❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Chapter Two: The First Four Matches ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day, fifteen of the sixteen selected fighters gather in a large room.

« What is going on? » Akuma demands, « if I do not get answers soon, I shall kill whoever is responsible for bringing me here. »

« Man, that guy is giving off some powerful evil vibes, » Andy murmurs to his brother.

« No kidding, » Terry says, flinching, « its not like anything I’ve ever felt before. Its so twisted, I don’t think he’s even human. »

« What about that guy with the long brown hair? » Joe whispers, indicating Tommy Oliver, « I’m hardly feeling any chi vibes from him, but I am detecting something else that just seems completely benevolent. »

« I agree, » Andy says, « he seems to be the most pure among those here. But there is something different about him. »

« Greetings, fighters, » a loud booming voice says, « welcome to the Tournament of Warriors. Every one of you is a Warrior with great power. All but one of you is pure and true, a noble Warrior. All of you do possess a deep sense of honor. Now, I shall announce the match-ups for the First Round. And just to show you that it is all fair, I shall draw the names before you. »

The shrouded figure appears with a box.

« In this box is a slip of paper with a number on it. You will each draw number. The number will determine which match you are in and who your opponent be. Numbers One and two are the first match. Three and four are the second match. Five and six are match three. Seven and eight make up match four. Nine and ten make up match five. Eleven and twelve make up match six. Thirteen and fourteen make up match seven. And Fifteen and sixteen make up the final match, match eight. Oh, and the sixteen of you are from several different dimensions, different realities. »

« I’ll go first, » Hercule declares loudly, « I’m the World Champion of Martial Arts where I’m from. »

« What an amateur, » Terry mumbles.

« I agree, » Ken says, « even I’m not that arrogant. »

« I dunno, » Chun Li says, « he reminds me of a dark haired, muscle-bound you. »

« Hey! » Ken protests, « am I really that bad? »

Hercule reaches into the box and draws a number. « Yeah, Number two! I’m the first match. »

« Yes, congratulations Hercule Satan, » the shrouded figure says, « next! »

« Um, I guess I’ll go next, » Tommy says, « though I really don’t know why I’m here. »

« All will be made clear in time, » the shrouded figure says.

Tommy walks up to the box and draws a number. « I’ve drawn number six. Guess I’m in the third match. »

« Very good, Tommy Oliver, » the shrouded figure says, « Joe Higashi, you are next. »

Joe cockily walks up to the box and promptly draws a number. « Number three, huh? Guess I’m in the second match. »

« Ryo Sakazaki, you shall draw a number next, » the figure says.

Ryo walks up to the box and calmly draws his number. « I’m number four. Guess I’m fighting you Joe. »

« Looks like you’re gonna get pounded by me, » Joe says airily.

« Terry Bogard, you are next, » the figure says.

Terry walks up to the box businesslike and draws his number. « Number one. How quaint. »

« Guess your facing me kid, » Hercule says.

« Ryu, you are next, » the figure says.

Ryu walks up to the box and draws his number. He could feel the hatred Akuma had for him on his back. « Number Fifteen. Guess I’m in the last match. »

« Chun Li Xiang, you are next, » the figure says.

Chun Li walks up to the box and draws her number. « I drew number fourteen. »

« You are in the seventh match, » the figure says, « Domon Kasshu, you are next. »

Domon walks up to the box and draws his number. « Hmm, number seven. »

« Then you are in the fourth match, » the figure says, « Ken Masters, you are next. »

Ken cockily walks up to the box. « Hope I get number sixteen, Ryu. That way we can finally decide which of us is better. »

« Just draw your number Ken, » Ryu replies, « worry about facing me later. »

Ken reaches into the box and pulls out a number. « I drew number five. Guess I’m facing the kid. »

« I am not a kid, » Tommy replies, « I’ve faced things you can’t even imagine. »

« Sure you have kid, » Ken says.

« Its true, » the figure says, « Tommy here is a hero in his dimension. He was once part of a fighting force that repelled, on many occasion, various alien armies. He’s been to other worlds and even been turned evil by magic spells and nearly killed those he later went on to protect. Among those who took up the mantle of the Power Rangers, as the team of superheroes he was a part of was called, he is a legend. »

« I wouldn’t say legend, but I have faced many threats to the Earth and repelled them, » Tommy replies.

« You must be stronger than you look then, » Terry says, « I can hardly sense any energy coming from you. »

« Well, we used special transformation devices called Morphers to don a kind of nearly impenetrable armor, » Tommy says.

