Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Ultimate Love Of The Nameless Pharaoh( Play Day) ( Chapter 53 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro
Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy/Mayik
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba/Motuba
Jounouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey
Mana- Girl
Kirara ( pronounced Kilala)- Girl
Ms. Rose: Teacher at Tiny Blue Eyes

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**
(Authors Notes)

« Hi this is Mokuba Dark Sanctuary doesn’t own Kazuki Takahashi Yugioh the lines for the play portion will be taken directly from the Yugioh manga as well as some author interpretation of what happened when the Pharaoh sacrificied himself the first time to save the world. » « Also please note the plays script will be in [ ] to distinguish from the audiences dialogue during the play. »

(The Morning of the play.)

« Ugh has anyone seen Mariks headpiece that goes with his priest Seto outfit, I can’t find it, » Malik yelled as he frantically searched for the rest of Mariks costume.
« Malik I think I saw it in Mokubas room, he was sewing the finishing touches on it last night, » Seto said as he stirred in some cinnamon and nutmeg into the oatmeal he was making everyone for breakfast. « Okay thanks Kaiba, » Malik said as he ran to Mokubas room to see if it was there.

Just then Mokuba walked out the room holding Mariks head piece, « Hey Malik were you looking for this? »
« Thanks Mokuba your a life saver,  » Malik said as he went back to his little dark.
/Marik I have your head piece now, lets put it on and then we can go have some breakfast/
//Otay Mayik// Once Marik was dressed in his costume the two headed for the kitchen to eat some breakfast.

« Morning Malik there’s oatmeal it’s fresh on the stove , » Kaiba said pointing to the pot. « There’s bluberries and strawberries on the counter too, » Kaiba said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Just then Bakura ran in beaming as he practically pranced around in his Pharaohs outfit.

« Hi Mayik dont I mate a great Paro, » Bakura asked the light? « You’ll make an excellent Pharaoh Bakura,do you want some oatmeal, » Malik asked? « Yes pwease, » the little tombrobber said as he held his arms out so that Malik could put him in his high chair. //Teni you dun hab brefast wit me?// /Bakura I’ll be there in a minute./ About 5 minutes later Ryou walked into the kitchen greeting his little Yami with a kiss on the cheek, before grabbing himself some oatmeal and sitting down to eat with his dark. « So Malik I wonder what’s taking Yugi and Yami so long, » Ryou asked. « Oh it seems that Yami is giving him some difficulty about having to wear the tombrobber costume, » Jou said as he and Mokuba walked into the kitchen.

After serving Mokuba and himself Jou sat down to enjoy the breakfast his dragon had made. « That Yami can be difficult to and a little stubborn at times, » Kaiba said as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. « Tiba tan we hab duice, » the two little Yamis asked? « Kaiba I’ll get them their juice just sit and enjoy your food, » Malik said as he got up to retrieve two sippy cups from the cubbard. Malik then poured the juice handing a cup to both Marik and Bakura. « Tank you Mayik, » Bakura said as he took a sip. //Tank you Toy por da duice// /Your welcome Malik did you have enough to eat?/
//Wes Toy//

Meanwhile Yugi was having some difficulty in getting his little Yami dressed. « Yami you need to put on your costume, so we can go eat breakfast, » Yugi told the little Paro who kept crawling away everytime his light tried putting on the blue kilt . « Noooooo Abu I wanna be da Paro intead, » Yami screamed. « Yami we went through this before your going to be the Thief King now that is final, » Yugi said as he finally managed to get Yami dressed. « Now lets go and have some breakfast before we head out to your school,  » Yugi told a very pouty Pharaoh.

« Good morning everyone is there any food left,  » Yugi said as he walked in carrying Yami who at the present time was giving his aibou the silent treatment. « Yes there’s plenty of it Yug,  » Jou said. « Thanks Jounouchi. » Yugi then sat Yami in his high chair before serving himself and Yami. /Yami would you like some blueberries or strawberries in your oatmeal?/
//………// /I see your not talking to me right now/ //Well I added both to your oatmeal// Yugi then put Yamis juice on his tray. « Hi Paro you esited about da pway, » Marik asked? « I dunna know, » Yami mumbled before taking a bit of his oatmeal. « Well I dunna watch tom tartoons tuz I pinished wit my brefast, » Marik said. //Toy down pwease// /Okay Marik/

Marik then took Marik out of his high chair so the little tombkeeper could go watch cartoons. Marik was then followed by Bakura who had just finished the rest of his strawberry oatmeal. « Tombbeeper you wanna pway wit deeze brocks wit me, » Bakura asked as he dumbed out the bag of blocks on the floor? « Uh Otay, » Marik said as he sat down on the carpet.

