Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Underestimating The Power of TIME ( Chapter 12 )

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Chapter 12 – Underestimating The Power of TIME

A few days after Sakura and I had captured the Shield Card, we arrived at school one morning for a music test that was to take place. I had practiced extremely hard for the past few days and I was quite confident that I would definitely pass. Sakura on the other hand didn’t look as happy or as cheery as she usually was as we approached the school entrance. “Sakura, what’s wrong?” I asked in a concerned tone of voice. “I’m just a little nervous about today’s music test, that’s all” Sakura said in a nervous tone of voice. “Don’t worry about it, just remember to take deep breaths if you feel nervous, and don’t forget that I will always be here to help” I said in a reassuring tone of voice. “Thanks Zachary” Sakura said with a smile “Your welcome Sakura” I said in response.

A little later, in the school’s music room, I had just finished performing my music test song flawlessly, and then, after everyone cheered, I went back to my seat and sat down next to Sakura and Madison.

It was then that I noticed that Sakura was still a bit nervous, but I assured her that she had nothing to worry about. A few seconds later, it was Sakura’s turn to perform the song.

It was when Sakura was walking up to the front of the room that I heard Madison whisper “Sakura, remember to breath”. But unfortunately, a few minutes into the song, Sakura missed a note and was told that she would be taking the test again tomorrow.

A little later, in the school’s courtyard, Sakura and I were watching a few students play soccer.

It was then that I spotted Li walking by while playing his recorder, that is, until the soccer ball flew right at him. Li reacted by jumping up and kicking the ball just in time. The soccer ball ended up flying into one of the goals.

A little later, at home, Sakura and I were up in our bedroom. I was sitting on my bed wondering about which clow card would appear next, Kero was playing video games on the TV, and Sakura was practicing nonstop for her make-up test on her recorder. And after a few hours of this, Sakura and I went to bed.

It was a few hours later that Sakura and I were woken up by the sound of school bells. I immediately checked the clock and realized right away that it was midnight.

It was then that Kero woke up, “What’s going on?” Kero asked in a sleepily confused tone of voice. “I don’t know, but the school bells don’t ring at midnight for any reason” I said. “I completely agree, this is way too weird” Sakura said. And with that, Sakura and I went back to bed.

The next morning, Sakura and I were approaching the entrance to the school when Madison rushed up to us. “So, you two ready for today’s music test?” Madison asked. And with that, Madison, Sakura and I went for our first period class.

A few periods later, in the music room, it was time for Sakura’s make-up music test, and I knew for a fact that Sakura would ace it without a problem.

It was then that I sensed that something was out of place, and my prediction was indeed correct, for when Sakura was walking up to the front of the class, Madison said “Sakura, remember to breath” and she did the same breathing gesture that I saw her do from yesterday. “Something fishy is going on, and I’m going to find out what it is” I said to myself. After the music class had ended, I set off to find Li to see if he had noticed anything that would be considered “Déjà vu”.

After a few minutes of searching, I found Li, he was walking by the soccer field in the school’s courtyard. I immediately dashed outside into the courtyard, and I was just in time to see the soccer ball fly straight at Li and I also saw him perform the same kick that he did yesterday, and sure enough, the soccer went into the same goal. “Hey Li” I said as I approached him. “have you noticed anything strange going on lately?” I asked. “Now that you mention it Zachary, I have” Li replied.

It was then that I knew what was happening, “I’m sensing a clow card” I said as I began looking around the courtyard. “It’s in the clock tower” Li and I said in unison and in a serious tone of voice. “I’ll go tell Sakura” I said as I ran back into the school to look for her.

Later that night, just outside the school, Madison was filming me and Sakura in our new battle costumes, Sakura was dressed in a fairy-like outfit while I was dressed in a royal king-like outfit, and both of us already had our respective staffs activated. “Both of you look stunning” Kero complimented.

It was then that I pulled out the fly card, “let’s fly!” Sakura and I shouted as we hit the fly card with the tips of our respective staffs, and once both of our staffs grew their wings, we took off towards the clock tower, but, little did we know was that we were in for quite a shocking surprise.

Meanwhile, inside the clock tower, the clow card spirit had already sensed me and Sakura approaching the clock tower, and almost a split second later, the clow card spirit began to slow time down, which in turn would slow me and Sakura down from approaching the clock tower.