« That explains that energy I do sense from you then, » Andy says.

« Andy Bogard, you are next, » the shrouded figure says.

Andy walks up to the box and draws his number. « I drew number twelve. That puts me in the sixth match. »

« Liu Kang, champion of the Earth Realm in the Mortal Kombat Tournament, you are next, » the figure says.

Liu walks up to the box and draws his number. « I drew number eleven. Guess I’m fighting in the sixth match as well. »

« Sonya Blade, you are next, » the figure says.

« Draw a good number Sonya, » Liu says.

« Its not like any of these boys can beat me, » Sonya says.

Liu raises an eyebrow. « Sonya, each of these guys are supposed to be the best in their dimension. »

« Yeah yeah, » Sonya says as she draws her number, « I drew number nine. That puts me in match five, I think. »

« It does, » the figure says, « Robert Garcia, you are next. »

Robert walks up to the box and draws his number quickly. « I drew number ten. Guess I’m fighting the overconfident woman. »

« Watch it, » Sonya says threateningly.

« Silence your bickering, » the figure says, « Allenby Beardsley, you are next. »

Allenby skips to the box and draws her number. When she sees what number she drew, she giggles and tosses it to Domon. « Take a look at that Domon! »

« Wow, you drew number eight, Allenby, » Domons ays, « looks like we’ll be able to finally have that honest match we wanted. »

« You got it Domon, » Allenby says, winking at him.

« Akuma, you are next, » the figure says, interrupting Domon and Allenby.

Akuma confidently walks up to the box and draws his number. Upon seeing it, he smirks at Ryu. « Looks like you’re gonna get your chance at revenge, boy. I drew number sixteen. »

« No way! » Ken yells, « this is too much. Ryu and Akuma in the first round? Oh man, that is gonna be one hell of a match. »

« They rivals? » Ryo asks.

« Worse, » Chun Li says, « Akuma killed the man who taught Ryu and Ken martial arts. He was also the man’s brother. »

« Then I hope the ring can contain their fight, » Tommy says, « I’ve had a few enemies that I hated that much. »

« And for our final opponent, » the figure says, « it has taken me a little while to prepare this, but I feel that it will be well worth it. Will you come out now? »

Out of the shadows, a man walks out. It is Johnny Cage.

« Johnny! » Sonya gasps. Liu gapes at his fallen friend. Sonya runs up to Johnny and hugs him hard.

« They dating? » Tommy asks Liu calmly.

« Never had a chance to, » Liu replies, « as soon as I won the Mortal Kombat Tournament, our realm was invaded by Shao Khan. Johnny tried to fight him, but Shao Khan killed him without mercy. »

« Then this guy does have the power to bring back the dead, » Ryu says softly.

« Ryu, are you thinking what I’m thinking? » Ken asks.

« Bring back Gokun if one of us wins? » Ryu asks.

« You got it, » Ken says.

« Johnny Cage, please go through the formalities and draw your number, » the shrouded figure says.

« Don’t worry, » Johnny says, being his usual cocky self, « I’ll win this thing and return with you Sonya. »

Johnny walks up to the box and draws number thirteen, putting him in the match with Chun Li.

« Now, would all of you please follow me, » the shrouded figure asks, « I shall show you where you will be fighting. »

He leads them through a series of corridors to a tournament ring.

« Hercule, I am sure you recognize this set-up, » the figure says, « I based it on the Tenkaichi Budoukai that you are the `champion’ of. »

« Guess you know a good thing when you see it, » Hercule says boastfully.

« Terry, please knock this guy out so we won’t have to listen to his boasts any more, » Joe Higashi says, a pained expression in his voice.

« Don’t worry, I will, » Terry says.

« Terry Bogard and Hercule Satan, you are up first, » the shrouded figure says as it takes flight and floats over to a throne-like chair.

« Terry Bogard, enter the ring, » the figure says, « now, I shall explain a bit about Terry Bogard for those of you who do not know him. Terry is a master martial artist, having defeated Geese Howard, the so-called `Master of South Town’. He has also defeated Wolfgang Krauser, a very lethal, very dangerous mountain of a man. »

Terry enters the ring.

