazed the dead woman’s skin.
Kagome stiffened, her eyes dilating to pinpricks as sounds whipped through her mind.
Footsteps… running, chasing…laughter….’
Miniscule tremors passed through Kagome’s body.
‘The smell of a park…a picture of the shining full moon…shadows cascading along the ground…’
‘Green eyes and blue eyes…both filled with adoration for the other…’
Her own eyes darkened in gloom.
Whispers of names…’
‘…voices thick with love…’
Her lips trembled.
Darkness fell, a tense silence ensued…a spark of fear…the sense of being followed, hunted…the silhouette of a person…’
‘A frightened gasp, a surprised yell…a chase…the adrenaline and panic rush…’
Kagome’s breathing became labored.
‘The running stops…a hush of last words…the cocking of guns, the pings of gunshots…strangled gasps and two thuds…a deafening silence…’
Tears welled up in her eyes. A small whine escaped her.
‘Dark chuckling…flash of claws…a sadistic, fanged smirk…’
‘Neon orange eyes, glinting with sick satisfaction in the darkness…’
Kagome’s eyes shot open, a sob racking her body as she stumbled back and away from Kacy. « Oh my god… » she said, realizing why this whole thing seemed off.
‘A demon!‘ She breathed heavily, eyes wide with horror and shock as she processed what happened.
Rage rushed through her, her eyes burning with fury as she glared at the air. ‘A fucking demon murdered them!
Suddenly, a deadly calm settled over her and she reached out to gently cover Kacy back up. She stalked her way out through Autopsy doors, two words predominate in mind.
He’s ash.
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