❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Chapter Three: The First Round, Last Four Matches ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Instantly, Domon and Allenby are trading punches, their fists moving almost too fast for the eye to see. Most of the assembled fighters could only see a blur. Ryu, Akuma, and Terry could vaguely follow their fists and feet as the two fighters moved.

Domon jumps back as energy begins to focus in his hand. Allenby immediately knew what he was going for.

« Exploding God Finger! » Domon yells as he tries to grab Allenby’s stomach. But Allenby was ready for the move and flips over Domon, using his fist as a springboard.

« How typical Domon, » Allenby giggles, « I’ve seen you use that move countless times and I’ve helped you train. Except for Sai Sici, I’m the only person you’ve ever had to fight to a standstill in skill. »

« Too true Allenby, but you also know you very well as well, » Domon replies with a grin, « we’ve studied each others moves very well. »

With that, Domon launches himself into another flurry of fists at Allenby, who responds by blocking each strike and countering with her own flurry of fists.

« How can they possibly move that fast? » Tommy whispers.

« They are exceptionally fast, » Ryu says, « and their technique is flawless. They are true fighters. »

« They could not possibly compare to the two of us Ryu, » Akuma growls, « their skill is exceptional, to be sure, but they are limited to basic energy projection. »

« Sekihah Tekihoken! » Domon yells, launching a swirling green-yellow energy blast at Allenby. The blast hits her dead on and throws her out of the ring and onto the ground.

« Then again, even I can be wrong sometimes, » Akuma muses darkly.

« And the winner is Domon Kasshu, » the shrouded figure says, « congratulations on a hard fought victory. It must have been hard to use such a powerful technique against a close friend. »

« We both knew what we were getting into in this fight, » Domon says as he replaces his cloak, « and she’s not hurt as bad as you might think. »

Indeed, Allenby was already back on her feet, chipper as usual.

« Great fight Domon, » she cheers, « good luck in the rest of your matches. »

« Thanks Allenby, » Domon says.

« Now for the next match, » the shrouded figure says, « Sonya Blade versus Robert Garcia. Sonya Blade, step into the ring. »

Sonya walks into the ring, unsure but confident.

« Sonya Blade is a member of Special Forces, an international cover military organization that hunts down bigtime criminals, » the shrouded figure begins, « she was hunting down a man name Kano when she was taken aboard the ship leaving for the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Once in Outworld, she was forced to participate in the tournament in hopes of fighting Kano. She did, and she defeated him soundly. She was kidnapped by the sorcerer Shang Tsung after Johnny Cage defeated the reigning champion Goro. In the end, she was rescued by the combined efforts of Liu Kang, Johnny cage, and Princess Kitana of Edenia. She is a highly skilled combatant and not to be taken lightly. Now, Robert Garcia step forward. »

Robert walks into the ring, confident in himself.

« Robert Garcia is a friend and rival of Ryo Sakazaki, » the shrouded figure says, « his skills are a near match for Ryo’s, as are his techniques. Now, you may begin the fight. »

Robert and Sonya bow to each other, their eyes never leaving the other. Then they bow to the shrouded figure and then the other fighters. Sonya catches a glance of Johnny giving her a thumbs-up.

The two fighters return to facing each other and enter their respective fighting stances.

The gong sounds, beginning the match.

Robert charges energy between his hands in front of his chest then swings his right arm back and around and throws a Ryugeki-ken at Sonya, who promptly dodges the chi ball.

Sonya runs at Robert and leaps on him, wrapping her legs around his neck and flips him, making sure his head slams against the concrete ring. She rolls forward and gets to her feet, ready for retaliation.

But she wasn’t ready for what did happen. Robert launches himself at Sonya, his left foot charged with his chi energy.

« Hienshipuu Kick! » Robert yells as the foot connects with Sonya’s torso. He twists midair and back kicks her with his right foot. Sonya goes flying, though not quite out of the ring.

« This ring is much smaller than the one I fought on to win my championship, » Hercule muses, « but it is about the same size as the ring was before I started competing. »

Sonya groggily gets back to her feet.

« So, Sonya, you gonna give up? » Robert asks courteously, « it will save you a lot of pain. »

« Forget it, » Sonya hisses through grit teeth, « I never give up. »

« You might wanna reconsider such a philosophy, » Robert says as he leaps into the air.

