❯ Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament- – Chapter One: The Gathering ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything shown here. As far as I know of, Street Fighter is owned by Capcom. Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting are owned by SNK and Takara respectively. Mortal Kombat is owned by Acclaim. G Gundam is owned by the Sotsu Agency. Dragon Ball Z is owned by, um, darn it I can’t remember. Power Rangers in all its forms is owned by Saban. I think that’s all.

This takes place in the world of the Street Fighter TV show, with some modifications from the various games and some of the anime’s. For Mortal Kombat, it is after Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (or Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) but before MK5. I don’t even know the story stuff on the games after MK4. For G Gundam, this takes place a year after the end of the series. For the SNK world, this takes place not long after battle with Wolfgang Krauser. Beyond that for that world I’m totally clueless. For Power Rangers, this takes place after the Wild Force episode « Forever Red », though I have altered some of the events of the episode so that Tommy had the same hairstyle he had at his last appearance in Turbo (shoulder length dark brown hair). As for DBZ, this takes place between DBZ and DBGT. I barely have a clue as to what happens in GT and know very little of DBZ beyond the episodes Cartoon Network has aired and that will likely always be the case.


Ken Masters was sunbathing poolside. His training partner, Ryu, was meditating nearby. Ken had tried to get his old friend to relax, but it seemed virtually impossible. Relaxing just wasn’t in Ryu’s nature.

« Hey guys, » a feminine voice says.

« Hey Chun Li, » Ken says as he sits up, « what are you doing here? »

The brown-haired Interpol agent grimaces. « Just got a lead on Akuma. »

At the mention of the name of his sensei’s murderer, Ryu’s eyes snap open.

« Where is he? » he asks, his voice dangerously low.

« Okinawa, » Chun Li replies, « he recently took out Bison and Sagat. I think he’s making a move to gain incredible strength since he stole their life force. »

« He’s got to be stopped, » Ryu says. Ken glances at his friend worriedly. Ryu catches the glance.

« No, its not just for revenge for Sensei Gokun, » Ryu says, « its to keep him from killing others. Remember, he once tried to take out Guile, but he underestimated the combined ability of Guile and Bison. »

« Wait, he stole Bison and Sagat’s life force? » Ken asks.

« Yeah, he did, » Chun Li says.

« Then he’s more dangerous than ever, » Ryu says, « and with the Shun Goku Zatsu, he’s well-nigh invincible. »

« We’ve got to stop him, » Ken says, « and Ryu and I are the only ones with the potential to stop him. »

« With the power of the Dark Hadou, he may very well be invincible, » Ryu says.

« Its gonna take the both of us to stop him, » Ken says, « we are the heirs to the Shotokan School of Karate. I follow the same basic path that Akuma followed in training. I am the heir to the Yang side of the training. Ryu is the master/heir of the Yin side of the training. The two of us working together can take down anything. »

Chun Li purses her lips. « I hope so. Come on. We’ve got a long flight ahead of us. »

The three fighters leave the Masters mansion for the airport, their thoughts filled with images of the most evil man walking the face of the Earth.

A few hours later, the three fighters are facing off against a man in coal-black gi pants and a torn coal-black gi shirt. His blood-red hair matches his eyes in color.

« Your goin down Akuma, » Ken boasts.

« So you think, « Akuma says, his voice gravelly.

« Akuma, you shall pay for all that you have done, » Ryu says.

« I’m placing you under arrest, » Chun Li declares.

« No, Chun Li, he is far too dangerous to be left alive, » Ryu says grimly, « we only have one choice: to defeat him in battle. But then the one who defeats him must live the rest of their lives watching over their shoulder, constantly vigilant for Akuma demanding a rematch. »

« Fool! » Akuma growls, « do you think I have no honor? »

« Lets go, Akuma, » Ken says, crouching into a fighting stance.

« Very well, boy, » Akuma says, « do your best. »

In another dimension, two men square off against each other. One is tall, in his early to mid twenties, and heavily muscled, but not so much as to impede his motions. His dark blonde hair was slicked back, partly from the style forced on it and partly from sweat. His red gi was slightly tattered, a testament to the intensity of the fight.

The other man, a lean yet decently muscled man of about the same age. His black hair was done in a ponytail. His jeans, t-shirt, and gi vest were also slightly tattered. Both men were breathing hard.

« Nice fight Ryo, » the lean man pants.

« Same to you Robert, » Ryo Sakazaki replies, « call it a day? »

« Sure, » Robert Gracia replies as he drops out of his fighting stance, « I’m hungry anyway. »

Ryo drops out of his fighting stance. The two friends/rivals head home where Ryo’s sister is finishing up their lunch.

