❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Final Match – Tommy versus Ryu ( Chapter 6 )

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« That was a very interesting technique you pulled off, » Tommy tells Liu, « what did you call it again? »

« The Animality, » Liu replies, « you bring out the animal within and become that animal. I am a Dragon. The one who taught me the Animality was the Wolf. The only person other than Ryu that I have used it against was a Hydra. »

« Do you think you can teach it to me? » Tommy asks.

« You have to be in tune with the animal within to perform the Animality, » Liu replies, « if you are not aware of what your inner animal is, then it will be impossible for you to use your Animality. »

« I am the Falcon, » Tommy replies, « one set of powers that I have used were based around the Falcon. Another was based around the mythical White Tiger. The set of powers I am used in this tournament are based around the Dragon, though it is a different dragon than the one you become. It does not have wings, but it is very powerful. One set of powers that I used was based around the Phoenix, though it was just the battle machine that was based around the Phoenix. »

« So you have many Animalities? » Liu asks, surprised.

« No, only one could be my Animality, » Tommy says, « the Falcon was my spirit animal for my Ninja powers. Those were the third set of powers that I wielded. And so my Animality, from the way you describe it, would turn me into a Falcon. »

« This sounds very interesting, » Liu says, « if you would like, I could teach you how to perform the Animality. I think you are of a suitable level of to use your Animality. »

« If you say so, » Tommy says, « but the only reason I am even here is because of my Morphing powers. I am the weakest and least skilled person here. Even Hercule is stronger than I am. All of you are capable of things only monsters are capable of in my home dimension. »

« Tell me, what did you think of this interdimensional transport? » Johnny asks.

« I’m not inexperienced in such modes of travel as you might think, » Tommy replies, « Rita and Zedd were constantly trying to lock me in another dimension to keep me out of the way. I was always the strongest Ranger because of my powers. The Green Ranger powers that I use here were the strongest of the DinoZord powers that we originally used. The White Ranger powers that I was given were the strongest of the ThunderZord powers and Ninja powers that we used after that. »

« Were you the leader? » Sonya asks, « or just the `last-minute-rescue-save-the-day guy’? »

« I was the last minute rescue guy when I was the Green Ranger, » Tommy says, « but after that I was the leader. »

« Are you sure you want to learn the Animality? » Liu asks.

« I’ll need everything I can muster if I’m to have a chance at beating Ryu, » Tommy says, « he is without a doubt the best fighter here. »

« He is good, » Liu agrees, « but I do not think he is unbeatable. »

« Well then, shall we get on with this Animality training? » Tommy asks.

« Ryu, one more fight and you’ve won this tournament, » Ken says cheerfully.

« Yes, one more fight, » Ryu agrees.

« Whats wrong Ryu? » Chun Li asks, « what is bothering you now? »

« Its that guy, Johnny Cage, » Ryu says, « he was brought back to life to fight in this tournament. He and his friends were fighting so he would remain alive when they were returned home. »

« And we’re doing the same for Gokun, » Ken says.

« But would he want to be brought back to life if it meant another deserving warrior was returned to death after being brought back to life? » Ryu asks.

« I… I don’t know, » Ken says, bowing his head, « I don’t think he would. »

« I have a distinct feeling that no matter who wins this tournament, Johnny Cage is gonna remain alive, » Chun Li says with a smile.

The next day, all of the fighters are gathered to watch the final match. The ring was without a doubt larger than it had been.

The shrouded figure rises. « Greetings, warriors, and welcome to the final match of this tournament to see who is the best martial artist throughout several realities. The final match will be between Tommy Oliver and Ryu. Both of you are great martial artists and credits to your homes reality, but only one of you can win. Fight your best and fight with all your heart. Win and you get one request and it will be fulfilled. Now, Tommy Oliver, please step into the ring. »

Tommy steps into the ring and Morphs, discarding his helmet and the Dragon Shield.

« Tell me what you wish will be when you win Tommy, » the shrouded figure says, « and because of Ryu’s great strength and skill, you may keep the Dragon Shield. »

Tommy nods and wills the Dragon Shield back onto his uniform. The sparkling gold chest armor glistens in the light shining on it. « Can I wait to tell you after the match? »

« You may, » the shrouded figure says, « is this what you wish to do? »

« It is, » Tommy confirms.

« Then it shall be so, » the shrouded figure says, « Ryu, step into the ring. »

Ryu steps into the ring. « If it is okay, I would like to wait until the match is over to express my wish if I win. »

« How noble of you, » the shrouded figure says, « now, you have all waited long enough. It is time that you know who orchestrated all of this. »

The shrouded figure moves his hands to the cowl of his cloak. He pulls it off, revealing a man with dark features. His thick black beard and wild black hair His eyes were haunting, as if they had seen more life than a normal human and more of it than any should bear.