« Yugi after Yami finishes his food, we’ll need to head out to the preschool I need to make sure the holographics are working for the play. « Holographics, » Yugi asked looking perplexed? « Well how else do you think the duel monsters are going to appear? « I’m also using the holographic system for the parts when the Pharaoh seals himself in the millenium puzzle as well as when the theif king gets sealed in the ring, » Kaiba said as he headed to the living room. Once Yami finished his breakfast the group headed out to Tiny Blue Eyes preschool.

(In the classroom)

« Morning Ms. Rose do you wike da Parp owpit Motuba made fer me, » Bakura asked as he spun around to show his teacher his costume. « Oh wow you look really nice Bakura, » Ms Rose said as she made some notes on her tablet. « Mokuba you did a great job with their customes, » Ms Rose said pointing to Yami,Malik and Bakura. After talking with Kaiba about some last minute items Ms Rose asked all the parents, friends and family members to take their seats as the play was about to begin in 10 minutes. The audience talked among themselves as they waited for the play to begin….

Meanwhile the preschoolers were backstage along with the volunteers who were helping with the play. Each of them was checking to see if anything needed to be touched up such as the stage props and costumes. Mokuba had brought his portable sewing kit and ended up having to touch up Manas dark magician girl costume and Narutos guard costume. Three minutes before the play was about to start Yugi felt Yamis side of their mind link open.

//Abu I tory fer being dipicult.//
/It’s okay I still love my little Pharaoh./
//I wuv you too Abu.//
/Now break a leg Yami./ Yami looked at his hikari somewhat perplexed as to why his aibou wanted him to break his leg
//Abu must still be uptet wit me tuz he wats me to brate my wheyg/ Yami accidently thought aloud in the mindlink. Yugi couldn’t help but chuckle at his other half.
/Yami break a leg is how people say good luck during performances like plays./
//Otay Abu den I dunna be da best Ting ob Tieves eber// Yugi nodded as he watched his little Pharaoh take on his new role…

(The curtain roles up)
« Good morning everyone I’m glad that you could make it to our play this year the students have worked very hard this year so I hope you enjoy our production called Ultimate Love of the Nameless Pharaoh, » Ms. Rose said as the house lights dimmed and the stages lights lit up.

(Simon another preschooler as Siamun/Shimon)

[ « Paro, Paro wate up you tant pall asweeep on da trone. »
« Tuz at all times you mut apt wit dimity as what befibs da wiving represations of da Gods. »
« To Pall asweep on da trone oh da same of it. » ]

(Bakura as Pharaoh)

[« Huh, oh what’s going on? » ]


[ » Your coorbination cermany is tarting my yon Paro. »]

[« Bing in da danters por our new Paro. »]

« That’s my son playing the part of Shimon he practiced alot to memorize his lines I hope he doesn’t get to nervous, » Simons father whispered to one of the other childrens mother.

15 minutes later it was time for the first intermission.

//Teni did you tee me on da trone?// /
/Yes I did Bakura remember what we practiced and you’ll do just fine/

//Malit woubnt be puny if I pontrolled da audence minds//
/Marik you can’t control the audiences minds now you promised that you’d be good ok./
//Hitari you neber wet me hab any pun//

« Attention everyone we will be restarting the play in two minutes, » Ms. Rose said. The audience quickly went to theit seats popcorn and various snacks in hand.

(Ultimate Love of the Nameless Pharaoh compences.)

The audience watched in awe as the children performed. « This so Kawaii, » Manas mother squealed.

(Naruto as Guard)

[« Lord Seto the search…]

(Marik as Priest seto)

[ The search party habs not tum bat yet…! »]

(Priest Seto)

[« Havet pound da Paro yet? »

« Wats Enup! »
« Find him eben if you hab to drain da[ » nile to do it. »]

« Seto, Marik is doing a really good job I think he might give you a run for your money,  » Jou playfully teased Kaiba.
« Hmm Pup do I need to leash you up tonight, » Kaiba whispered causing Jou to whimper?
« Kaiba, » Yugi gasped as he had heard what Kaiba had said!

« Hehe well yes my Pup is right Malik is doing a great job, » Kaiba whispered to Yugi.