« Hercule Satan, enter the ring, » the figure says, « now, I shall explain a bit about Hercule. Hercule is the World Champion of Martial arts in his world. However, he is far from the strongest person on his planet. Several of the strongest beings in his universe live on his planet. Most of them were born on his planet. In fact, his son-in-law is the single strongest person in the universe. In any of the universes that you come from. But Hercule himself has his strong points. During the rampant destruction of a monster called Majin Buu, he took it upon himself to try and stop him even though he knew there was a very good chance that he would die. First he tried feeding Buu chocolates made with a very large amount of cyanide. Then he tried a hand-held video game made of plastic explosives. In the end, he just talked with Buu and convinced him to stop killing people. Of course, by then Buu had killed a third of the Earth’s population. »

« Yeah, but in the end it didn’t work, » Hercule says, « a bad guy killed the puppy Buu had taken a liking too and almost killed me as well. He expelled the evil within him. But the evil took on a physical shape and the two started fighting. Unfortunately, the evil Buu won. He absorbed the good Buu and became far more powerful. »

The shrouded figure continues. « In the end, the father of Hercule’s son-in-law and his rival joined together in a technique called Fusion and became a far more powerful warrior. How they defeated him is a mystery to me, but in the end they won. »

« How far is Hercule from being the strongest on his planet? » Tommy asks curiously.

« A lot closer than you are, Tommy, » the shrouded figure says, « he is a match for all of the warriors here. However, he has no clue how to manipulate his life force, his chi. So he is limited to what he can do. »

« I’ll admit I’m limited, but I’m still the best normal human fighter on my planet, » Hercule says.

« Now that’s a sad thought, » Ken chuckles softly.

« Now, I shall explain the rules for all of you, » the shrouded figure begins, « first, if you are knocked out, knocked out of the ring, or give up then you lose. You also lose if you die. Don’t worry, I’ll return you to life if you do die. In fact, it will be done before the next match so you can observe and cheer people on if you wish it. There is no time limit, and no limit to arsenal. There are a few more restrictions for you, Tommy, but I shall explain them before your match. »

« Now, begin! » A gong sounds and Terry and Hercule drop into their respective fighting stances.

Terry launches himself into the air, his right fist raised with energy gathering around it.

« Power Dunk! » he calls out, slamming his fist into the ring where Hercule had been just a moment ago. The tiles that made up the ring floor cracked and some shattered under the force of the blow.

`Oh man, this guy is a lot stronger than he looks,’ Hercule thinks in a panic, `but that guy says that we are all still fairly evenly matched.’

« Dynamite Kick! » Hercule yells. He launches himself into his trademark Flying Kick. Videl had taught him a tiny bit about how to use his chi energy. He now used that knowledge to increase the strength of his Dynamite Kick.

« Crack Shot! » Terry yells, flipping forward with his right foot outstretched and blazing with his chi power. The two attacks collide in a small explosion of power. When the flash of light clears, both fighters are standing, glaring at each other fiercely.

« Not bad kid, » Hercule says, « got any more tricks to try on me? »

« Oh yeah, » Terry says, slamming his fist to the ground, « Power Wave! »

A streak of blue-white energy flows along the ground towards Hercule. Hercule leaps out of the attacks way and rolls back to his feet.

« Sorry I asked, » Hercule mumbles as he gets back to his feet, wary of his opponent.

« That’s just the beginning, » Terry says as he pulls back his right fist and gathers energy, « Burn Knuckle! »

Terry leaps at Hercule, his glowing blue fist charged with power. Hercule, who had not been expecting something like this, was taken by surprise and takes the attack full in the chest. He goes flying, hitting the ground outside the ring.

« And Terry Bogard is the winner, » the shrouded figure says, « winning technique, Burn Knuckle. »

Terry walks out of the ring and helps Hercule back to his feet.

« That was a nice move, kid, » Hercule says, « good luck in the rest of the tournament. »

« Thanks, » Terry says, « you were a decent opponent. »

« Now for the next match! » the shrouded figure booms, « Joe Higashi Vs. Ryo Sakazaki. »

« This should be a good match, » Robert says, « neither of these two have fought each other, but they’ve watched each other fight in several matches. They know each others style, even if they haven’t personally fought against it. »

« Joe Higashi, step into the ring, » the shrouded figure says.

Joe Higashi steps into the ring.

« Joe Higashi is a Mauy Thai kickboxing champion, » the shrouded figure begins, « his skill is sure, and his ego is large. But his heart is always in the right place and has fought evil men many times. Now, Ryo Sakazaki, step into the ring. »

Ryo steps into the ring and bows, first to the shrouded figure then to the other fighters.