Meanwhile, Kero, Sakura and I were flying towards the clock tower when time began to slow down, “Whaaaaatttttttsssssss haaaappppeeeennnnniiiinnngggg Keeeerrrrrooooo??????” Sakura and I slowly asked in unison. “Tiiiimmmeeee iiiissss ssslllooowwwiiinnggg uuuusssss dddddooooowwwwwnnnn” Kero slowly said in response.

It was then that time slowly began to reverse itself, and before we knew it, we were back on the ground, and to make matters worse, we were in the exact same place that we were before we took off towards the clock tower.

It was then that Kero found out which clow card it was, “I knew it, it’s the Time card” Kero said in a serious tone of voice. “So, I’m guessing that the Time card has the power to slow, speed up, and reverse time?” I asked. “Exactly, but the Time card can only wind time back as far as one whole day, and it can only reverse time back one day at midnight” Kero said.

It was then that I looked at the clock tower, it was eleven forty-five. “So in other words, we only have fifteen minutes to capture it before today repeats itself all over again.”

It was at that moment that a brilliant idea sprang into my mind. “What if we take the stairs up to the top of the clock tower to reach the Time card, I mean, It’ll be tiresome, but, it seems to me that we don’t really have any other choice” I said. “Sounds like a good plan to me” Sakura said with a smile. And with that, Madison, Kero, Sakura and I dashed towards the entranceway to the stairs that would take us to the top of the clock tower, but, little did we know, was that a certain someone would be already there.

It was when we got to the top of the clock tower that we immediately noticed the Time card sprit up ahead. Sakura was about to approach the Time card spirit to try and seal it when I grabbed her shoulder, “Sakura, don’t you think we should use the Shield card for protection against the Time card’s ability to stop time?” I asked Sakura. “Good point Zachary, I wouldn’t want to experience that mistake again” Sakura said as she sweat dropped.

It was then that the Time card spirit turned it’s attention to me and Sakura, and prepared to send us back one day, but thankfully, we were prepared for it, I immediately pulled out the Shield card, and then Sakura and I quickly raised our respective staffs, “Shield card, protect us from the power of Time, Shield, Release and Dispel!! Sakura and I chanted in unison as we hit the Shield card with the tips of our respective staffs, and after a few seconds, five bubble barrier-like shields appeared, each one of the four protected Madison, Kero, Sakura and I, while the fifth one formed around a figure that was near the Time card sprit that I immediately recognized as Li, and about a split second later, the Time card spirit tried to use it’s power to send us back one day in time, but because of the shields that were protecting us, the attack had no effect on us.

It was then that I heard Li say “Time is escaping”, and about a split second later, Li ran to where the Time card spirit was trying to make it’s escape and he immediately unsheathed his sword, “Force know my plight, Release the Light, Lightning” Li chanted, and about a split second later, a huge bolt of lightning struck the Time card spirit, and about one second after that, the Time card spirit fell to the ground. “Quickly Zachary, quickly Sakura, seal it before it tries to escape again!” Kero yelled. “Right!” Sakura and I said in unison as we raised our respective staffs, “Time card, we command you to return to your power confined, Time card!!” Sakura and I chanted in unison as we swung our respective staffs down at the same time. A few seconds later, the Time card was captured, but, when the Time card flew towards me and Sakura and when both of us tried to grab it, the Time card then landed in Li’s hand. I looked at Li with a very shocked expression on my face. “The clow card doesn’t always go to the ones who seal it Zachary, I’m sorry, but the Time card belongs to Li” Kero said.

It was then that I let out a big sigh and accepted it. Li on the other hand was holding the captured Time card in his left hand and was smirking at me and Sakura since he knew he had captured his first clow card. “Hey, don’t look so confident just yet Li, Sakura and I still have more clow cards then you do”. I said, hoping that it would get Li to stop smirking.

The next morning, Sakura and I were just approaching the school gate when Madison came up to us, “That was a very interesting card capture last night” Madison said. “So, you ready to head to the music room for today’s music test?” Sakura asked Madison. “We had the music test yesterday, today we have a math test during second period” Madison said.

It was then that Sakura set her school bag down on the ground and searched through it for her math notes, only to discover that she didn’t study for it, and not only that, but she didn’t have the essentials for it. “I’m guessing you don’t have them?” Madison and I asked in unison as we sweatdropped. Sakura sadly nodded in response. “Well, look on the bright side, at least I’ll be there if you need me to give you some comforting words” I said as I sweatdropped.

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