He lands right beside Sonya and begins a flurry of kicks. Unable to block or do anything, Robert’s kicks begin to lift her into the air.

« Robert’s Genei Kick, » Ryo mutters, « he’s fighting seriously. He’s not taking her lightly because she’s a woman. Then again, we’ve faced some pretty tough women before. »

« Women are tougher than most men give them credit for being, » Chun Li declares.

« Yeah, but so far all of the women in this tournament have lost, » Johnny Cage says.

« The girl with the blue hair is a girl, a teenager, » Chun Li retorts, « not a woman. And Sonya has not lost yet. »

« She’s about to, » Ryo says, « Robert’s Genei Kick is devastating unless you’re prepared for it. »

Robert finishes his move with a powerful kick to Sonya’s jaw. She goes flying but lands inside of the ring but doesn’t move.

« Is she dead? » Johnny asks, worried.

« No, she’s not dead, » Ken says, « but I don’t think she’s conscious. »

The shrouded figure begins to count. « 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10! And Robert Garcia has won this match and will move on to the Quarter Finals where his opponent will be determined with this next match. »

« I’m in the next match, » Liu Kang says.

« And I am your opponent, » Andy Bogard says.

« I look forward to this match then, » Liu says.

« Good luck Andy, » Terry says.

« Yeah, good luck man, » Joe adds.

« Thanks guys, » Andy says, « I’ll do my best. »

« The next match is between Liu Kang and Andy Bogard, » the shrouded figure says, « Liu Kang, step into the ring. »

Liu walks into the ring calmly, yet cautiously. He bows to the shrouded figure in a gesture of respect.

« Liu Kang is regarded as the best fighter in his world, the Earth Realm, » the shrouded figure begins, « he defeated the Necromancy Sorcerer Shang Tsung. This in and of itself was noteworthy, but he also defeated the entire legion of souls that Shang Tsung had trapped in bondage. Shang Tsung was a mighty Necromancer. He had the ability to rip the soul right out of a fighter and add their power to their own. Akuma has a similar technique. »

Akuma glares at the shrouded figure, but says nothing.

« Liu not only defeated the sorcerer, but he defeated him without getting hit himself, a flawless victory, » the shrouded figure continues, ignoring Akuma’s glare as if it didn’t even exist., « he has mastered many powerful techniques. He is a formidable fighter. Now, Andy Bogard, please step into the ring. »

Andy Bogard does so and bows first to the shrouded figure, then to Liu, then finally to the other fighters.

« Andy Bogard is Terry’s younger brother, » the shrouded figure says, « his skill as a fighter is great. He is constantly training to better himself and is quite dangerous if you threaten those he cares about. While not as proficient a fighter as his brother Terry, he nevertheless helped bring down Geese Howard. Now, the two of you may begin your match when the gong sounds. »

A moment later, the gong sounds and Andy and Liu drop into fighting stances.

Liu launches himself into a flying kick, but it is blocked by Andy who counters with a Sho Ryu Dan, a move where he continuously spun around with energy arcing from his arms. But Liu quickly recovers.

He raises his right leg and moves his arms together so that his palms were touching. A blast of fire erupts from his hands.

Caught by surprise, Andy barely manages to duck out of the way. The attack singes away some of his hair.

« Now that is a fireball, » Ken chuckles, « a true blast of fire. »

« He actually uses fire, not just chi that simulates fire, » Akuma says, « he will be a worthy opponent. I anxiously await fighting him. »

« That’s only if you make it past me, butcher, » Ryu growls.

Akuma chuckles. « We shall see, boy. »

Liu charges at Andy with a bicycle kick, but Andy counters by focuses his chi out of his right palm into a blade. The attack catches Liu by surprise and cuts his stomach lightly.

« Not bad, » Liu says as he steps away from Andy warily, « but not good enough. »

With that, he prepares another fireball. But this time, he focuses more power into it.

Sensing the danger, Andy dashes at his opponent, ready to launch into an all-out attack.

But Liu takes Andy by surprise by ducking from the first punch and firing his fireball into Andy’s stomach. The force of the blast knocks Andy against the arena’s ceiling, creating an indenture the same shape as Andy. A moment later Andy falls to the ground.

