❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Quarter-Finals ( Chapter 4 )

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Disclaimer: Stupid me for not doing a disclaimer these past few chapters. Tommy Oliver is owned by Saban since he is a Power Ranger. Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and the now-deceased Akuma are owned by Capcom and are from Street Fighter. Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi are owned by SNK, or it may be Capcom now. They are from the Fatal Fury video game series. Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia are from Art of Fighting and are owned by Takara, though that company may have been what SNK came from so they would now be owned by Capcom, I think. Akira Toriyama, one of the greatest minds of Japanese manga owns Hercule Satan, who is from the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z. Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade are from Mortal Kombat and are owned by Acclaim. Domon Kasshu and Allenby Beardsley are from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, which is owned by Bandai and the Sotsu Agency. As of now, no one owns the shrouded figure since I have yet to decide who he (or she) really is.


The next day, the fifteen fighters, including the eight Quarter Finalists, gather around the ring.

« Welcome to the Quarter Finals, martial artists great and small, » the shrouded being says, « now, it is time for the second round. The matches are as follows: Terry Bogard versus Ryo Sakazaki for the first match. Tommy Oliver versus Domon Kasshu for the second match. For the third round we have Robert Garcia versus Liu Kang. And for the fourth and final match of the Quarter Finals, we have Johnny Cage versus Ryu. Now, will Terry Bogard and Ryo Sakazaki please step into the ring for the first match? »

The two fighters step into the ring and bow to one another.

« I have nothing more to say about either of you until you make it to the final match, » the shrouded figure says, « you may begin when the gong sounds. »

The two fighters nod and settle into their respective fighting stances. The gong sounds and the two fighters eye each other.

« Kooh-ken! » Ryo yells, launching a small blast of energy at Terry from his right palm.

Terry jumps and flips over the attack and lands on his feet. But he doesn’t stay put for long. He leaps at Ryo with his right fist blazing. « Burn Knuckle! »

Ryo blocks the attack, but it drives him back several feet. But Ryo stays upright and counters with a Deep Upper Cut. Terry lands on the edge of the ring, but he doesn’t fall out. Terry gets back to his feet, still ready to fight.

Terry raises his right fist into the air and punches the ground with it. « Power Wave! » A wave of blue energy erupts towards Ryo. Ryo leaps into the air to avoid the attack.

« Rising Tackle! » Terry leaps into the air, flips upside down, and begins spinning with his right arm outstretched with the hand balled into a fist. The attack connects with Ryo and hits him repeatedly. Ryo could feel a tooth or two break under the force of the attack.

The two fights land gracefully on their feet, though Ryo’s landing is a little shaky.

Ryo brings his arms to his side, then summons all of the energy in his body.

Terry raises his right fist high above his head, gathering energy.

Ryo pushes out his chi into his most powerful attack. « Hao-ken! »

A huge fireball, easily as large as Ryo was tall, hurtles towards Terry. Terry slams his fist to the ground, launching his own attack.

« Power Geyser! » A wave of blue-white energy collides with Ryo’s Kao-ken and pushes it back.

The Power Geyser, which in basic appearance was just like the Power Wave, was far more powerful and required a lot more concentration.

The Power Geyser continues to push back Ryo’s Hao-ken until the attacks hit Ryo in unison. Ryo is thrown out of the ring at the shock of being hit with his own attack and the Power Geyser.

The shrouded figure raises his hand. « Winner: Terry Bogard. Congratulations. »

Terry walks out of the ring and helps Ryo back to his feet. « Great fight. »

Ryo grins. « Same to you. You really had me with that Power Geyser. You pushed back my Hao-ken like it was nothing. »

Terry’s response was simple. « You need to train with more than just Robert. »

« I’ll keep that in mind, » Ryo says. The two fighters walk back so the next fight could get underway.

