❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Semi-Finals ( Chapter 5 )

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After burning up some of the calories acquired during lunch, the fifteen fighters gather in the tournament arena once again to participate in the semi-finals.

« Welcome back, » the shrouded figure says, « it is now time for the Semi-Finals. The first match is Terry Bogard versus Tommy Oliver. This will prove to be an interesting match, since both have fought actual monsters and have experience in rising to a new challenge. Of course, all of you have experience in that. The second Semi-Final match is between Liu Kang and Ryu. This will definitely be an interesting match. The best from two different worlds, and those whom I believe to have an equal chance at winning this, will be facing each other in the Semi-Finals. Hopefully this match will have as much skill, if not as much drama, as Ryu’s fight with Akuma. »

The shrouded figure glances between Terry and Tommy. « You may enter the ring. And begin when the gong sounds. »

Tommy steps into the ring and pulls out his Morpher. « It’s morphin time! Dragonzord! »

Tommy morphs and wills away the Dragon Shield and removes his helmet. « Are you ready Terry? »

« I’m ready, kid, » Terry says as he pulls down the bill of his baseball cap. The gong sounds.

Terry starts the match off big, leaping into the air and summoning his chi.

« Power Dunk! »

He slams his fist into Tommy’s chest, creating a gush of sparks as the energy barrier that protects Tommy strains to hold up under the force of the attack.

Tommy jumps and performs a spin kick that connects with Terry’s head. He continues to perform spin kicks, one after the other, though Terry dodges all of them after the first. After executing fifteen spin kicks, Tommy spins and instead of performing another spin kick he back kicks Terry in the gut. He quickly draws his Blade Blaster and fires a laser blast at Terry, who simply handsprings out of the way.

Terry brings his fist up into the air and gathers some energy. « Power Wave! » Terry slams his fist to the ground, sending the wave of blue-white energy hurtling towards Tommy. Tommy leaps out of the attacks way and fires three quick shots from his Blade Blaster at Terry, who simply ducks to avoid the beams.

When Tommy lands on his feet, he quickly holsters his Blade Blaster. Green lightning bolts begin to spark around his gloved hands as he moves them in front of his chest and positions them like an open clam.

Terry raises his fist to the sky and slams it to the ground. « Power Geyser! »

Terry’s Power Geyser wars with Tommy’s energy attack for supremacy. Finally, the two attacks cancel each other out.

« That’s a powerful attack you have, seeing as how it equaled my Power Geyser in strength, » Terry says approvingly.

« I’m still working on it, » Tommy admits, « I only used this attack once before this tournament, and I wasn’t fully in control of myself. A spell was controlling my movements, taking over my body so that it wasn’t my own, but I could still see everything that I did. And I did very evil things while under that spell. »

« You won’t get any sympathy from me, kid, » Terry says, readying another Power Geyser, « I’m all business here. »

« Good, » Tommy says as he prepares for the attack, « because I don’t want sympathy. »

« Power Geyser! » A wave of blue-white energy, larger than Terry’s previous Power Geyser, careens towards Tommy. But Tommy simply jumps over the attack and lands a kick to Terry’s chest.

Tommy doesn’t let up, launching a flurry of punches and kicks that Terry can barely block. He was amazed at the strength that Tommy’s transformation yielded. He only had one shot now at beating the kid.

But before Terry can start his counter-offensive, Tommy drops to the ground and sweeps Terry’s feet out from under him. He quickly jumps back and fires his magical energy blast at Terry who was still falling. The attack pushes him out of the ring and into the surrounding wall.

« And the winner is Tommy Oliver, » the shrouded figure says, « good match kid. Now, the next match is between Liu Kang and Ryu. Will you two gentlemen please step into the ring so you may begin your match. »

Tommy dimorphs and walks over to help Terry get back to his feet. « Nice match man. »

« Likewise, » Terry responds, « I took you for an amateur compared to the rest of us, but you have a really honed battle sense. »

« When you face monsters of all shapes and sizes, including animated purses and cactuses, you learn how to really think in battle, » Tommy replies.

« Animated purses? » Terry asks.