« Andy! » Terry cries out, rushing to his brother’s side.

« Liu Kang wins the match, » the shrouded figure says, then raises a hand and points a finger at Andy’s lifeless body. A thin beam of green-blue energy shoots forth from the finger and hits Andy’s body.

« Whats going on? » Tommy asks.

« Well kid, if I didn’t know better I’d say that that guy is healing the dead guy, » Hercule replies, « bring him back to life. »

« You’re right, he is bring him back to life, » Johnny says, « see that aura surrounding the fallen fighter? I had that same aura around me when I awoke. »

« Johnny, what was it like, being dead? » Sonya asks.

« I really don’t remember, » Johnny says, « I know I was in another place, but I can’t recall any details. »

« The next match is between Johnny Cage and Chun Li Xiang, » the shrouded figure says after he finishes healing Andy, « Johnny Cage, step into the ring. »

« Wish me luck, » Johnny tells Sonya.

« Good luck, you walking ego, » Sonya says affectionately.

« Good luck, » Liu says, « I hope to face you in a future match. »

« Johnny Cage is a big-time Hollywood actor, » the shrouded figure begins, « his skill at martial arts is also extraordinary. He defeated the reigning Mortal Kombat champion Goro in combat. He was alter killed by Shao Khan when he invaded the Earth Realm but has been brought back for this tournament. Now, Chun Li Xiang please step into the ring. »

Chun Li walks into the ring and faces Johnny, looking him square in the eye.

« Chun Li is a member of Interpol and has been on the trail of a warlord by the name of M Bison for the death of her father many years ago, » the shrouded figure begins, « she has trained all her life for revenge. She is also a part of the international organization known only as Street Fighter. She is one of the more active members of that organization. Ryu and Ken, two other competitors in this tournament, are also among the members that are called to action fairly often. »

« How does this guy know all of this? » Ryu asks Ken, « this is getting weird. »

« Now, you may begin the fight when the gong sounds, » the shrouded figure says.

Johnny and Chun Li both crouch into their fighting stances. The gong sounds and Chun Li launches into a devastating array of lightning fast kicks. Johnny blocks to the best of his ability but some kicks still land.

Johnny leaps back then leaps at Chun Li. A greenish-black silhouette follows him. His right foot connects solidly with Chun Li’s chest and sends her flying out of the ring.

« Well, that was quick, » Liu muses.

« Indeed, » Akuma agrees, « a very interesting technique. »

« That was Johnny’s Shadow Kick, » Sonya says, « its quite effective. »

« And the winner is Johnny Cage, » the shrouded figure says, « the next match is the final match of the first round. Ryu versus Akuma. But before these two can fight, I must repair the ring. »

With that, the shrouded figure raises its right hand. A burst of greenish-white light erupts from the hand and bathes the ring. The cracked and shattered tiles recombine and become fresh, flawless tiles.

« Now that the ring has been fixed, you may step into the ring Ryu, » the shrouded figure says as he lowers his hand.

Ryu steps into the ring.

« Ryu is one of the students of the Shotokan School of Martial Arts, » the shrouded figure begins, « he trained alongside Ken. Unlike Ken, who came naturally to the fighting, he had to work hard to gain the level of strength he has. He is one of the strongest fighters in his world, if not the strongest. This very match will determine who is the strongest. He has achieved high levels of energy projection. He could even tap into the power of the infamous Dark Hadou if he was of a mind to do so. Ryu may very well be the strongest person at this tournament. Now, step into the ring Akuma. »

As Akuma steps into the ring, he revels in the sense of feeling the burning gaze of Ryu and Ken on him.

« Akuma was the brother and training partner of Ryu and Ken’s sensei, Gokun, in the Shotokan School of Martial Arts, » the shrouded figure begins, « he follows the Yang path, like Ken. He has achieved an incredible amount of power and has tapped into the power of the Dark Hadou to further boost his strength. He has even learned the infamous Raging Demon attack, which was banned from being taught to the students of the Shotokan School long ago. He is also among the most evil men you will ever face, but also one of the most honorable. But he only uses honor to get his opponents to fight at their absolute best. »

Ryu and Akuma both crouch into their respective fighting stances. The gong sounds and the two fighters leap at each other, fists flying.