In another part of that world, Terry Bogard sat in a lounge room with his brother Andy and his friend Joe Higashi. The trio were reminiscing of their recent battle with Wolfgang Krauser.

« I keep telling ya, I coulda beat him! » Joe insists. As usual, the Muay Thai kickboxing champion was insisting that he was the best.

« You could not, » Andy replies. The level-headed member of the trio was in an argument with his hotheaded friend. « Krauser was and still is one of the most dangerous men in the world. He even gave Terry a run for his money. »

The last member of the group, Terry « The Lone Wolf » Bogard, was watching the conversation with interest.

« Come on, Terry, do you think I could have beaten Krauser? » Joe asks.

« If you had fought him, we’d be at your funeral right now, » Terry replies.

« You have no faith in me, » Joe protests.

« No, Krauser was deadly, » Terry says, « he had no remorse and killed for pleasure. »

In a third dimension, two warriors were visiting the grave of a respected friend.

« Johnny never deserved to die, » Sonya Blade says.

« No, he didn’t, » Liu says, « few people deserve to die. Shao Khan deserved to die. Not only for killing Johnny, but for what he tried to do. »

« What about Shang Tusng? » Sonya asks.

« He deserved to die even more than Shao Khan, » Liu replies, « he stole the souls of fighters and put them into the darkest form of slavery. He was evil, through and through. He chose to be what he became. Shao Khan was forced to become what he was, even if he did choose it willingly. »

« You are right, » a voice resonating with power says from behind them. The two fighters of the Earth Realm turn to see Raiden, former protector god of Earth and now the third Elder God after the imprisonment of his father Shinnok.

« Raiden, » Liu says with a bow, « are you here to pay your respects to Johnny as well? »

« Yes, » Raiden says, « he was a valiant fighter and shall always be remembered. Liu, you are still a Mortal Kombat champion and have all of the bonuses that come from that. You will remain ageless until there is another Mortal Kombat. This may be next year, next month, or even the next millennium. You can still die, but you will not have to worry about old age, sickness, or anything like that. »

« Nothing natural, eh? » Liu asks.

« Yes, nothing natural, » Raiden agrees, « Johnny would have received the same had he not died. He was, technically, the champion of Earth Realm. However, he did not rightfully earn his fight with Goro. Still, he would have received all that being the champion of Earth Realm would entail. »

« Raiden, why did Johnny have to die? » Sonya asks, her voice choked with grief.

« Even the gods cannot determine everyone’s fate, » Raiden replies, « his death was regretful. But unavoidable. He chose to challenge Shao Khan. And he never actually fought him. But his death could not be helped. I wish I could help, but there is nothing I can do without being punished as severely as Shinnok was. »

« Don’t worry about it Raiden, » Liu says as he lays a comforting hand on Sonya’s shoulder

In yet another dimension, a young man was cleaning up after a race.

« Hey Tommy, you did great out there, » David Trueheart tells his brother.

« Thanks David, » Tommy Oliver, former Power Ranger of five different sets of powers and three colors says, « I really put my all into it. »

« Wanna go catch a bite to eat? » David asks, « maybe spar a little afterwards? »

« Sure thing bro, » Tommy grins, « I don’t wanna get out of shape. After all, there is still evil out there and the Red Zeo Ranger may be needed. »

« What happened to all of those other powers you used to have? » David asks, « I know you gave the Red Turbo powers to TJ, but what about the White Ranger and green Ranger powers? »

« Well, the White Coin was destroyed when the timestream was turned back, » Tommy replies, then reaches into a pocket and pulls out a familiar looking golden Power Coin. Giving off a low green radiance, it had a three-toed lizard-like footprint on one side while the other side was perfectly smooth.

« Is that? » David begins cautiously.

« Yep, » Tommy says, pocketing the Green Coin, « it’s the Power Coin of the Green Ranger. I’ve kept it with me as a sort of good luck charm. »

« Looks like it works, » David says with a grin, « so, that thing got any power left? »

« Maybe a little, » Tommy replies, « but not much. Its pretty much maintaining what energy it has left from what the Zeo Powers are pumping through me. »

« Do the other former Zeo Rangers have their Zeonizers? » David asks.

« Yep, » Tommy says, « somehow, after Zordon’s death, all of our powers were restored except for the Green Coin. For some reason, I guess not even his sacrifice couldn’t undo such a tragedy. »

« Too bad man, » David says, « and how have you been? From what I hear, you’ve pretty much taken over Zordon’s job here on Earth. You look after all the various Ranger teams that have human members. »

« Its not an easy job, but all of the other Rangers agree that I’m the one best qualified, » Tommy replies, « probably because I was a Ranger the longest. Billy was a Ranger almost as long as I was, but he is moving around between Aquitar, Triforia, and Eltare. »

« Are you ever gonna give it all up? » David asks, casting his brother a worried glance.