« Toimmy Oliver versus Domon Kasshu, » the shrouded figure announces, « will both fighters please step into the ring at this time? »

Tommy morphs into the Green Morphin Ranger, removes his helmet and wills away the Dragon Shield. He draws the Dragon Dagger and jams it into the ground so that only he could retrieve it. He then steps into the ring to face his opponent.

« Be careful Domon, » Allenby cheers, « this guy may not seems trong, but he is a great fighter. »

« Don’t worry Allenby, » Domon says with a smile, « this guy is nothing compared to Master Asia. »

« Tommy is strong, » Ken says, « even if its that transformation that gives him most of that strength, he is a true fighter. He could really be something if he learned some of our techniques. »

« Think he could have survived the Shotokan training? » Ryu asks.

« Without a doubt, » Ken says, « you know, Ryu, you really need to teach the next generation of Shotokan martial artists. »

« I still have a lot to learn before I can take on pupils, » Ryu says, « I have a lot to learn. I must hone my skills until they are perfect. »

They are interrupted by the shrouded figure beginning the match. The gong sounds and immediately Domon is on the attack.

Tommy manages to block Domon’s first punch, but is knocked back by a spin kick to the gut.

Tommy quickly draws his Blade Blaster and fires three quick laser shots at Domon. Domon leaps over the beams, but the beams super-heat the ground and Domon steps into some melted concrete. Tommy runs up and hits Domon with a flying kick and follows it up with a powerful punch to the gut.

Domon’s breath leaves him from that punch.

`Such spirit,’ Domon thinks, `his fighting spirit is incredible. I don’t think I have ever felt such a powerful will to fight to defend.’

Domon backflips and handsprings away from Tommy.

« Sekihah Tekihoken! » Domon fires his trump card, his strongest attack.

Tommy launches his magic energy attack to combat Domon’s Sekihah Tekihoken. Tommy’s attack pushes back the Sekihah Tekihoken until it hits Domon and throws him out of the ring.

« Whoa, » Tommy breathes, « that was unexpected. »

« Tell me about it, » Domon grunts as he gets back to his feet, « still, the better man won. »

« If my attack hadn’t been so strong I think you would have won, » Tommy says.

« Winner of the match, Tommy Oliver, » the shrouded figure announces, « the next match is between Robert Garcia and Liu Kang. You may enter the ring. »

The two fighters step into the ring and square off.

« You may begin, » the shrouded figure says. The gong sounds, signaling the start of the match.

Liu Kang launches himself at Robert with a bicycle kick. Robert knocks aside each kick as they head for his face. Robert knocks Liu to the ground and attacks with an axe kick. Liu rolls to the side just in time as Robert’s foot crashes just inches from his face.

Liu flips back to his feet and focuses fire into his palms. He fires a fireball at Robert that catches the martial artist in his right arm. The fire sears flesh and the smell of burned meat begins to permeate the air.

« Man, that is sick, » Tommy says. He morphs so that he no longer has to smell anything. He quickly thanked Zordon for designing Ranger helmets with an air filtration system that slightly dulled the sense of smell however much the wearer wanted.

« Ryugeki-ken! » Robert fires his standard energy blast at Liu, who simply drops to the ground in the splits. He fires another fireball at Robert that takes the dark-haired fighter in the gut.

Liu then jumps to his feet and catches Robert in the jaw with a flying kick. He then spins around mid-air and catches Robert with a powerful back kick to the jaw. Robert crumples to the ground like dead weight.

« And the winner of the match is Liu Kang, » the shrouded figure says before pointing at Robert and shooting a beam of sparkling green-blue energy out of his finger. Robert’s injuries are healed immediately.

« Now for the final match of the Quarter Finals, » the shrouded figure says, « Johnny Cage versus Ryu. »

« Can I forfeit? » Johnny asks, « I know I can’t match Ryu’s power. »

« Where’s your fighting spirit, Johnny? » Sonya demands, « you are one of the best fighters from our world. You are not backing down. If you do, I’ll make you regret it. »

Johnny gulps. « I withdraw my question. » He steps into the ring and faces off against Ryu.