Akuma and Ryu both go all-out against each other. But they were perfectly equal.

« You have improved, » Akuma growls as he blocks a hard punch, « but you are not skilled enough or strong enough to defeat me! »

With that, he leaps into the air. « Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku! » Akuma performs his Hurricane Kick which is accompanied lightning bolts arcing around his body.

« Shouryuken! » Ryu counters by performing a Dragon Punch on Akuma. The force of the two attacks cancel each other out and the two fighters leap and re-enter their fighting stances.

Akuma chuckles. « Not bad. You are a worthy opponent. You are a far better fighter than my brother was or ever could be. »

Ryu’s eyes narrow. « Do not insult Sensei Gokun, » he growls, « you should only focus on me, your opponent. »

« Do not presume to tell me how to fight! » Akuma snarls, « now fight me! »

« Hadoulen! » Ryu throws the trademark chi attack of the Shotoken School of Martial Arts.

« Foolish boy, » Akuma chuckles, « Gou Hadouken! » Akuma counters with his dark version of the same attack. The two fireballs cancel each other out.

« Tatsukmai Senpukyaku! » Ryu launches himself into the air and heads towards Akuma with his Hurricane Kick.

« Gou Shouryken! » Akuma counters with a Dragon Punch, just like Ryu had countered his Tasumaki Zankuukyaku with his own Dragon Punch. And just like Ryu had done to him, Akuma knocks Ryu out of his attack.

Ryu picks himself up after hitting the ground hard. He spits some blood out of his mouth.

« You have a long way to go before you can defeat me in battle, boy, » Akuma says, « now, do you wish to continue this match or will you surrender? »

« I will destroy you, butcher, » Ryu growls. His level of power begins to rise sharply. Akuma grins, not a comforting sight.

« Uh oh, » Ken mutters, « he’s calling forth the Dark Hadou. Doesn’t he realize that trying to beat Akuma by fighting like Akuma is to become him? »

« Such terrible power, » Terry gasps, « even Krauser did not feel this evil. Even Akuma does not have a power this twisted. »

Akuma pays close attention to the level of power Ryu demonstrates. For a brief moment, his face contorts in shock but he quickly regains his composure.

« You are powerful, » Akuma says respectfully, « but not powerful enough. »

Ryu does not bother to respond. His eyes begin to glow a demonic red.

Akuma reaches into himself and draws forth the power of the Dark Hadou within himself. Waves of evil energy begin to radiate from both fighters.

« This is incredible, » Andys ays as he shields his eyes, « how can any two men have such evil power within them? How can any person have such power and be so evil? »

« Ryu isn’t evil, » Ken says, « but he has an evil power within himself. It is the dark part of the Shotokan School of Martial Arts. Few people have such power within them. It is fueled by the rage they carry within themselves. It has all the subtlety and destructive force of a nuclear bomb. Ryu alone could obliterate everything in a large area on his own. Combine Akuma’s power to that and you have an extreme overkill. »

Akuma and Ryu simultaneously fire a single sphere of pure evil chi. The two attacks collide and for a breif second time seems to stand still. Then the two attacks mingle and contort. A wind begins to blow. The two attacks begin to swirl and turn black.

« Whats going on? » Chun Li asks.

« I don’t know, » Ken admits, « the last time Ryu used the Dark Hadou against another Dark Hadou I was in no condition to observe what was going on. »

« They are creating some kind of vortex, » Liu says, « it is fueled by the power of the two Dark Hadou’s. As long as one of them is tapping into its power, it will draw everything into it. »


But Ryu doesn’t respond. He doesn’t even look as if he heard Ken’s desperate plea.

« This is just like at the Cell games when Gohan tapped into his hidden strength to destroy Cell, » Hercule says, definitely scared.

« Who? » Johnny asks.

« My son-in-law, » Hercule replies, « he’s the single strongest person in the universe. He could blow up an entire solar system with the flick of his wrist if he was of a mind to. »

« He’s that strong? » Ken asks, amazed.

« His dad is almost as strong and his dad’s rival isn’t far behind, » Hercule replies.