« Someday, maybe, » Tommy sighs, « when someone like me is no longer needed. When Power Rangers are no longer needed, then I will consider retiring. »

« Bro, I hope that day comes soon, » David says emphatically.

« So do I, » Tommy says.

In yet another dimension.

« Hey dad, » Videl Son says, giving her dad a hug. Hercule Satan looks down at his daughter lovingly.

« Hey sweetpea, » he says, « are you doing okay? »

« Yea dad, I’m okay, » Videl says. She gives her belly a rub. It was showing that she was in the later stages of pregnancy.

« How’s your husband? » Hercule says with slight distaste, yet respectful.

« He’s doing okay, » Videl replies, « he’s busy with his new job. He’s working hard so he can provide for me and the baby. »

« That’s good, » Hercule says, « shows character. He knows tow of the richest people in the world and he insists on working to support himself. »

« He just wants to be the best he can be, » Videl says, « he’s even learning how to cook so I won’t be overburdened with all the cooking like his mom is for his dad and little brother. »

« I remember how those guys can eat, » Hercule says, « I still can’t figure out where those Saiyans put all that food! »

« Neither can Bulma, and she’s known them the longest, » Videl remarks with a smile, « and Chichi doesn’t know either and she’s had a bottomless pit for a husband and two other bottomless pits for sons. »

« I pity the woman, » Hercule says, « having to cook and clean all day. »

« Dad, I don’t know if I’ve said this or not, but you’ve changed in recent years, » Videl says.

« Well, after experiencing Majin Buu and all that followed after that, how could I not change? » Hercule asks.

« Dad, wanna go out and get something to eat? » Videl asks, « you could put on a wig to disguise yourself so we don’t get mobbed by fans. »

« Sure Videl, « Hercule says, « lets go. »

In yet one more dimension, a group of people sit around in the Guyana Highlands of South America.

« Hey Domon! » George DeSand, Gundam Fighter of Neo France and Jack in Diamonds of the Shuffle Alliance, « come and help me gather the firewood! »

« Why not ask Argo? » Domon Kasshu, Gundam Fighter for Neo Japan, winner of the 13th Gundam Fighter, and the current King of Hearts asks.

« Because he an Nastasha are a little busy, » Chibodee Crocket, Gundam Fighter for Neo America and current Queen of Spades says, pointing out to where their gigantic friend was.

The tall Neo Russian Gundam Fighter, who also held the title of Black Joker, was currently lip-locked with his significant other, Nastasha.

« Argo Gulski, you sly dog, » the childish Sai Sici, master of the Shaolin Temple, Gundam Fighter for Neo China, and Club Ace, chuckles.

« Domon, go and help George with the firewood, » Domon’s wife Rain says.

« Okay Rain, » Domon says, « I’ll help him since you asked me to. » He stands up and rushes to help George gather firewood for their dwindling fire.

« Hey Domon! » a familiar feminine voice shouts.

« Allenby? » Domon asks. Sure enough, the blue-haired Neo Switzerland Gundam Fighter was standing there.

« Hey Allenby, » Domon says, « whats up? »

« Oh nothing, » Allenby says, « I just came by to see how you were doing. »

« That’s nice, » Rain says, « why don’t you join us? »

« I’d love to, » Allenby says and plops down on the ground besides Sai Sici.

In a place between dimensions, a shrouded figure watches the various dimensions n holographic screens.

« Yes, these fighters shall do quite well, » the figure chuckles, « now, to bring them all here, to this place for the ultimate battle. »

Raising a hand, the figure presses a button on the side of the chair he was sitting in.

« Computer, bring Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun Li Xiang, Akuma, Domon Kasshu, Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Allenby Beardsley, Tommy Oliver, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Hercule Satan here. Also, bring the corpse of Johnny Cage and reanimate it. »

One by one, the sixteen chosen fighters disappear in a flash of light, each reappearing in their own separate rooms.

The shrouded figure picks up an intercom microphone and speaks into it.

« Greetings, fighters, » the figure says almost cheerily, « the sixteen of you have been chosen to fight in a tournament like no other you have ever been in. And the prize is well worth it. The winner gets to name one wish and it will be fulfilled. You can even bring someone back from the dead if you want. I am not bound by the rules of anyone you have ever met, so I am able to do whatever I want. Rest well tonight. Tomorrow, you shall fight. Oh, and there will be no carrying out of grudges while you are here or you will be killed immediately. »


How is that for a first chapter? Not great, I know, but I don’t think its horrible. I saw a concept like this on MediaMiner.org, but I had already started writing this story before I saw it. I’ll try to write each entire round in each chapter. But doing this will make some of the chapters, particularly the next chapter, exceedingly long.

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