« Ryo Sakazaki is a martial artist who fought in South Town to rescue his sister, » the shrouded figure begins, « he is a great and honorable warrior whose courage is all but unmatched. »

« Now, ready and fight! » A gong sounds and Joe immediately launches into a flurry of kicks and punches.

Ryo alternates between dodging and blocking the kicks and punches and finally counters with a Deep Upper Cut. He launches himself into the air, his right fist connecting to Joe’s jaw.

Joe quickly counters with a kick to Ryo’s thigh. He follows up with a uppercut to Ryo’s gut, then spins around and backhands him to the ground.

« Had enough? » Joe asks cockily.

« Not quite, » Ryo says, launching himself at Joe.

« Hienshipuu Kick! » Ryo’s right foot charges with chi energy just before it connects with Joe’s chest. He then drops to the ground, pivots on his right foot and connects with a kick to Joe’s jaw. Joe drops to the ground with a thud.

« Hmm, apparently they were far more unevenly matched than I thought, » Robert muses.

« Yep, » Terry agrees, « I can’t wait to have a match with him. »

« Think you can beat him Terry? » Andy asks.

« Maybe, maybe not, » Terry replies, « we’ve always been fairly evenly matched. »

« Well, today you’re gonna find out who is stronger, » Robert says, « I can hardly wait to see that match. »

« Well, you’re gonna have to wait, » Ken says, « because my match is up next. »

« Ken Masters, step into the ring, » the shrouded figure says after Ryo helps Joe to his feet and out of the ring.

Ken walks into the ring and bows to the watching fighters and the shrouded figure.

« Ken Masters is one of the two students of the Shotokan School of Karate, » the shrouded figure begins, « he follows the Yang path, which focuses on the body. His training partner was Ryu. His sensei, Gokun, was killed by Akuma, whom Ryu will be facing in the final match of the first round. Ken is a master of the Flaming Dragon Punch. He can also perform the fireball of the Shotokan School, known as the Hadouken. »

« Tommy Oliver, step into the ring, » the shrouded figure says.

Tommy steps into the ring, cautious of what could happen. He knew he was nowhere near the level of any of the other fighters present. Morphed, he might stand a chance, but unmorphed he would get creamed.

« Tommy Oliver, you were once the Green Morphin Ranger, » the shrouded figure begins, « then your powers were stolen by the witch Rita Replusa who gave them to you in the first place to destroy the other Power Rangers. Later, they were temporarily recharged so you could retrieve the other Power Coins. But your powers could not be restored and they were eventually drained for good. Then your mentor, Zordon of Eltare, called you back to action by making you the White Morphin Ranger and the new leader of the team. Eventually, though, Rita’s father Master Vile turned back time and made your powers null, along with those of the other five Rangers. Then you went on a quest for a Zeo Sub-crystal. You obtained it. When time was restored, you and four others became the Zeo Rangers and fought the Machine Empire. You eventually defeated them with the help of Trey of Triforia, the Gold Ranger. Then the space pirate Divatox came along and you traded in the Zeo Powers for the Turbo Powers. However, by then you were about to graduate from high school and would have to go on with the rest of your life. However, you have longed for the thrill of battle once again, haven’t you? »

Tommy nods.

« But not as the Red Turbo Ranger or the Red Zeo Ranger or even the White Morphin Ranger, » the shrouded figure continues, « but as the Green Morphin Ranger. Am I right? »

« I could never do enough good as the Green Ranger to absolve myself of the atrocities that I committed while being Rita’s Evil Green Ranger, » Tommy says, his voice hard, « and no one ever knew that the Green Morphin Ranger, White Morphin Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, or the first Red Turbo Ranger were the same person. In fact, a lot of people didn’t even know that the Power Rangers were human until the Astro team morphed in the final battle with Astronema’s forces in front of all of the citizens of Angel Grove. »

« But you wish to return to being the Green Morphin Ranger, where you felt the most complete, » the shrouded figure says, « and you shall. You are not at the level of any of these other fighters, not even Hercule. However, you can prove to be a match for them while morphed. However, you no longer have any of the various morphers that you have used except for the almost-powerful Green Power Coin. I shall return it to full power. »

With that, emerald green lightning shoots from one of the hands of the figure and hits the amulet Tommy wore around his neck. He had long ago given the arrowhead that had brought him and his brother together to his brother and he now kept the last remaining Power Coin with him as a reminder of his first days as one of the Power Rangers, the greatest heroes in his galaxy.