« Fight honorably and well, » the shrouded figure says, « you may begin. »

The gong sounds and the two fighters begin sizing each other up.

`May as well start big,’ Johnny thinks as he leaps into the air. A greenish-black silhouette trails behind him.

« Shoryuken! » Ryu yells at he charges into the air, hitting Johnny with his Dragon Punch.

Johnny lands on his feet and launches himself into a series of punches that Ryu easily blocks before punching him directly in the gut.

« You’re good, » Ryu says, « but not good enough. »

With that, Ryu jumps into the air. « Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku! »

Johnny ducks under Ryu’s devastating Hurricane Kick and stays there.

« How long can he keep that move up? » Liu asks Ken.

« Quite a while at this new level he’s attained, » Ken replies, « I’d say that he can stay up there for an hour if he really wanted to. »

« Then Johnny’s stuck there for a while, » Liu says.

« Shadow Uppercut! » Johnny launches himself into the air, right at Ryu, his silhouette just like he was performing his famous Shadow Kick.

« What the! » Liu cries out. This was a new move.

The attack knocks Ryu out of the Hurricane Kick and to the edge of the ring. Ryu slowly gets up, the damage from Johnny’s attack evident as a bruise was visibly forming on Ryu’s chest. Ryu’s breathing was ragged, as if he was in pain. Which he was.

`At least three cracked ribs,’ he thinks to himself, `maybe even a broken rib. Not good. I underestimated him.’

Johnny was ecstatic. His Shadow Uppercut had taken Ryu totally by surprise. Johnny had been surprised at how effective the move had been. Guess Ryu was human after all.

« Hadouken! » Johnny is knocked out of his silent reverie by Ryu’s chi attack. The attack knocks him to the edge of the ring.

« Guess there’s only gonna be on way about this, » Johnny mutters as he takes off at Ryu in a run. He leaps into the air and begins his Shadow Kick. Big mistake.

« Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku! » Ryu begins to rise in the air as white light surrounds him. Johnny can’t help but get trapped by the tornado of chi and wind.

Ryu’s right leg connects with Johnny several times before the attack finally ends. But unlike when Ryu had countered Akuma’s Shun Goku Satsu, Johnny’s attack continued. The Shadow Kick hits Ryu in his gut and nearly knocks him out of the ring. Ryu’s breathing is coming in short, ragged breaths as he gets back to his feet to face Johnny.

« Now that was unexpected, » Ken muses, « Ryu’s Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku should have stopped Johnny’s attack. Instead, it only forestalled it. Ryu was lucky that he leaped into Johnny’s attack or he would have definitely been knocked out of the ring. But now he’s severely beat up. I don’t know if he can win now. »

« He’ll win, » Chun Li says, « he simply keeps underestimating this guy. He will not do it again. »

Ryu crouches, preparing to use his Shinkuu Hadouken. Johnny, seeing his last chance at victory, leaps over Ryu and kicks him in the back. But Ryu had prepared for this and grabs Johnny’s fist from behind before it can connect. He then flips forward, planting both of his feet in Johnny’s abdomen while in mid-air, and pushes forward, knocking Johnny off balance and out of the ring.

« And the winner by ring out is Ryu, » the shrouded figure declares before healing both Johnny and Ryu with beams of greenish-blue energy. He then spreads out an aura of greenish-blue energy that surrounds all of the other fighters who had not been healed after their matches. All of their aches and pains go away as new strength flows into them.

« You have done exceedingly well, » the shrouded figure says, « now, rest up. This afternoon we will be having the Semi Finals. Tomorrow we will have the Finals. Now, mingle and enjoy yourselves. I expect good matches this afternoon. Now go so I can fix what damage has been done to the ring. »

The assembled fighters leave and go and eat lunch, talking amongst themselves, comparing fighting styles and techniques.

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