(Koga as Karim- Millenium Scale)

[« Cood it be dat da Paro has fawen to Batura? »]

(Simon as Shimon)

[« Shada is still out wit da searters. »
« It’s not onwy the mehwinium ring but other mehwinium items hab fallen into Baturas hands. »]

(The play continues )

(Marik as Priest seto)

[ « Da Paro must be awive! »
« And his deam to potect his county is still strong! »
« We mus no woose paith dat da Paro will return. »]

(Tyler as Akhenaden Millenium Eye)

[« Fate dreams dat isnt enuf to protet dis conty, you need powebers Seto! » (This is said off in the distance towards the audience)
« Eben it it means tellin your tole to da shabows » ]

//Abu are you wiking da pway?//
/Yes Yami I’m really enjoying the play you’ll all doing very wel.l/

(The children continue with their performance after another intermission)

(Naruto as Guard)

[ « Are you don eatin yet det up?]

(Kirara as Kisara)

[« Wherb am I? »]

(Naruto as Guard)

[« The hospal wing of da pawace. »
« You were to weak when dey pound you…. a spetial dr took care of you. »
« It’s a betuz of piest seto you owe him your wife. »]

(Kirara as Kisara)

[« Piest Seto »]

« Seto could you come backstage we seem to be having a malfunction with the spirits of Kul elna,  » Mokuba whispered in his brothers ear.
« I’ll be right back, » Kaiba told the two lights and his pup as he headed back stage to fix the issue. After about 10 minutes Kaiba had managed to get the spirits working and just in time for the scene that was about to start.

Village of Kul elna

(Bakura as Pharaoh) //Teni wook a me// /I am looking Bakura/
[ Wut happen here. »
« Bodies in da wooins »
« Since I tame to dis village I peel wike I tant breed, wike tomtings tearbing out my heart.
 » A tap door? » ]

(Naruto as Guard)
[« Seberal Soders hab gone to check it out. »
«  »My ward a few buildings ahead we’ve pound a hidden tap door dat weeds underground. »]

( Yami as Bakura)
[« Calm down Take a wook at this… »]

(Bakura as Pharoah)
[« Holes shaped wike da mewinium items. »
« Dats da tablet of da Paros memies.]

(Yami as King of Thieves)

[« Dis is the tursed tabet that connects dis wurl to da next. »
« Da teven mewinium items fit in dez holes do you know why? »
« Dis is where da mwwinium items were porged! »]

« Hey Kaiba great job on the Kul Elna portion of the play everything is looking good so far,  » Ryou said as he watched his little Yami perform.

(Bakura as Pharaoh)

[ « The viwagers of kul elna were pacificied? »]

( Yami as King of Thieves)

[« You tan tee them tan’t you? »] ( Various spirits surround the tablet and the king of theives)

(Bakura as Pharoah)

[« He couldn’t hab my fawer Ahtenhabenen…created da mwinium items. »]

(Yami as King of Thieves )

[« Da ebil pirits can’t rest until dey hab their revenge against the royal wine. »]

« So can you believe that the kids will be having their graduation ceremony tommorow, It’s not a full blown graduation but Ms. Rose really makes it special for all the kids in her class. I think Mr. Smith teaches the 4yr olds,  » Kyrs-Kuns mom said to one of the fathers.

(Play has been going on.)

( Bakura as Pharaoh)
[« Ahhhhh. »]

(Yami as King of Thieves)

[« There hatred will turround you till it trushes you wike a vise. »
« You’ll go mad wit pain and pinnally die. »
« Now you will redret you turvibed dat fall. »]

(Bakura as Pharaoh)
[« Aaaah, Fader pwease tell me is he tewing da truth. »]

( Yami as King of Thieves )
[« You will pay for your faders sins wit your depth Paro! »] ( Bakura is surrounded by the spirits and clutches his chest in pain)

(Kyrs-Kun appears as Mahada/Dark Magician)

( Bakura as Pharaoh)

[« Mado! » ]

The kids continued the peformance taking one more break before the final scene.

(Bakura as Pharaoh)

[« Nooo Mado, Mana your pacifice will not be in bain. »
Zork ip its da wast ding I do I will teal your tole in da mewinium wing eben at da cost of tealing my tole.]

(Malik as Priest Seto)

[« Nooo Paro der must be anoder way. »]

(Bakura as Pharaoh)
[ » Seto pwease watch Edypt as da new Paro. »
« Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. »] Bakura screams as his soul is ripped from his body and placed in the millenium puzzle (special effect that is Bakura is fine.)

« Noooooo, » Zorc scream as he’s sealed away.

The curtain drops and the audience lets out a roar of applause. After the applause die down Ms. Rose thanks everyone for coming to the play as everyone heads home…

« Hi this is Yugi and Dark Sanctuary hopes this chapter was alright, there sorry for any misspellings that they missed, which weren’t done on purpose. They hope the chapter wasn’t to confusing. Our Yamis will be graduating from Ms. Roses preschool class. Please review. »

Preschool Graduation