As the lightning fades, the Power Coin begins to glow. Tommy takes it out of its little case and holds it in his right hand. A Morpher appears around the coin.

« Its Morphin Time! » Tommy calls out, holding the Morpher up, « Dragonzord! »

In a flash of emerald colored light, Tommy is glad in emerald green spandex. Golden armor covers his chest and shoulders and to those who could sense chi, it was radiating a field around the now morphed Green Morphin Ranger.

Tommy reaches for the clasps on the side of his helmet, flips them, and removes his helmet. « Wow. This is great. This feeling- the power I feel coursing through me is so familiar. I feel stronger than I ever have before, even when I was Rita’s Evil Green Ranger and she gave me command over various powers of magic. »

« Your Coin has been fully re-powered, » the shrouded figure says, « this charge is not temporary. It is now permanent, and will not leave you even if you do not win this tournament. »

« I feel like I could take on Mondo, Gasket, Rita, Zedd, Divatox, and the dark Specter all on my own right now, » Tommy says.

« You probably can, » the shrouded figure says, though you could tell they were smiling, « all of the various powers you still wield have been combined. The only difference will be the weapons at your disposal which will vary between which costume you wear. And that in turn will be determined by which mode of morphing you use. To morph into the White Morphin Ranger, simply focus on an image of the White Ranger when you morph with the Power Coin. »

« I don’t know what to say, » Tommy says, « thank you. »

« Now, you cannot use your Dragon Dagger or a Blade Blaster in blade mode, » the shrouded figure says, « and you may not wear your helmet either. It offers too much protection and it would be fair. If you can will away your Dragon Shield, then do so. »

« Sure, » Tommy says, and with a flash of gold sparkles the Dragon Shield disappears, revealing the white diamonds of his costume.

« Now, other than the restrictions of I have mentioned, there is nothing else, » the shrouded figure says, « you may begin.

The gong sounds and the two fighters launch themselves against each other. Tommy attacks with a flying kick while Ken counters with a Flaming Dragon Punch. The attack causes an eruption of sparks from Tommy’s costume as the defense fields absorb a good amount of the blows.

Tommy quickly recovers and draws his Blade Blaster.

« Whoa! » Ken yells as he leaps out of the way, « what is that? A laser gun? »

« Yep, » Tommy says, holstering the Blade Blaster, « but I’m not gonna use it unless I need to. »

With that, he launches into a flurry of punches and kicks that takes Ken by surprise, but not for long. Ken retaliates swiftly.

« Tatsumaki-Senpukyaku! » Ken yells as he leaps into the air and performs the Hurricane Kick. Several kicks come in contact with Tommy’s jaw and chest as he is caught up in the attack.

As the attack ends, Tommy struggles back to his feet.

« You’ve got guts, » Ken tells Tommy, « but you are way out of your league. »

Tommy grits his teeth as he gets back to his feet. « I think it’s the other way around, my friend. I’ve fought monsters taller than most skyscrapers, seen a planet explode, fought a giant battle machine at least three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower, and fought a gold-armored monkey with wings. I think you’re the one who is out of their league. I’ve even faced the evil in myself and defeated it. »

« That’s a long list of boasting, » Ken says, « but I still say your out of your league. Prove me wrong by beating me and then I’ll consider how valid your words are. »

« Suit yourself man, » Tommy says as he summons energy within himself, « I haven’t done what I’m about to do since I was evil and in Rita’s control, but I’m gonna try it anyway. »

Green lightning bolts begin to spark around his gloved hands as he moves them in front of his chest and positions them like an open clam.

Realizing that he may be in trouble, Ken powers up a Hadouken. Moving his arms to his side, Ken gathers his chi energy between his palms, then moves them forward.

« Hadouken! » Ken throws his fireball at Tommy in hopes of stopping the attack.

But it was too late. Tommy launches a ball of green energy with a core of whitish-green. The two attacks collide, but Tommy’s energy ball blows away Ken’s Hadouken and slams into Ken’s chest, throwing him out of the ring and into a wall.

« And it appears that mister Oliver is the winner of this match, » the shrouded figure says.

Ken, Chun Li, and even Akuma were speechless at the level of power that Tommy had just demonstrated. Everyone else was unable to say anything because they didn’t really know of Ken’s level of power or skill. Ken couldn’t say anything because he was unconscious.

« Nice fight kid, » Robert says as Tommy steps out of the ring.