« Ask me after the Semi Finals today and I can tell everyone some of the more interesting adventures I’ve been on as a Power Ranger, » Tommy replies, « and trust me. They are good. And some of them are funny, though they were a bit embarrassing for me at the time. »

« Liu Kang and Ryu, you may step in the ring now, » the shrouded figure says.

The two fighters step into the ring and size each other up as they drop into their fighting stances.

« You may begin, » the shrouded figure says.

« Hadouken! » Ryu starts off with his trademark energy attack.

Liu counters by firing his blast of fire and canceling out Ryu’s attack.

The two fighters leap at each other and enter a dazzling array of punches and kicks.

« Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! » Ryu tries to catch Liu with his Hurricane Kick, but Liu just hits him with a flying kick.

The two fighters trade blows, neither one giving the other any mercy, but always the utmost respect. Both were champions of good, the best their home dimensions had to offer.

But they were far from equal. Liu soon realizes that he’s gonna have to pull his trump card if he was gonna have a chance at beating Ryu and bringing Johnny back to life for good.

His eyes take on a reptilian gleam and he whispers one word. « Animality. »

Liu’s shape begins to change and he becomes a winged dragon only slightly taller than he already was.

Ryu backs away in shock.

« What the Hell is that? » Johnny demands, « since when can he turn into a dragon? »

« He learned it after you died, » Sonya replies, « this ability greatly increases his strength, speed, and reflexes as well as giving him the shape of the creature of his Animality. Every person has their own spirit within them that gives shape to their Animality. Shao Khan’s was that of a Hydra. »

« Liu fought Shao Khan? » Johnny asks.

« Fought him in Mortal Kombat and won, saving the Earth Realm and returning all of Outworld to what it once was, » Sonya replies, « but you were still dead. »

« Um, is this move legal? » Tommy asks nervously. He definitely couldn’t fight someone like Liu without using his full powers.

« It is, » the shrouded figure says, « but we shall have to see if it helps him. »

The Liu/Dragon breathes in and exhales gouts of flame at Ryu. Ryu jumps out of the attacks way and sidesteps away from the charge that followed the fire. He kicks the Liu/Dragon in the stomach, followed by a succession of punches that are aimed at the chest.

The Liu/Dragon takes a swipe at Ryu and rips into hiss chest with his claws, inflicting some minor damage.

Ryu tries to perform the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, but the Liu/Dragon just knocks him to the ground before the attack can fully initiate.

« Shoryuken! » Ryu’s fist leaves a mark on the Liu/Dragon’s chest as scales fly from the force of Ryu’s Dragon Punch.

« Now there’s something, » Ken chuckles, « hit a Dragon with a Dragon Punch. »

Ryu quickly jumps away from the Liu/Dragon and prepares his most powerful attack: the Shinkuu Hadouken.

Ryu begins to channel his energy, summoning forth the energy needed to perform the attack.

The Liu/Dragon takes in a deep breath of air as it internally makes the hottest and most devastating fire that it can make.

« SHINKUU HADOUKEN! » Ryu yells as he launches the attack, far more powerful than it had been when he had used it to incinerate Akuma.

The Liu/Dragon exhales its devastating attack.

The two attacks colid and struggle with each other, just as the Shinkuu Hadouken had battled the Messatsu Gou Hadou. Only this time, it wasn’t for high stakes.

Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken begins to pushes back the Liu/Dragon’s Dragon Flame attack.

Finally, the Dragon Flame dissipates and the Liu/Dragon barely manages to dodge the onslaught of the Shinkuu Hadouken with only its right wing being incinerated.

As the Shinkuu Hadouken dissipates, the Liu/Dragon has already reverted to a battered and bloody Liu Kang.

« I surrender, » Liu gasps through the pain.

« And by forfeit, Ryu is the winner, » the shrouded figure says before proceeding to heal Liu Kang.

« I’m sorry Johnny, » Liu says as he walks over to Sonya and Johnny.

« Hey, no problem man, » Johnny says, « after all, no good thing lasts forever. »

« Yes, but this was our one chance at having you back, to fight alongside us when needed, » Liu says.

« We will rest for the rest of the day and tomorrow we will have the final match, » the shrouded figure says, « after that, you will be told why I gathered you here. Now, go and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a very interesting day. »


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