« My name is Allanon, » the man says, « I am a Druid. I will only tell the victor privately why you were brought here and what the purpose of this tournament was. To speak the truth, this tournament is but one of many I will be holding. Tommy Oliver, you have more than one skill that is tested in these tournaments so you very well may be called to fight in another tournament. And to answer an unspoken question, you will retain all memories and skills that you learn here. For those of you who may be called on to fight again, this may give you an edge if the next tournament you are called to fight in has abilities that overlap with what you have learned here. Now, Tommy and Ryu, give this fight your all. Your heart’s desire will be granted through victory. And you may begin. »

With a resounding clang, the gong sounds and the fight is underway. Neither Tommy or Ryu move as they study each other. Ryu’s more experienced eye spots various weaknesses in Tommy’s stance, but he knows that the young fighter had abilities beyond his comprehension.

Ryu decides to test the teenager’s resolve. « Hadouken! »

With cat-like reflexes, Tommy side-steps Ryu’s energy attack, draws his Blade Blaster in the same motion, and pops off three shots at Ryu, who leaps over the attack and lands a kick to Tommy’s jaw while he is regaining his balance. Tommy quickly counters with a snap kick to Ryu’s face and follows it up with a jumping spin kick to the side of Ryu’s head.

As Ryu gets off of the ground, his eyes never leave Tommy. « You know, only the Duid can hear us. Why did you want to not tell him what your wish was? »

« Why didn’t you? » Tommy asks, never dropping his guard.

« If I win, I am planning on asking him if my wish can not affect my world, but someone else’s, » Ryu replies, « I was gonna ask if Johnny Cage could remain alive when he is returned to his own home. »

Tommy stares at Ryu in shock. « That was the exact same thing I was gonna for. »

Now it was Ryu’s turn to stare. Soon he turns that stare into a smile. « Well, then, even though either way we both will get our wish, we still should test to see who the better of us is. After all, it could be a very important reason why he wants the strongest martial artist in so many dimensions. »

« Agreed Tommy says, « I’m gonna give it my all. »

« And so will I, » Ryu says.

« Sie kyah! » Tommy cries out his trademark battle cry as he leaps in on Ryu with a flying kick.

« Shouryuken! » Ryu rises off of the ground performing his famous Dragon Punch, tearing in Tommy’s and impacting hard with the Dragon Shield, which cuts the damage in half.

Tommy cries out in pain and lands on the ground. He quickly recovers and gets back to his feet. He draws his Blade Blaster and fires several shots rapidly, but Ryu dodges the laser fire and counters with a Hadouken.

Tommy leaps out of the attacks way, but has fallen right into Ryu’s trap.

« Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! »

Ryu launches into one of the ultimate attacks of the Yin path of the Shotokan School of Martial Arts. The attacks tears into Tommy’s Power Ranger suit, ripping into the Dragon Shield and all but tearing it off. The attack flings Tommy to the far side of the ring.

Tommy picks himself up, wearily shaking away the effects of the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.

« That was some attack, » Tommy admits, « I’ve never felt anything even close to that. And I’ve taken things that would kill even another Power Ranger. »

« Thank you, » Ryu says, « but don’t sell yourself short. Even if a lot of your physical abilities that you are demonstrating are from the powers you possess, the skill is your own. You are very good. »

« Thanks, » Tommy says, « but lets talk with our fists. »

That being said, Tommy launches a flying kick at Ryu, hitting him square in the chest with his foot. He lands on the ball of his left foot and spins around, catching Ryu with a spinning roundhouse to the jaw. He follows through with five quick punches to Ryu’s stomach and a vicious uppercut to the jaw. The force of the blows is enough to send Ryu reeling.

Ryu recovers and unleashes a flurry of punches, which are blocked and countered by Tommy. The two combatants continue this way for some time, neither one gaining the advantage over the other. Ryu breaks the rhythm by sweeping Tommy’s feet out from under him and hammering him with an elbow to the gut. As Tommy gets back to his feet, Ryu hits him with the Hurricane Kick.

« Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku! »

Ryu rips into Tommy with the force of the attack, knocking him almost out of the ring. As Tommy struggles to get back to his feet, Ryu prepares his strongest attack.

« Shinkuu Hadouken! » Ryu launches a fully powered Shinkuu Hadouken at the groggy Tommy. White lightning bolts arc around the beam as it careens towards its victim.

But Tommy is not done fighting. Quickly making a few passes with his hands, he launches the powerful magic attack that he had once used as the Evil Green Ranger in the service of the witch Rita Repulsa.

The green-white lightning blast collides with Ryu’s mighty Shinkuu Hadouken, and even holds it off for a while. But eventually the attack blasts through the magic and carries on.

However, Tommy’s attack was an orb and required no further concentration beyond a small amount to keep it together. He still could move away from where he had launched the attack and move behind Ryu.