« Thanks, » Tommy replies, « I haven’t been in a real fight in nearly three years. I’ve barely kept in shape, what with driving on my uncle’s racing team. »

« You a race car driver? » Joe asks.

« Yeah, but I’m not exceptional, » Tommy answers, « my uncle says I’m a natural, but that’s only because the Zords, those are the battle machines we would use to fight the skyscraper-sized monsters, were designed after vehicles and my Zord was a race car. The powers tell us how to use everything in our arsenal and that knowledge never leaves us. I could be a fighter pilot if I had a mind to. »

« Hey Domon, our fight is next! » Allenby says cheerily.

« How can a little girl be so anxious to fight? » Chun Li asks.

« What about Sakura? » Ryu asks, « she’s just as eager for a fight. »

« Point taken, » Chun Li replies, « but I still think its not right. »

« Next up is Domon Kasshu versus Allenby Beardsley, » the shrouded figure says, « Domon Kasshu, step into the ring. »

Domon removes his cloak and walks into the ring.

« Domon Kasshu is the Gundam Fighter for his nation, Neo Japan, » the shrouded figure begins, « He piloted first the Shining Gundam and then the God Gundam. A Gundam Fighter represents his or her nation in the annual Gundam Fight. The Gundam Fight is fought for the sovereign right to rule the Earth. It is a much better concept that all-out war, even if it is barbaric. Battles are fought in giant battle machines called Gundams. Tommy would be a bit familiar with the way they are controlled. It is similar to the way he controlled the Tigerzord and the Red Battlezord. »

« You mean telepathy? » Tommy asks.

« Similar, but not completely, » the shrouded figure replies, « their movements are observed by computers in their Gundams and the Gundam mimics them. »

« One of my fellow Gundam Fighters, Sai Sici, made the mistake of picking his nose while the Mobile Trace System was online, » Domon chuckles, « his Gundam mimicked his movements. »

The assorted fighters quickly picked up what Domon meant and chuckle.

« Domon is the King of Hearts, the best martial artist in his world, » the shrouded figure continues, « he even defeated the evil Devil Gundam with the help of his wife. He has earned the respect and admiration of all of his fellow Gundam Fighters. Every Gundam Fighter joined in the operation to save the Earth from the ravages of the Devil Gundam, following Domon’s lead. He was trained by the previous winner of the Gundam Fight, Master Asia, a man who at that time had no equal in all of the Earth and the colonies. Domon was trained to be a fighter and to communicate with his fists from the time he was a small child. Upon his return to his home colony after training, he found out that his mother had been killed, his father imprisoned in cryogenic suspension, and his brother had taken the Devil Gundam. He later learned that his brother was innocent and it was all a plan by a man called Ulube to try and take over the universe. Needless to say he failed and he failed miserably, paying with his life. As the King of Hearts, Domon is not only the best martial artist in both Earth and the colonies and is the leader of the Shuffle Alliance. The Shuffle Alliance had guided warfare throughout human history. They really came into their own when the Gundam Fight was established. It made governing warfare much simpler. The other four positions of the Shuffle Alliance are Club Ace, which is held by Sai Sici. There is Jack in Diamonds, held by the honorable George de Sand. There is the position of Queen of Spades, held by Chibodee Crocket. And finally there is the Black Joker, who is the physically intimidating and powerful Argo Gulski. Together, these five fighters are virtually invincible, as the Shuffle Alliance always has been. Now, Allenby Beardsley step into the ring. »

Allenby does not step into the ring. Instead, she skips into the ring.

« Allenby was the Gundam Fighter for Neo Switzerland and piloted the Nobel Gundam in the Gundam Fight, » the shrouded figure begins, « like Domon, she was trained to be her nation’s Gundam Fighter since she was a small child. Her nation used a system called the Berserker System to take away all of her thoughts except for defeating her opponent. She was all but invincible. But she met her match in Domon Kasshu. He didn’t even have to enter into his Hyper Mode to equal her ability in battle because her soul wasn’t in her fists. She led the counter-offensive against the Devil Gundam and fought valiantly. She won Domon and the other members of the Shuffle Alliance time to defeat the Devil Gundam. Now, prepare to fight. »

« Good luck Allenby, » Domon says.

« Same to you Domon, » Allenby says.

« Gundam Fight! » Domon says seriously as he ducks into a fighters crouch.

« Ready! » Allenby says as she crouches.

« Go! » Domon yells just as the gong sounds.

Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Chapter One: The Gathering
Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Chapter Three: The First Round, Last Four Matches