« Guess that explains why they weren’t brought here, » Liu says, « none of us would be a challenge to them. »

« My son-in-law’s dad has beaten most of the major villains in the universe, » Hercule replies, « and my son-in-law himself defeated a major villain many years ago. Back then I was an insensitive jerk and I took the credit for defeating Cell. I still have that credit, though I would gladly give him the credit if he asked for it. He’s been through enough that he deserves it. »

« He doesn’t want it? » Joe asks.

« Apparently he just wants to be left alone and raise a family, » Hercule replies, « and he’s already on the way. My daughter is gonna have a baby in the next few months. »

The sphere in the middle of the ring explodes.

« What happened? » Hercule demands.

« Look at Ryu! » Ken exclaims, pointing to Ryu in the ring.

Ryu was no longer glowing with an evil flame. His eyes, instead of the unholy red, were now blank and uncaring. His body language suggested that there was no life in him, but he didn’t fall to the ground.

« Wh- whats going on? » Hercule asks hesitantly.

« Can’t you feel it? » Terry asks, « his chi- there’s nothing there at all! His body is alive, but there is no human life force in it! »

« Is he dead? » Chun Li asks.

« I’m not sure, » Terry answers, « but if he is alive, then he’d better come to fast. »

« Enough of this, » Akuma snarls, « I’m finishing this now. »

With a loud yell, Akuma begins to summon the power of the Raging Demon, the Shun Goku Satsu. His body takes on a purplish aura.

« Shun Goku Satsu! » Akuma charges at Ryu, ready to pound him with the power of the Ragin Demon.

~Within Ryu’s mind~

Ryu, wake up. The voice was almost familiar, but Ryu couldn’t place it.

Who’s there? Ryu replies with what he thought would be his voice, but it sounded more like a thought.

Ryu, my pupil, it is your sensei..

Sensei Gokun? Ryu asks hesitantly.

Yes, Ryu, it is I. Now you must listen. M brother is evil and must be stopped. Only you possess the abilities needed to defeat him. No one else at the tournament you are in has the ability. None can match him move for move because they do not know the style he fights in. Only you possess the power and skill to defeat him. But you must not use the Dark Hadou. If you use it to beat Akuma, you will become something worse than Akuma.

Then what can I do, sensei? The Shun Goku Satsu is unbeatable. And he still has the power of the Dark Hadou.

The Raging Demon is a powerful technique, yes, but it is not unbeatable. There was a technique developed to counter the Shun Goku Satsu. Only those who follow the Yin path of our school can utilize it properly. It is called the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Sempukyaku, the Super Hurricane Kick. Now, let your chi flow with mine. I never had a chance to use it against my brother, now did I have the power to pull it off without killing myself in the process. But you have both. Now, let our chi’s flow within one another and I shall show you how to perform one of the ultimate moves of the Shotokan.

It hits the senses of the fighters like a punch to the face. Ten seconds ago, no one could feel Ryu’s chi. Now it was practically radiating pure power. Pure, untainted power.

Ryu begins to lift off of the ground, spinning with his right leg straight out.

« Shinkuu Tatsumaki Sempukyaku! » Ryu yells at the top of his lungs. White light begins to surround him and fierce wind begins to form within the space beneath him.

But Akuma continues to rush into the attack. Or maybe he was too far into the attack to stop. Either way, he is caught in the attack. He is unable to hit Ryu at all, but Ryu’s right leg connects several times with Akuma’s chest and jaw. Teeth are broken at some of the impacts.

Finally, the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Sempukyaku stops and Akuma is flung to the far end of the ring. Ryu sets down gracefully.

He opens his eyes, looking right at Akuma and seemingly through him, as if he was looking straight into Akuma’s black and twisted soul.

Akuma stands up, shaky from the aftereffects of the attack.

« What was that? » he hisses.

« That was the Shinkuue Tatsumaki Sempukyaku, » Ryu replies, « one of the ultimate techniques of the Shotokan School and it can only be used by one who follows the Yin path. It is an ancient technique. Sensei Gokun’s spirit taught it to me. »

« My foolish brother taught you that from beyond the grave? » Akuma asks contemptuously.

« He did, » Ryu replies, « he taught me the potential for all of the ancient techniques of both paths. Ken and I both possess the potential to make your power seem like nothing next to ours. Now, let us finish this match. »

« Very well, » Akuma says, summoning all of his power, « you shall feel my full strength this time boy. »

« Very well, » Ryu says, reaching into the depths of his body and soul.

