One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ Un-Puzzled ( gen) ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Drabbles and ficlets from lj – mostly Luffy-centred, pairings and ratings vary, so take note of each individually. Overall rating WILL go up.

gen – Luffy, Usopp, Nami – PG

« Little mystery bricks. » Luffy picks them up and plays with them, rolling them around his hands while Usopp hammers the loose board. They travel in a jaunty bounce across his rubber skin, all disparate shapes and angles.

Usopp tries to split his attention as he works. The puzzle’s been passed along between Robin, Chopper, Nami and now Usopp ever since Robin found it in a curio shop at the last port. Mysterious key to finding a long lost treasure! or at least, it is in the tales he’s already spun while Chopper and Luffy’s eyes widened, Zoro snorted and Nami looked wistful. Somehow, they fit together… except there is, as they have finally decided, a piece missing.

Luffy click-clicks it around in his fingers with a grin that could swallow half the ship and abruptly there is a very final sort of click.

Luffy gives a delighted, high-pitched little thrill; Usopp hits his thumb and spits the nails between his lips in a volley across the deck; Chopper becomes a wailing blur before the spiky hail; Robin makes a surprised noise as his mad dash is terminated by the deckchair that collapses under her.

« Hey, Nami! » Luffy yells, leaping up. « Nami, I fixed it! I fixed the key! Let’s go find the treasure, Namiiiii! »

Robin and Chopper stare from their pile of deckchair, fur and limbs. Usopp, curled foetally around a thumb swollen larger than the rest of his hand, chokes and gapes through the pain.

The cavorting idiot races down the deck, waving the perfect little cube of wood blocks.

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