Tommy hits Ryu in the back of the head with a vicious flying kick, but the more experienced fighter begins to roll as his Shinkuu Hadouken ends and the kick only glances him slightly. As he rolls, he spins and lands facing Tommy. He launches into a powerful Dragon Punch that tears the Dragon Shield clean off of Tommy’s uniform.

The force of the blow knocks Tommy unconscious.

« And Tommy is definitely out cold, » Allanon says, « Ryu is the winner and the greatest martial artist short of the Z Warrior’s of Hercule’s home dimension. Now, to attend your wounds. »

With a wave of his hand, mint green energy glows around both Tommy and Ryu, healing their wounds and speeding up their already above-average healing abilities. Tommy sits up, his head still pounding from the ferocity of the fight. Ryu walks over to give him a hand in standing up.

« That was some fight man, » Tommy says as he graciously accepts the help in standing up, « wish we had had someone like you on the team when we were facing the Dark Specter. »

« I’d gladly fight at your side any time, » Ryu says, « you are a formidable opponent and a valiant fighter. If you are an accurate representative of the heroes of your world, then I’m surprised the villains did not learn their lesson and stop attacking years ago. »

« They couldn’t handle the fact that a bunch of teenagers kicked the snot out of them, » Tommy grins, « especially the Machine Empire. »

« Ryu, what is your wish, » Allanon asks.

« Would Johnny stay alive after every is sent home, or will he die again? » Ryu asks. His question surprises everyone except for Tommy, Ken, and Chun Li.

« He would, unfortunately, be returned to the world of the dead, » Allanon says, « though brining him back to life in times of great emergencies will be granted to the Elder Gods of his home world. »

« Then I ask that he be allowed to retain his life and not die simply because he was dead when this tournament started, » Ryu states.

« If this is your wish, then it will be so, » Allanon states.

« It is, » Ryu says firmly.

« Then it shall be so, » Allanon says. White light flares around Johnny. Chains illuminated by the light snap and vanish in wisps of smoke.

« Johnny Cage, your life is, as it always was, your own, » Allanon says, « do not waste it on a foolhardy decision a second time. »

« I won’t, » Johnny says, « I won’t. »

He walks up to Ryu and offers his hand. « Thanks man. Thank you very much. I’m glad it was you that won. No offense, Tommy. »

« Actually, you would have gotten your life back no matter which of us had won, » Ryu replies with a faint grin, « we both had decided to see if your life could be restored to you had we won. »

« The better fighter won in my opinion, » Tommy says, « even a Power Ranger couldn’t beat Ryu. »

« Well, a Power Ranger didn’t defeat Ryu, » Johnny jokes, « after all, you’re a Power Ranger and you couldn’t beat Ryu. »

« Well, I gave it my all so I can’t complain, » Tommy says as he dimorphs.

« Tonight we will have a feast and you will be sent home, » Allanon says, « very little time has passed, so you do not have to explain much beyond your initial disappearances. Do not tell anyone the truth though except for those in high authority. The Elder Gods and Dende are the only ones who must know, though in your case Hercule you must tell only Dende and Piccolo if you must tell anyone. »

« Will it concern them any? » Hercule asks, not really wanting to face a formidable Namek warrior who did not like him at all.

« Only if they ask, » Allanon rpelies, « now Ryu, come with me. It is time you know of what is to happen. »

Allanon turns and walks out of the arena with Ryu following him. They soon reach a small room with a glowing white orb. Allanon stares into the orb.

After a minute or two or silence, Allanon speaks up.

« This orb is a source of great power. Once every six millennia, warriors must gather together to fight off an evil of great power. Always before, the one chosen to guard this power whose Guardianship fell under the time of the test chose several mighty warriors to defend it. And always, they barely survived. This was because the champions of good were not always the best possible for the job. The purpose of this tournament is to find some extraordinary heroes, each one excelling in a particular area of battle, and have them work together. You are the best one possible for martial arts. Tommy will return in the next tournament, which is to see who the best swordsman is. It is quite possible that he will win that contest. I will also have a tournament to find an excellent user of magic and another tournament to find the best marksman. »

« Martial arts, fencing, sorcery, and sharpshooting, » Ryu muses, « that’s a well-balanced team. It covers all of the major areas of combat. When will this final battle take place? »

« I do not know, » Allanon says, « a few months, maybe. Use this time to gain even more strength and skill. Perfect the abilities you have learned here. I would even advise you to try and learn the how to perform the Animality technique that Liu Kang used against you. An Animality form is many times more powerful than the person normally is, so you would be incredibly powerful in an Animality form. »

« I do not think it will be possible for me to do so without extensive training with Liu, » Ryu says.

« We can talk about this again later, » Allanon says, « for now, lets just enjoy the celebration tonight. Tomorrow, O will be sending all of you hope.


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