« Messatsu Gou Hadou! » Akuma yells, launching a powerful stream of purple chi energy at Ryu.

« Shinkuu Hadouken! » Ryu yells, launching his own powerful chi attack, this one blazing white. Both attacks have lightning bolts arcing around the beams.

The two attacks collide and push at each other. Both fighters thrust all of their being into their attack. But try as each would, neither one was able to gain any sort of advantage

« This is incredible, » Hercule says, his voice a whisper, « I can feel them pushing their all into these attacks. Both will die if neither one can hold out longer than the other. »

« Ryu! » Ken yells.

« Ryu! » Chun Li yells.

« Their power is incredible, » Domon says, « I don’t think I could even compare to either of these fighters. »

« I don’t think any of us can, » Tommy says, « even I can feel their strength, and I knew nothing about chi power or anything like that before today. »

« Neither one has the upper hand, » Ken says, « they are dead even. Akuma is even calling upon the power of the Dark Hadou and he is still merely equal to Ryu. »

« Ken, we both knew that only Ryu could defeat Akuma, if anyone, » Chun Li says, « but seeing him actually matching Akuma strength for strength is a bit much. »

Gokun’s voice resounds within Ryu’s head. Ryu, give him your all. If you don’t, you will lose.

Ryu gives no response, but he begins to push himself harder, putting more and more of his strength into his attack.

`This can’t be!’ Akuma thinks, `his power equals my own, if not surpasses it! How can a mere boy possess such strength?’

Ryu continues to push himself harder and harder, giving all of his strength to his attack. His only thought was the defeat Akuma, no matter what the cost to himself.

Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken pushes Akuma’s Messatsu Gou Hadou back slowly. Bit by bit the Messatsu Gou Hadou was shoved back until only a few inches were left before the Shinkuu Hadouken would obliterate Akuma’s hands.

Akuma struggles to bring forth every single reserve he had within himself, but there wasn’t enough. Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken overtakes Akuma and disintegrates him.

« Well fought, warrior, » Akuma says and then he says so more. As the Shinkuu Hadouken dissipates, the fighters who could see through the blinding light see a few ashes float down to the ground. They were all that remained of the evil warrior Akuma.

« And Ryu is the winner, » the shrouded figure says, « congratulations on defeating your longtime nemesis. »

« Thank you, » Ryu says, his voice emotionless. He walks solemnly out of the ring.

« Hey Ryu! » Ken calls out, rushing over to his friend with Chun Li, « that was a great fight man. If I didn’t know better, that match could be considered like having the final match in the first round. »

« It doesn’t matter, » Ryu deadpans.

« Man, whats wrong? » Ken asks, « I mean, you were the one most adamant at beating Akuma. And now you’re not celebrating after you finally defeated him? »

« Ken, you don’t get it! » Ryu yells, « Akuma should have been good, like Sensei Gokun and the two of us. But he was too tempted by the power. The training is supposed to bring the trainee’s together to where they are as close as brothers. Sensei Gokun and Akuma were brothers by blood and the training drove them even further apart. Akuma could have been good. Things could have been different, but they weren’t. A great fighter had to die today. He deserved it and got an honorable death in battle, but it serves no purpose. »

« Ryu, it does serve a purpose, » Chun Li says, « you have kept him from killing other fighters who are far from prepared to face him. Only a handful of fighters in the entire world that we come from are prepared, but only you and Ken actually had the abilities needed to defeat him. And only you had the level required. Ryu, this has brought you and Ken together, like brothers, just as you said. And your sensei’s death brought you even closer. But now you must honor his memory and what Akuma could have, should have been by doing your best in this tournament. Ryu, you are the best fighter from our particular world. And you are the only one of the four brought from our world that is advancing past the first round. Now, are you gonna let us down by quitting? »

« Of course not, » Ryu replies, « I just need time to think. »

« You shall have it, » the shrouded figure says, « the eight Quarter Finalists will be allowed to rest the rest of the day and get a good nights sleep. The Quarter Finals will be tomorrow. I will need that much time to repair the ring and take care of some other business. »

The fifteen remaining living fighters nod their heads and go off to their respective areas. Tommy and Hercule hang out with Domon and Allenby.

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