❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Going Home ( Chapter 7 )

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Disclaimer: Tommy Oliver is owned by Saban since he is a Power Ranger. Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and the now-deceased Akuma are owned by Capcom and are from Street Fighter. Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi are owned by SNK, or it may be Capcom now. They are from the Fatal Fury video game series. Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia are from Art of Fighting and are owned by Takara, though that company may have been what SNK came from so they would now be owned by Capcom, I think. Akira Toriyama, one of the greatest minds of Japanese manga owns Hercule Satan, who is from the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z. Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade are from Mortal Kombat and are owned by Acclaim. Domon Kasshu and Allenby Beardsley are from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, which is owned by Bandai and the Sotsu Agency. Allanon (previously the shrouded figure) is from Terry Brooks Shannara books and is owned either by Terry Brooks or Del Rey. He is a Druid and has phenomenal magical abilities, though they have been greatly increased for the purposes of this story.


« So today you are sending us all home? » Tommy asks.

« I am, » Allanon replies, « Ryu, remember to train as hard as you can. Learn not only the Yin side of the Shotokan style, but train in the Yang. For someday you must teach it. Ken, learn patience and train as well. You have just as much potential as Ryu, but you must work for it. »

« I hear ya, » Ken grumbles, « no need to rub it in. »

« I’ll make sure he trains hard, » Ryu says, « I’ll put him through his paces just as much as Sensei Gokun did. »

« Aw, Ryu, have a heart! » Ken whines. The assembled fighters chuckle.

« So, we’ll remember all of this? » Hercule asks.

« You will, unless you do not wish to remember it, » Allanon replies, « you’re probably the only one here who will have trouble telling his friends the truth. »

« Will Akuma stay dead? » Ryu asks.

« Unfortunately, no, » Allanon replies, « that was one wish I could not have granted. If you wish him dead in your world, you must hunt him down yourselves and kill him there. »

« Ryu nearly killed himself fighting Akuma in this tournament! » Ken exclaims, « and there won’t be any rules when we find Akuma again! »

« There were hardly any rules here, » Chun Li points out.

« I just wish Domon and myself could have made a better showing of ourselves, » Allenby says.

« You all did well, and you did your best, » Allanon says, « have faith in that except for the Z Warriors of Hercule’s home dimension, there are none in any dimension that are stronger than the fifteen of you, and none stronger than you Ryu. »

« I was only here because of my morphing powers through, » Tommy grumbles.

« Strength-wise, yes, but your fighting spirit is just as noble, just as true as anyone I have ever seen, » Ryu says, « you are a good representation of those who fight evil in your own dimension. »

« Thank you, Ryu, » Tommy says.

« It’s the truth, » Ken says, « I may joke around a lot, but you are a valiant fighter and would be proud to have you fight at my side, morphing powers or not. »

« Same here, » Terry says. All of the other fighters agree.

« If you ever find a way to visit my dimension, I’ll hook you up and get you some training that’ll make you a thousand times stronger, » Hercule assures him.

« That won’t be possible unless it is within the power of the Dragon Balls, Hercule, » Allanon chides, « and I doubt it is possible unless the Black Star Dragon Balls can do it. »

« Black Star? » Hercule asks.

« Wait around a decade and you’ll find out, » Allanon assures him.

« What do we tell our friends and family who missed us? » Liu asks, « Sonya and I have to talk with an Elder God and then we have to explain Johnny’s resurrection. »

« You can tell an Elder God the truth, » Allanon replies, « just use your own discretion on who you tell. And Hercule, no lies or false boasts. »

« Who, me? » Hercule asks, stupidly pointing a finger at himself. His puzzlement quickly turns to outrage. « Hey, I do not lie like that anymore. The only thing keeping me from telling the truth about Cell is that my son-in-law doesn’t want the fame. »

« Well, it is time to return you all to your friends and family, » Allanon says, « Hercule, I am sending you home first. »

With a few passes of his hands, a portal opens in front of Hercule that looks like its nothing more than a glowing disk. Hercule says farewell to the other fighters and steps through the portal.

Hercule finds himself on top of Kami’s Lookout among all of the Z Warriors, his daughter included. Even the Supreme Kai was present.

« Dad! » Videl cries out, running up to her father and hugging him tightly, « I was so worried about you. »

« Its okay sweet pea, I’m okay, » Hercule replies, enveloping his daughter in a tight hug.

« Hercule, where were you? » Gohan asks.

« I’m not sure if you’d believe me if I told you, » Hercule replies, « I’m just glad to be back. »

« Well, now that he’s taken care of, Terry, Joe, and Andy are next, » Allanon says.

« It was a pleasure to meet you all, » Andy says.

« A pleasure, » Joe agrees, « I just wish I could have put up a better showing of my skill. »

« You did well, for all that you were severely outmatched, » Terry assures his friend.

« Well, off you go, » Allanon says after he opens the portal. Terry, Joe, and Andy step through the portal.

They appear in the same lounge they had been in when they were teleported to the Arena.

« Man, it is good to be back, » Joe says, flopping down on the couch.

« I couldn’t agree more, » Terry says as he takes his customary chair.

« So, do you think Ryu will be suited for whatever task the tournament was set up for? » Andy asks ask he takes his own chair.

« He has the strength and moral fiber to do great things, » Terry says, « he truly is the best. »

« Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, you’re next, » Allanon says as he opens their portal.

« Thanks for the chance to compete Allanon, » Ryo says respectfully.

« Yeah, thanks, » Robert says, « had a blast. »

The two friends/rivals enter the portal.

They appear in Ryo’s backyard.

« Ryo! »

Ryo’s little sister runs out and hugs her brother tightly. « Where were you? I was so worried. »

« We were simply called on to determine who was the greatest fighter in the world, » Robert says.

« I bet you won Ryo, » Ryo’s sister says.

« Actually, Ryo only made it to the second round, » Robert replies, « there were sixteen fighters. Do you remember that one fighter we told you about, Terry Bogard? He beat me. »

« At least you lost to someone you knew, » Ryo’s sister says, « now lets go inside and you can tell me all about it. »

« Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade, I am sending you home next, » Allanon says as he opens up another portal.

The trio step forward.

« It was great meeting you all, and thanks for bringing Johnny back to life, » Liu says.

« Yeah, thanks, » Johnny says, « being dead was no fun at all. »

« I’ll never forget any of you, especially you, Tommy, and you Ryu, » Sonya says.

The trio step into the portal.

They appear in the Temple of the Elder Gods before Raiden.

« And where were you? » Raiden ask, a shocked expression on his face at seeing Johnny alive and well.

« Raiden, it’s a long story, » Liu says, « but we made some friends that we will never forget and will always be indebted to. »

« Indeed, » Sonya says, slipping her hand into Johnny’s.

« Domon and Allenby, you two are returning home next, » Allanon says as he opens up a portal to their home.

« Well guys, its been real! » Allenby says cheerily, « its too bad I never got a chance to fight any of you. »

« It was an honor fighting you Tommy, » Domon says, « remember those tips I gave you and you’ll have nothing to worry about from any monster ever again. »

« I’ll remember them, » Tommy assures him, « now go home to your wife and friends. »

Domon and Allenby step into the portal.

They appear in the Guyana Highlands, right in front of their friends and Rain.

« And just where have you two been? » Rain huffs.

« Rain, it’s a long story, » Domon says, walking over to her and giving her a kiss, « but let me just say that its good to be back. »

« Domon and I finally had our decisive battle, » Allenby says, « Domon won, of course. »

« I’ll bet it was still a close match! » Sai Sici says with all the enthusiasm of a twelve year old on a sugar high.

« Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, you will be returning home now, » Allanon says.

A door opens from behind them and a zombie-like Akuma steps forth.

« I gave him a sedative that suspends his will, » Allanon explains, « I am sending him home via a different portal. As soon as he returns to your own dimension, he will return to normal. He will not reappear in the same place that you will. »

Allanon opens a portal and Akuma steps into it. Allanon opens another portal for the other three Street Fighters.

« Tommy, you fought and incredible match, » Ryu says.

« Hey, if you hadn’t beaten Akuma, he would have won the tournament, » Tommy says, « I’m just glad it was you I fought instead of Akuma. »

« Take care Tommy, » Chun Li says, « keep your world safe. »

« I always have, » Tommy grins.

« Take care man, » Ken says, slapping Tommy on the back.

« Goodbye, noble Warriors, » Allanon says, « Ryu, I will see you again one day. Remember what I said. »

« I’ll remember Allanon, » Ryu assures the Druid. The trio step through their portal and go home.

They appear in the same place they had been at when they were teleported to the tournament.

« Well, he’s up for some lunch? » Ken asks.

« What was Allanon talking about Ryu? » Chun Li asks.

« I am sworn to secrecy, » Ryu replies, « but after it is a fact, I will be able to tell you. »

« Well Tommy, you are the last to go home, » Allanon says.

« Allanon, will I be called on again to fight in a tournament? » Tommy asks.

« Yes Tommy, you will be called on to fight in the next tournament, » Allanon replies, « but I cannot tell you what it will be about. It would give you an unfair advantage. I will se you again soon, Tommy Oliver. »

« Thanks for this chance to compete against the best of the best Allanon, » Tommy says, « and thank you for returning the Green Ranger Powers to me. »

« The pleasure was mine, Tommy, » Allanon assures him as he opens the portal.

« I can’t wait to see who fights in the next tournament, » Tommy crows as he steps through the portal.

Tommy appears in the ruins of the old Power Chamber and Command Center. His brother, David, was there waiting for him.

« Bro, how’d you know I would show up here? » Tommy asks, surprised.

« The falcon told me, » David says, pointing at a falcon that was soaring over the two of them.

« Well bro, its good to see you again, » Toimmy says, pulling his brother into a tight hug.

« You can tell me all about your adventures over dinner, » David says.

Allanon watches the various fighters settle back into their daily lives through his magic.

« They are all great warriors, but only one was able to win, » a voice from behind Allanon says.

« Yes, they are all great warriors, and some of them will compete again, » Allanon tells the voice, « but for now, they have all earned their rest. »

The End for now


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